Did You Know...

This can be a thread for all the fun, random facts we encounter and wish to share.

Did you know… the powdered donut is the mechanic’s donut? Their greasy hands grab the donut and the powder sticks to their fingers so they can enjoy a grease-free donut without washing their hands.

Did you know… the oldest mammals are bowhead whales? Oldest known bowhead was 211 years!

Woah. Imagine swimming about for that long. Do they not get bored? Where do they go? What mysteries have they seen?

What & where is the oldest living tree I wonder?

Isn’t the powder sugar? Do they lick their fingers after eating the grease free donut? Or do they just get sugary powder on engine parts? Does the powder dissolve into they skin? Or is it not sugar but something else and just absorbs grease and brushes off like talc? Or would that get messy?

I’m now picturing Ross in Friends with his leather pants mess.

Mm donuts :doughnut:

I know right?!? Imagine a whale being born in 1819!!

Don’t even get me started on trees. I’ll have to google it later, but there are trees that live super high up on like rocks/mountains that live for 2000 years!!! I call them Jesus trees. Wait, don’t bonsai trees live forever too? I’m still sleeping, so I’ll follow up later.

You ask too many questions. Ha.

Haha. So I’ve been told :woman_shrugging:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:

Haha Jesus trees.

So the Jesus trees I was thinking about are called bristlecone pine trees. They live in California’s White Mountains and can live for 5,000 years, give or take 100 years. Insano!

THE oldest tree is in Sweden. And it’s exact location is not disclosed freely for its protection. It’s a spruce that is 9,550 years old!!!

Bonsai trees - it depends on which kind but they can live to over 500 years. The Chicago Botanic Gardens have a lovely collection of bonsai trees. I remember visiting and seeing an old woman trim them. And I remember thinking - I wanna do THAT when I retire. Ha.

That’s insane :astonished:!

Did you know… That this is slugs mating?


Did you know the ridges at the bottom of some shakers have a purpose?

You actually can rub the bottom ridges of two different containers together to make the upside down container’s content come out faster than it would if you were to just pat the bottom of the container with your hand!

Waaaa! Did not know that.

You could go through your whole life and never know. There are so many facts like this waiting to be known!

That aspen trees are crazy…

Based on description of quaking aspen trees, Pando should make some good sounds every time there is a breeze.