Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!


I’d say success is getting to spend your time as you wish as much as possible.

If you can have satisfying work and relationships in your life, you are going to be happy. And thus, as a result, you’ll get satisfying sleep, which for all we know may be the real goal of life. -Blake

definitely Se-Ni or Ni-Se axis going on in Blake’s writing. so he must be either SP or NJ

he sounds too tough and straightforward to be an INFJ,
too caring to be an ISTP
too intelligent to be an ENFJ
not extroverted enough to be an ESTP.

i figured i eliminate ISFP, ESFP, ENTJ, INTJ
because of his strong Ti.
INTJ Ti-id?
nah, probably more INFJ’s Fi-id more visible than Ti-id

either he’s a super scorpio INFJ with high Ti.
or Bruce Lee-like ISTP with high Ni. with refined Fe.
or very intelligent but reserved ENFJ, with controlled Fe.
or depressed ESTP who became a philosopher.

the opposite function echoes the other opposite function right? like ENFJ-ISTP.
because sometimes i see the way Blake writes and i’m like… ESTP??
i wonder if that’s an echo


i meant to actually say i 100% agree with those statements from lastest article that i just saw.
good stuff :clap::clap::clap::clap::+1: bravo

Happiness And Being a Good Person

I noticed Blake pays a lot of attention to appearance so he must have Se somewhere in there. After Stellarmaze, I also look at people and try to figure out if they count as sexy or not. It feels so weird but whatever it kind opens your eyes. It’s either look at people in that way or have that operating in the back of your head.


I feel like istps are too busy engaging in the real world to be writing and sharing things online consistently for an audience…I’ve seen some other people speculate entp, which according to Blake healthy infjs and unhealthy enfjs (enfj id is entp) can resemble :stuck_out_tongue: so my bet’s on xnfj!!


@supernokturnal Here’s a shot in the dark (kinda sorta maybe not really)…what about type 8 enfj?? Have you considered that?


@iamrl Ooo. interesting.

Idk. but his recent article about him being a turtle farmer gave me Ni for sure. as he adores Ni so much.

and in INXX vs ESXX article. I thought of turtle and hare
INXX being the turtle.

and kissing sheep is Fe

basically implying he is INFJ

and I’ve seen INFJs that reminds me of him.

who understands infj better than infj himself?

there are a lot of things be said in this forum itself that points to infj, despite me thinking he was ISFJ at one point.

it’s my opinion.

but I’ll definitely consider ENFJ type 8.
which I believe my speaker is in this emotional convention
and I can also see similarities too.

this speaker is fucking radical. I don’t know how I feel about him.
but this guy has so many connections and he’s so business minded.
and he flaunts it like a fucking champ.
calling people out. blunt as hell.
but in such a sassy way.

he tried calling me out but I shot back at him and he’s been careful around me after that hahah

my break is almost over. so much shit going on here.
but I’m experiencing so much it’s fun and exhausting at the same time.

i just wanna eat… I’m hungry…


Ok so I deleted this because I ranted a lot and got carried away and revealed too much about myself (so I took a page out of Erika’s book lool) so I’m editing it now…

Turtle farming on the high seas makes me think infp immediately it’s such A @lunar Thing to do (I say this with the most admiration because infps rock)…so you could be right, maybe the test messed up the p and j preference…

But also his fixation with Se doesn’t ring to me as inf-Se manifestation…like I listened to THS and there were some details that seemed off to me…are infjs this vulgar deep inside?? And the little things about his coffee and swimming routine…I don’t treat my inf-Ti like he does his Se (nonregarding the fact that duh, Ti is different from Se)…I generally try to avoid Ti even though I make halfhearted attempts at mastering it (see my programming thread…yea I still haven’t started really learning it haahah.) And his posts in the Millennial thread also raised eyebrows for me…

But then again he also sounds like Camille Pagalia if she was a male so I could totally see infj…like sometimes she rants about the liberal sjw culture and it sounds almost exactly like Blake…

Omg this is so hard!!! Also don’t I kinda sound like John in this post?? Total entp-id mode lool…


I’m gonna like a post that was deleted in hopes that you may resurrect it haha


you’re fun


Yea I figured I was too hasty with that delete…blindly followed that trend I guess loool…


id shit my pants:D how did this conference happen for you?


that’s why I can be vulgar around INFJ and they can reciprocate it right back
I can never to this around INFPs
but INFJ? oh yes. don’t even…
that’s why I was mostly comfortable around INFJs because they get my vulgarity

i think it’s the whole Ni-Se with Ti-Fe
no problem being vulgar.

SJ? not really.

NT? yes. but not compared to what I listed above.

INFP and ENFP? not really. or… Not at all. Fi isn’t so vulgar
including ISFP and ESFP

I’ve seen so many transformation in people. It’s amazing.
I highly highly recommend you go to one of these. your insecurities will be tested and be almost wiped away.

i went because i just wanted to see how it’s like. plus my friend was begging me. so I said “fuck it. why not”

I’ve seen and heard so many interesting things and met so many interesting people. It’s freaking awesome


I want to say it’s not even necessarily that deep. They can turn into Se and pay attention to Se. Mixed with Ni and Fe it can even be potentially super vulgar in a moment. They respond also to whomever they are talking to.

Maybe it’s a bit deep because it’s a bit tied in to Se. But I don’t know I knew an outwardly vulgar male infj and he even amped it up I think, that dude also had a lot of rancor.

And another male infj that really wasn’t vulgar in his usual demeanor would still have moments where he could look at a woman from the corner of his eye then utter some comment about her that gets your attention, and sometimes he’d dress it in not liking the person or something, always sounded a bit mixed and funny, like vulgar with an Fe dressing on top. :slight_smile:
Oh if he hung out with some friends that were being vulgar, I swear he’d have different reactions, partaking especially if the people were somehow cool…he’d actually get pulled toward that, or he could kind of blast them in his mind like if he didn’t get pulled. Like sometimes I swear he’d be laughing along due just to pull. And he could momentarily enjoy it.
He was most vulgar when he wanted to eviscerate…or got Se gripped. Or he could be playful vulgar because Fe can kind of give it color and that’s kind of fun, one can enjoy that. Guess yeah some vulgarity lol

I just remembered an infj that is the kind of infj I call “wild presentation”. a guy in math grad school. this guy had the most hilarious and short lived news feed. One second he would have a baby playing with a toy. Next second he was posting diagrams he had made of a gyrating penis or something with a whole description of how he had figured out something during sex. I heard a lot of people saying “oh my gosh did you see what ____ posted?”. I thought it was so funny. But he did have some really provocative stuff on there. Vulgar would be the word. Also one time he really violently told me “don’t do that”. I had my jeans rolled up part-way, we were fucking camping/hiking. My legs grossed him out! Excuse me sir. That’s the nasty Se shit some infjs sometimes do and they AREN’T always aware. It was nasty as fuck. I didn’t want to talk to him the rest of the day. Anyhow this dude you’d only know he had Fe if you stopped to think about it…which you would because he was actually loads of fun and cared :smiley: he was so wild. he sent us a photoshopped pic of our newborn stuffed inside a sushi roll (it was sweet like she was swaddled, sweet and wild:))


excellent description. please don’t delete this!


I was about to edit it I have more to say because I just remembered an infj I know


more the better!


@supernokturnal @iamrl

Blake is 100% fo-sho a goddamn, motherfucking INFJ, and I’m never ever going to rescind what I just said.

That recent post on the Millenials thread screamed “I’m so INFJ” that I was about to whip out some popcorn and watch all that INFJ fury in glee…It was a classic INFJ whiplash. I think in the forum, he had pretty much implied that he’s an INFJ as if he kinda gave up already with maintaining all the mystique and all that shit.

He’s really bustin’ out that Fe so maybe he can come across as an ENFJ, but he’s really an INFJ. He’s moved on with this whole thing of withholding opinions. He lets it rip. If he doesn’t like something, he’s gonna say it. And when INFJs really release what they feel/think, it can come out like what he has done there. Honestly, I often relate to how he expresses his emotions/opinions to others, especially back when I was a teenager. That was when I was at a better point and let it rip if I wanted to, but it was half tongue-in-cheek as well.

And yes also with Blake whenever he busts it out or rants, he’s kinda like half-joking I think. OK, not joking. He’s being serious, but then he’s also being a bit Fe-dramatic about it which is some kind of backhanded joke at himself. Like cover up all this serious anger by being super dramatic! Not sure how to fully convey what I mean. Often when an INFJ bursts out like he does, it’s half as a joke and half being really serious. And most people don’t get it. The only people who do are often ENTPs or INTJs, at least in my experience. And neither of them say anything to clarify what has just happened with the exploding INFJ over there, because it’s funny to let other people feel confused.

I think a tiny bit of integration of the inferior is normal and essential. If you engage too much in the dominant, you get in trouble with the inferior. It takes time though. I think regular exercise is important for anyone, but especially for in-your-heads INxPs (Se superego) and INxJs (Se inferior).

I don’t think Blake truly has as good as a grasp on Se than he seems to be in writing. It’s just pure Fe in force, more confidence to express himself. “To say, yeah I think I’m right, and maybe I’m wrong, but fuck you, I’m gonna say it.” Just by his profile pic with his sunglasses hiding his eyes, you can tell he has that classic INFJ male look. Well, at least some kind of breed of male INFJs. Don’t know how to describe it. Something very loose about it in some ways. Heavy but loose. This is not really Se-ish.


yeah I’d write a whole post. but Blake’s type is SECRET.


these things are so hard to describe but I love your description


Maybe it’s the face shape or jawline. Or the “energy.” I dunno.



His face seems to have something in common with these two guys.

Oh, and look at Stewart’s pics as well. Something in common with him as well.


I don’t know.
I don’t have an eye for those things.

But I think in some of the pics of Blake I think I’ve seen 3 total, well in 2 of them, he looks to me like he is _____ <----you see I can’t describe. I don’t know if that’s the energy you refer to. But I do think I saw something similar in one of Stewart’s pics. It’s like a pause for the photo, but the mind is here and elsewhere and the body is ready to keep moving. I hate using words. As soon as words come in, for me, it’s screwed. But your use of the word heavy. Blake comes across heavier than Stewart (I don’t mean to be comparing yikes…just trying to figure out the words)

Nick Drake. Hmmmm…my mind is in a spin right now.

I really think it’s fun how sometimes infjs and entps can look similar.
I have an entp friend who looks like this sometimes:

There is a kind of smile in the eyes. “readiness”. a knowing. Fe style warmth. mentally flexible


he’s good at defending himself. in the original stellarmaze, I got some of my best laughs from him ripping into some comments. he’s able to keep it light which is really a great skill. but you can tell every now and then he needs to defend, like he can’t hear 10 people in a row telling him off and be completely indifferent. or if some line is being nearly crossed. above the fray for the most part. that’s one of the first things I noticed on stellarmaze. imagine this place if blake couldn’t float like that