Did weasels rip my flesh? Yes they did.



Ignas, I’m going to be honest with you, I was completely baffled to read this response coming from you.

It’s unfathomably sly and petty to say something so ridiculous about Sups, especially after he VOLUNTARILY suspended himself, no? Especially on a private thread where he has no ability to potentially defend himself. It’s disgusting. If he was here, I have no doubt he would set your ass on fire for such a demeaning and dismissive statement.

I don’t doubt that it went over your head that peripherally, you were saying that my perspective and @air 's was blatantly stupid for seeing some insight in it. You should be ashamed. Use some of that Fe that you supposedly have.

I also would like to remind you Ignas that as a new mod, your job is to MODERATE the discussion, not dismiss and trash someone else’s point of view. You have new responsibility, and you should aspire to do even a fraction of what Prax did here. With all due respect, this behavior is appalling.

Do better.


I don’t think this is where Ignas is coming from. I think this is a bit harsh.


Unfathomably sly? Petty? Ridiculous? Disgusting? Demeaning? Dismissive? Trashing? Appalling?

Jesus, what a shitty person I must be, what a fucking backstabbing weasel.

Look, your whole post is built on a wrong assumption and is rather uncalled-for. I was not sly but sincere. That’s the truth. Yes, I agree that the timing of my post was unfortunate. I did not see it that way then, but I’m willing to own it now.

That being said, my response had nothing to do with sups’ suspension (by his own request). It was a direct answer to schlopadoo’s call to speak up (which appeared after sups’ suspension).

I would have no problem telling that to sups himself face to face. In fact, I would like to, because in truth I have nothing against him. Believe it or not, I respect every Starling. So I don’t see how he would need to “set my ass on fire” because what I wrote was not an attack on him. Nor was it an attack on the validity of his thoughts. I’m not that inflated. That image of Don Quixote battling the windmills is MY OWN inner problem. And I have every right to have this problem when reading his posts. I also welcome others to have similar problems related with me. Because I’m not a self-righteous snob, as you paint me.

No, you should really doubt that. Unless you think I’m blatantly stupid.

I should let you know, that I feel no moral obligations to moderate discussions. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with Blake. I will do my best in what I do best and if you see that primarily as trash, I’m OK with that.



Maybe we’re all weasels


Probably so…


I love the photos. The one reminds me of Kindergarten Cop. I’m scarred for life. :scream:


The one ripping the skin off the ribs scares me the most. Brrrr.


So do the weasels represent the extra-marital affair crazed women? Our hero can’t fight them off fast enough… Poor guy