Difference INFJ/ENFJ, females


Hello There! How would you describe differences between INFJs and ENFJs, particularly in females? I feel that a lot of what I have read on both types tends towards descriptions of males. I also vacillate between typing myself one or the other and cannot decide. What is your take on differences and similarities? Any examples?


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Join the club!! Both @Jennie and I thought we were infjs at first before we realized we were too out there and we were probably enfjs (well at least that’s what I thought about myself haaha)

Here’s a thread about enfjs by enfjs so you know it’s fo realz:

Here’s the start of a debate about infj v enfj for Jennifer Lawrence if you want to see how various people make the distinction:

Don’t think twice about asking more questions and exploring the forum more for info!! :kissing_heart: Not to try and sway you or anything but @Ankh and Jennie and I are looking for a fourth enfj of the apocalypse so…you better come join us :sunglasses:


ENFJ = Extra Naughty Fiery Jaguar.

Hmm… let me think on this…


Why do you guys make me so happy!?!?


Oh, thanks so much! How did you come to ENFJ instead of INFJ?


You make me so happy too!! :kissing_heart:


So basically I doubted that my intuition was strong enough to qualify me as infj which lead me to have a huge identity crisis so I asked all the Starlings what type they thought I was :smiley_cat:

My laptop’s going to die now so I’m not going to go into more detail in this post but I’ll link you to the thread in which Blake convinced me I was actually enfj even though I had always thought myself too introverted:


I’d say for me it’s the fiery part like @Ankh posted. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Don’t get me wrong, I have also spent many years locked up in my room reading and being antisocial. Heck if my memory serves me well it was an entire decades worth of introversion. Sometimes I still am, I don’t openly like to talk about myself unless I feel very comfortable.

What stood out for me in the posted article above was the part that discussed being an actress. I remember vividly when I was a child in kindergarten, it was show and tell day and I was called on to show. I was the new kid in class but happily performed a song I’d learned from my previous school. I sang my little heart out, hip shaking and hand gestures to boot.


Hmm… that helps. I had always thought of myself as an introvert. My friends adamantly insist that I am an extremely extroverted and I am beginning to wonder if this might be true. As a child/teenager, people asked me if I even spoke at all. I spent most of my free time painting and reading poetry. I also sometimes feel rather misanthropic. But I have always loved speaking and being in front of groups. I love attention and I love to perform if it is for an attentive audience. I also adore dancing and was in a performing mambo dance team.


I can be somewhat clumsy, though.


that fits:)


I agree. :blush:


Fits with Enjf?


ya a little (i think). i could be on crack and i don’t know what the explanation would be though.


How did you know you were enfj then?


im infp. didn’t read the thread title whoops


Infp being somewhat clumsy huh?


What fits ENFJ is that you like to dance. That’s where you use your Se if I’m correct. ENFJs have better use of their Se, i believe. I like to dance too and am a bit clumsy sometimes but I get into it nonetheless.