Did you have the last laugh?


Have their been some ended relationships or crushes that you can currently have the last laugh on?


I think I made an enemy/rival once and felt satisfied (and some semblance of pities) when I tore her down for being a bully so she changed their ways and then she fizzled into obscurity and other issues while I remained around. Does that count? lol

I don’t know what she’s up to now. Perhaps she is a major success. But I have doubts.


Of course it counts!

Haha, I’ll take your word on her… success :roll_eyes:.


Definitely…there are quite a few but I feel petty elaborating so we’ll just leave it at that…


Oh okay :frog::tea:.


is this a female thing?
i can’t really relate to this terminology.

having a last laugh… sounds so foreign to me.

i like to make the other party to think that they have the ‘last laugh’

so they can move on without bitterness.

but really i just want them to have the last smile


It fits it to a tea.

Fe says I should send you this to show my gratitude: :kissing_heart:



So, there are two girls, very good friends, at college and both have a crush on me since first year. I don’t like any of them so just ignored their approaches.

I became friends with one of them, but the other one took my rejection to heart (I was hard on her, and I have to admit I find crushes annoying :joy: something I should solve I guess). So she started telling everyone I must be gay because I rejected having sex with her, and that my best friend, openly gay, and I, are actually lovers. I don’t care, but he has a boyfriend and it can become a problem. Besides, it becomes harder to flirt if half college thinks you like dicks (I like dicks too but I pretty much prefer vaginas).

She uses Tinder a lot and was meeting a guy regularly. She complained a lot cause he just wanted sex.

So, I managed to find out who this guy is, and, surprise, it was an acquaintance; he’s getting a phd on Roman art in Spain and met him some months ago in a conference. I contacted him again and long story short, started talking about the other girl (the one who had a crush on me too and I befriended) because I know how we men work and that we are attracted to girls more if other guys are attracted to. That’s it: most times beauty can only be seen through other’s eyes. The same with the girl: I know they are actually jealous of each other, so betrayal will be too sweet a dish to reject.

This has happened these last weeks. I’ll let you know if I succeed. I don’t know if I’ll have the last laugh but I’m having fun already, who cares the last. And who knows…maybe we get a nice couple out of this.


That’s a nice philosophy!

I don’t know if having the last laugh is a female thing! I mean, I would say it is associated with vindictiveness, which is in turn generally associated with females, but, do you need to be a female to have the last laugh? No!

So, yeah.

Vindictiveness and pettiness is key (which I have a lot of, lol).


Fucking mic drop Puck! Fucking Mic drop!

I am just, the most proud person right now.

I am totally on your side and I am rooting for your plan to work!

Oh yes, do keep in touch with this story.

PETTY! Lol. I love you for this though :wink:.


We’d complement each other pretty well then loolol…(Look at what you started!! A pun war…)

Edit: Or should I say ‘compliment’ to make it super obvious??


Clever :grinning:.

I appreciate ya darling :smiley:.

Yes, pettiness creates friendships.

Haha, I have no objections to this war :grinning:.


Game on…just one thing: Is Ace the highest or lowest?? :kissing_heart:



It’s like a 1, right?
…It might be time to call a friend of this one :sweat_smile:.


Lol, whichever one you want :smiley:!


Oh okay fine…just don’t pull out your trump card so soon!! :smiley:


Damn, I’m really outclassed here :joy:.


I guess I just had the last laugh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Loollol you’re a bad influence…look at me being all petty!!




My salt level is at a 1000! I can’t, I’m bout to die from saltiness.

LOL! I can’t teach that level of pettiness. Now I admit, I set the stage, but I didn’t see my downfall happening this quickly :joy::joy::joy:.



Here’s a drink so you don’t die from too much salt…

Heheehe I’m a quick learner :kissing_heart: and I learned from the best!! Also this is much more entertaining than writing about how bacteria communicate with each other…