Dear, INFJ (from ESTP) (plus talk of INTJ and other types relating to ESTP!)


INFJs are very paradoxical.

you guys are very accepting.
INFJs are not phased by weird people.
but you guys judge them anyways.

seems very open minded. but very stubborn.

VERY giving. you will give almost all your belongings.
but sometimes so stingy.

i think you only feel like it’s not a waste to give everything when you ‘want’ to help.

How To Get INFJs to Buy You Food

bad example : let me have $5 so i can buy myself some burger.

good example : omg… i’m so hungry…my stomach hurts…:frowning: (INFJs will buy you gourmet meal)

you guys talk to each other in metaphors and shit. i don’t understand when you guys talk to each other.

i was going to attempt to give an example. but i just can’t produce one with my ESTP brain.

it’s interesting how you guys “attempt” to open up to everyone.
and when you realize they don’t care, you just shut yourself off from them.

you guys seem to all suffer from some sort of muscle cramp, or back pain. it seems pretty common amongst INFJs.

you guys look at the world with telescope. i think you need an ESTP to help you see what’s in front of you.
but i do appreciate your foresight.
you guys are pretty on point with "i have a bad vibe from him/her, i’m warning you, you’ll see"
i hear you, but i don’t listen, and i almost always end up realizing you were right.

you guys are one of the best personality type to deal with ESTP bluntness.
how can you be so ,sensitive, but actually not get offended by what i say?
you guys seem to understand exactly what i’m saying. and be rarely affected by my aggressive tone.

all you care for is my intention.
as long as the person has good intention, you’re willing to listen.

you hate fake people. more than anyone i’ve seen.

you either don’t sleep for days. or sleep for days.

how do you function with only 2 hours of sleep?
and all of sudden drop dead somewhere.

how are you always ready to forgive?
all you need to hear is one sincere ‘i’m sorry’ and you immediately open arms and forgive.

it’s crazy how you can love someone you hated yesterday

hey, take one step at a time,
don’t think about all the negative possibilities.
your excuse for doing this is "i think of all the worst outcome so when it happens, i’m not shocked"
but you’re harming yourself with stress by experiencing and living the worst outcome in your head.

i think Jesus was talking to you when he said “each day has enough of its own troubles”

i know it’s not easy telling yourself that.

go get an ESTP friend who would remind you to live in the moment. or ISTP

you are one of the most self honest person.

okay my ESTPness is kicking in.

INFJ ESTP Relationship! Opposites attract?
Introduce Yourselves!

i dig your post


you are what type again?
maybe i can do one for that type too


All your posts are so funny because they are all to the point but in a weird “short bursts of thought” way without even trying to make complete sentences. “What did I want to say? Did I say it yet? OK, thought over. Next!”

I think most of your observations are accurate. At least behavior-wise.
Are you trying to get INFJ reactions! (I too want more INFJ to respond to you to see if disaster will happen!! lol) Do you feel the need to save the INFJ in your life? Maybe INFJ need more aromatherapy in their lives for stress reliefs.


hahaha so so accurate.
yes, i think that’s exactly how i speak too actually.
i need to remember that, because sometimes i think i said more than what i actually said, until i hear myself talk over some recorded video, and realize i am not thorough with my speech.

most of my best friends are/were INFJs, so i know them pretty much inside-out.
their deepest darkest thoughts.
their intentions.
this may be my personal opinion, but although i may not be able to give them the soft, gentle, sweet, kind of comfort to them, but i can flush their negative thoughts out like a airplane toilet.

like, they have some crazy algebraic equation , and i simplify them to one answer.
oh, i think INTJ does that too.
can almost never get a straight answer from them.
but i love it! it’s fun. it’s like doing a math when i talk to them


wow, what a way to put it lol:)
i’m your infp "woe is me princess"
i would be quite curious how you see Trump since lots of people think he is estp or entj.


i’m actually not THAT good at typing people.
unless they do certain things that ONLY that type does.

and with that in mind. Trump is totally ESTP.

he brags like a champion.
his witty cutting-edge comebacks are like ESTPs.

check out Conor Mcgregor. they have a very similar way of talking. at least in my opinion.
and i believe Conor Mcgregor is ESTP also.

Trump makes unconventional statement. which ENTJ will not do.
ENTJs are bossy and tough like ESTP, but will often make radical statements.
but they don’t cross the line like ESTP.
i think ENTJ gives slightly more fuck to a rule, than ESTP would.
Trump is a business man. makes business decision.
he plays politic like it’s a business.
he knows how to make good relationship with people.
look at the recent videos with him and British Prime Minister,
and also him and Japanese Prime Minister.
ENTJ does not have an ability to make bestfriends with someone foreign right away. like ESTP could.

and i think Putin is DEFINITELY ISTP.
and from Russian President ISTP’s perspective, Trump is appealing. to make friendship with.
if Trump was ENTJ, or even ESTJ, i don’t think Putin will feel that way about him.

and Trump is very flexible. and he makes blanket statement, saying "we’ll see"
but he gets them done.

ENTJs is less likely to call out “fake news” in national TV.
ESTPs WANTS to be radical on national TV.

and is Ivanka, like his 4th wife ?
well… that’s also more of ESTP thing than ENTJ/ESTJ.

hopefully he can remain married for next 4/8 years lol

yeah, Trump is ESTP.

i wonder after reading this, who will still think Trump is ENTJ/ESTJ,

unless you make manymany exceptions “well ENTJ can do this and that too, so can ESTJ blah blah”

and Trump is old. he’s not an immature version of ESTP.

sadly/ironically, mature version is still pretty crazy. oh well. that’s ESTP for you


Ivanka is his precious dorter ahahahah.
Although it is easy to think she’s the one he actually has the hots for.

I think none of those leaders (well, Putin and Abe probably hate him actually lol) are really friendw ith Trump. But perhaps Trump is ESTP on Te binges and therfore gives INTJ braindamages.


I would be curious if you can explain what your steps are when you are working out what type you think a person is. Where do you start?


ESTP have their ways of getting people to like them.
although maybe they really don’t consider him a friend, in the videos of them, it seems they are slightly infatuated with Trump in that moment lol

you’re right. from INTJ perspective, ESTP is a big headache.

ENTJ/INTJ authority always gets on me. and bad blood occurs. very bad.

the debate between Hilary and Trump was pretty intense.

if i’m right about her being INTJ, then it makes total sense why they don’t, and won’t get along.

only time i get along with INTJ is when i talk to them about religion,philosophy,or video games.
other than that, i try not to bother them so much


I would be pleased if this was true because I originally had Trump pinged as an ESTP. I do think he’s SOME ESTx type. The problem with Trump being an ENTJ is that he doesn’t seem to inspire any real loyalty or respect among his inner circle - they seem to all be around him for their own agendas. He also doesn’t care very much if those people are efficient or get things done. Just very focused on appearance. They have to LOOK and SOUND the part, but whether or not they can actually do the part seems to matter very little to him.

But, here’s the thing with Trump. People, especially on the left, are having a field day yelling all day long about how stupid and what a buffoon he is. This is EXACTLY WHY THE DNC LOST THE ELECTION. Trump is, in fact, a pure marketing genius. I think he has a deep lizard-brain brilliance for sussing out mass psychology in a very cunning and deliberate way - and for manipulating this psychology to first consolidate and then maintain his hold on power. The man is volatile, petty, heedless, and reckless, but he’s no fool.

I think he’s the first US candidate, and then president, to fully understand how much people at large just flat out do not care about verifiable facts. And the first to take full advantage of that indifference. You can call that a lot of things, but it’s not stupid. He gets people on a level that more “intellectual” types like Obama and Hillary do not.

Whatever type has that particular finesse, well, that’s Trump’s type.

The left is going to keep doing exactly what they did in this past election and Trump will probably win the next one as well, and then there’s going to be escalated hysteria.

Maybe this should go in the politics thread. Oop.


I feel pretty sure Hillary is INTJ due to… type familiarity lol, so if you’re sure Trump is ESTP like you, then maybe the mystery is solved! Haha.

I think ESTP get people to like them by jostling them up and then being kind of shallow enough to not harbor deep resentment in them, so they might be easily forgiven by people. Maybe INTJ see this as flaky or inconsistent behavior so they hate it.
Trump has some kind of very rigid spine though, but perhaps that is him trying Te stuff so much (which would be in the id position). And all that fixation and buy-in to conspiracy stuff? Is that Ni-inferior??

I mostly type via overall “feel” first, then look at the pattern to see if there is the MBTI “frame” that appears, then see if new discovery of behaviors can be explained over that frame. It’s whatever fits best for me. But I don’t type that naturally either unless it’s like… a type I have affinity for. (As long as Trump is not ENTJ, I can shrug and accept it hahaha)


oh yeah, and INFJ has a very vivid imagination.

i can literally sit in front of their face. and their eyeballs are at my direction, but looking past me, having a vivid daydream.

INFJs typically don’t like to categorize people too much.
like you said. individual.

INFJs are the one that can’t see that i’m actually an ESTP, until i ‘break it down’ to them why i am.

to this, first i have to say it’s kind of natural for me. i guess it’s my extraverted sensory doing is naturally.
but if i had to break it down. i would first tell an INFJ to take off that telescope.
don’t look TOO far away.
but no matter how many times i explain this to an INFJ, they tend to see the future .
i have to constantly bring them back to reality. seeing what’s going on.
i would rather tell you to stick with what you’re good at.
because by you not categorizing people, you bring the best out of others. really appreciating them as an individual,
not putting people in the box.

BUT, if i had to still break it down,
i would say, carefully study everything that person does.
how he walks, how he styles himself, how he smile, how he pause in between sentences,
look at his eyes, is it timid, is it full of confidence, is it lazy, is it calm, is it blazing fire, is it flirtaious, is it sparkling?
and make a mental note, or physical note,
and then see what is similar between those INFJs, and that is your ‘stereotype’ of INFJs.
so in a sense. it’s a game of statistics.
this works easy for me because i’m an ESTP. numbers come naturally.

but for INFJ, you would have to really try. you guys do math with emotion. so it would be slightly difficult.
and you tend to see it more than what it actually is.
so you would have to be more ‘surfaced and shallow’ when you describe them.
not what they said, but more how they say it.
but then you’re gonna look so far into how they say it… hahahah
idk when this will end.

see, already explaining the first step is difficult.
it’s like you trying to help me understand how to see the future.
but honestly, i’d rather not see the future.
because if i had a vivid imagination like INFJ, i don’t think i’d be able to function properly.

i guess just let them take the test.
don’t take the test for them.
because you always overthink .
INFJs think i’m actually a soft baby inside.
or i guess they want to think that about me or something.
or maybe i actually am. i don’t know.

but this is something comforting i will say.
if i REALLY want to know someone, i would ask an INFJ what he/she thinks that other person is.
because they can truly see outside the box. and help me see the details i have missed out.
so in the end, it’s more accurate.
i think when INFJ tries to box people in, they do it in a very weird way. kinda like you said, mean, bitchy, shallow.

INFJs are rather more accurate without the stereotyping of MBTIs.
but they themselves need to know they’re INFJ.

see . you guys are always paradoxical



i agree with you 100%, he is actually no fool. he just seems like fool. to the fool.
was that too real? haha

he’s a jerk, douchebag, sure, whatever you call him. but that’s not really important.
i guess for some type, they miss Obama’s gentleness .

ESTP, they either love or hate them.
so i’m not surprised by how people are reacting to Trump.

ESTP is not loyal in a sense, he will probably just use people for the purpose, but not have any attachment for them.
he just see them as a tool. good hammer, good wrench.

i just hope he doesn’t get influenced by the politics, OR get assassinated like JFK.
hopefully he can bring some real positive changes .
people will still cry about it though. that’s just how the world goes.
and i think he knows that too. but he’s still doing his job.
i wonder if people actually knows he actually doesn’t care what the protesters are saying.
maybe he does? idk. i doubt it.

haha yes, too much familiarity.
and Hilary reminds me of too many INTJs, so i just can’t see her being something as. it would be hard.

you know what though, it seems like i can make everyone forgive me. except INTJs. oh my goodness.
they hold on stuff over 10 years.
or even if they say “i forgive you”, it’s more “you’re dead to me, just stay away from me and maybe i won’t remember what you did” type of forgiveness…
but rarely, they do forgive. and it’s like a crack of a window opportunity.
but i hate saying sorry to INTJs especially. because they make the process very difficult.
it’s like its own court case. standing in front on INTJ judge. and i’m the lawyer trying to explain my case.
sometimes i’d rather suffer the consequences XD

oh, and the conspiracy stuff, i guess in that case it’s weird for me to believe those too.
yes. i actually believe those conspiracy. but that’s another discussion. too long.
it seems like there are quite few many ESTPs will their inferior functions developed.

Blake said i have a ‘sophiscated Ni’ and it’s hard to see me as ESTP.
but maybe because i was raised by Ne, and Ni dominant? hmmm. idk.


@SeeTheElephant @Wendy


I think she is intj too. In fact, until you posted your pic I averaged Hilary Clinton’s face with the face of your avatar and that was how you looked like to me.

Man, some types if you know them well, you start to spot them. Like I spot the all the intjs in my classes (it is FEW). Intjs have a certain expressionlessness.

I would shorthand that lack of expression like this: fully sentient conceptual dreamer. Intp is more like not fully sentient. I don’t mean sentient in the sense of dominant Se either. More in the sense of an organism that can see the workings of the world. Has an antenna to somehow scan the system etc.

But Trump, all the options for him are all types I don’t know well anyways. Not any among my friends.
And he is such a question mark for me.


I think it’s probably what INTJ believe to be willed ignorance or willed incompetence that is unforgivable to INTJ.
I think if an INTJ is unwilling to forgive, it is because they thought the person was unsalvageable or at least not worth the effort. INTJ have limited energy after all.

Conspiracy stuff often looks like amateur-hour Ni-use, but it makes sense if it’s an inferior function. It’s kind of like INTJ thinking maybe they could be cool assassin with ninja reflexes… Maybe it can be developed if someone tries really hard, but usually it’s going to just look sad!
But I think someone is feeding Trump a lot of “interesting” info and he won’t make good choices with it. He seems pretty loyal for an ESTP if he is one, but maybe it’s because he doesn’t want some secrets/bad image getting out so he has to keep the closest to him VERY close.


Dnc also lost election because they are undemocratic lol. When there were TWO nominees, they made sure to favor one from the top down. Sickening.


Dunno. Maybe you’re actually an ENTP. Or a really haywire INFJ? ENFJ? Who knows! An ESTP with well-developed Ni, cool. I feel like intuitives tend to dismiss sensors too quickly anyway…a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

I think ESTPs can be kind of scholarly and can have good insight into people. Part of that I think is their emotional remove from people; they can look at everyone fairly objectively. The friend I mentioned earlier is really into, like…religious studies? Knows a lot of ancient Bible history and stuff. He likes history in general. History and geography. Always has some interesting world news to share. Half the time I find what he’s telling me a bit questionable. I’m a little skeptical of ESTPs’ ability to check sources on the “facts” they spout. To be fair, I wish the education system had a better handle on schooling people to check their sources because when I think about it most people, not just ESTPs or any one type, suck at this.

And yeah, he does tend to get into conspiracy theories a bit. Not in a dark way, but like, “WOW! This crazy thing might be possible because xyz. That’s really neat!” And I’ll nod along but also make a mental note to check on what he’s telling me before passing that info along.

On a random note, this friend is a firefighter, and I think ESTPs make really great emergency responders. Firefighters and EMTs and such. They keep cool heads and act quickly in crises, don’t sit around hemming and hawing all day like Ni types. And they tend to be physically adept so they have the athletic capacity to be good at that stuff.


LOL, noooo! There is only so much politics-wrangling I feel like dealing with in my online life. Working in DC is bad enough. Plus that thread pisses me off to read. :smiley_cat:

I will say that I relate very strongly to this: “a person who often feels deep body horror when I share a vision or an art project and people don’t get it”. Isn’t that the big INFJ dilemma, after all? Ha.