DEBUNK this theory = Time Travel


can ANYBODY debunk this time travel conspiracy theory?

i usually don’t share anything when i’m in the process of figuring things out.

but here you go.

@johnonymous hey skeptic, what’s your take on this? hahaha

i genuinely want to know. because it seems like you’re good at finding loopholes.

but seriously. try this one. since i’m still unsure whether this is true or not.

i do recommend you watching the first video at least.

if this theory is true, then it kinda solves the mystery of Mandela Effect.

because it was an actual scientist who said they’re bringing information from other universes to alter the change to this universe.

this video has nothing to do with mandela effect. but it does to me.

watch this guy talking about the D-wave quantum computer i’ve been talking about here.
yeah, the so-called mandela effect machine.


Sorry, couldn’t resist. :grin:

I’ll return later.


Morlocks!!! Ahhhh!!!