Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!


It’s funny but I assumed discussing Blake’s type would be forbidden around here, but I guess it’s not.

Put my chips on INTJ


^ This is the worst guess I have ever heard in the entire world lol


Really? hahaha no you need to get out more. I’m sure some people out there think he’s an ENTJ or an ENFP :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured he’s definitely an INxJ, and INFJ just seemed too obvious and on the nose and boring, so I went with INTJ. I guess I think he’s probably an INFJ, but I would prefer if he were an INTJ haha

I’m not too invested in getting my chips back so it’s ok :wink:

Whats’s your guess?


Not enough of an self-assured ass for ENJT, not flaky, I mean charming, :grin: @Carolina enough for ENFP, not an introvert, I vote ENTP or possibly ENFJ, but I see more Ne than Ni.


Yes! I wanted to hold on the idea that Blake was ENTP. An ENTP who was trying very hard to be INFJ-ish. That made the whole thing so much more interesting. Like I could access another type’s view point. Especially, an outsider’s view on my type. But Schlopadoo’s post here finally convinced me. Which is such a disappointment. What?! Just another bloody INFJ?
It must have really disturbed me because last night I dreamed that I was wrong about my sister’s type (which is kind of silly because she self-identified). Probably a sign that I should stop taking this crazy stuff too seriously. Bye for now!


He’s an ENFP millennial. Obviously…


:wink: hahahah I’m going to keep this one

He seems introverted to me, sort of tortured by but also completely enamored with his own complexity. Total Ni dom, no? To be fair though I haven’t listened to any of the homeless sexual podcasts and I missed everything that happened in the forum beyond the last month or so.


Yep haha


I’d pay more than the 6$ a month to see some introspection. He just said he understands himself pretty well in conspiracy theory thread, most of us on the forum are N dom or auxiliary and interested in MBTI and personality theory as a means of understanding our own weirdness. It’s a tease of a fascinating voyage, Blake’s journey through the desert to self insight and awareness. I may have missed things too, but we don’t know Blake’s personality type, his educational background, family, if he has a partner. It may be clever marketing to seem vague and mysterious, but I think high Ni considers these subjective filters to be important, whereas Ne would rather go on about ideas, theories, celebrities, millenials, and turtles all the way down.


I think it’s this though.

I think introspection is not really his job or role here, here he’s the host and it’s more about bringing that out in others. I don’t know. I should probably listen to the podcasts :slight_smile:


From my perspective I see Both Ni and Ne. He has the witty playfulness of Ne which seems more fun and energizing. The Ni shows up a lot more darker and artistic.

Like @supernokturnal I see Si. Not Isfj though. I see more of an Ne Si axis or a Ti Si loop.


You know enfjs can resemble entps if they’re unhealthy according to Blake’s theory :wink: don’t underestimate the influence of Ne and Si in an enfj!!

You can also attribute the floating around and being aloof from the fray to the enfj loner who waits in the sidelines for the best opportunity to show dominance…heehee.


There is something very…fresh about @Blake to me. In his written expression. In the way his mind works.

Too fresh to be a reflection of what I am (INFJ).

His operating system feels at once inside out in relation to mine and yet very accessible, seductive, complementary, refreshing, re-invigorating.

He opens new planes of awareness and understanding for me in a way that I find very scintillating.

He must be an ENTP.

I don’t know an ENTP well enough to compare these sensations that I feel about Blake, but this must be what a perfect mind complement feels like.

Or is he an INFJ who has developed an Ne-ego orientation, which might explain the freshness that I feel about him? Maybe he is not a complement, but an embodiment of something that I aspire to be as an INFJ.

Leaning more towards ENTP though.

These are my intuitions. I may come back with data to back up my Ni :slight_smile:




Basically, this :smile: :sunny:

Minus all the creepy references about wanting to bed said subject of song, of course!! :blush:


Blake is an INFJ.

If we’re going by his articles.

He’s said before in his comments on his articles that if you read them carefully, it should be easy to type him. So I’m taking him up on that. He’s an INFJ. Really obviously. With sharp Ti.

He’s said before that ‘higher manifestations/development/whatever’ of INFJs can come across as ENTPs, so it makes sense that one would get this impression. But if you’ve ever seen the guy going off on people on here (which he does, not often, but not not-often either), he’s got heavy Fi id going on for sure.

He gets really offended by stuff. Pissed off by people and their Spot Ons and Crushings and Millenialisms and Sorry Blake Donald Trump Definitely Is ESTP And Not An ENTJ. All that really bugs him. Sometimes. (Which isn’t to reproach him for it since all this stuff is true for every INFJ I’ve ever known, myself included.)

Then you see him pull back, like, “Eh, I guess it’s not that serious. (But it is.) (But it isn’t.) (But IS IT?) (No, it’s not.)” That’s Fi id in INFJs for you. Flash-in-the-pan flare-ups of the id.

ENTPs, as John will tell you, don’t have a nodding acquaintance with Fi.

But Blake’s too logical to be an ISFP. As in things making some sense before he puts forth a claim actually matters to him.

Too in-your-face and brassy to be an INFP. When he goes after someone, he goes hard. INFPs trying to go off on someone come across as…babies in tantrum. Kind of flailing and wailing in futility. This is probably why they really hesitate to do it. Blake has that INFJ vibe of, when he’s really mad he’s going to methodically rip your arms off and beat you to death with them. Um, metaphorically.

I think for me INFJ men are pretty obvious because I’ve known a lot of INFJ men (or “a lot” relative to how rare they’re supposed to be). They have a particular vibe and tendencies. Like all types, these become clearer when you know more of them.

So if we’re going by what Blake himself has said about INFJs, he’s an INFJ. If you’re operating from a different set of guidelines for what makes an INFJ then… I don’t know what to tell you.


These conjectures are right. He is an INFJ. :smiley: No, I’m sure that he is not an ENTP.

And my arguments above were a bit flimsy and not rigorous.

@Wendy is right here. Me agreeing with Wendy + Added Verbosity from Moi:

Yes. I believe he is on the “higher side” for INFJs which means giving off an ENTPish vibe. Yes, I also think there is a strong undercurrent for seriousness beneath all this light Fe-thing. He seems to have some very penetrating insight into people as well. I for some reason think he is an INFJ with Scorpio Moon. Maybe he has some kind of Sagittarius (in the latter half) in the sun or ascendant, or Gemini in one of the major placements. I recall @Kevin K.'s presence here. For some reason I think of younger Blake but a bit lighter. Kevin K. can come across as very Ne-ish and goofy, yet he is an INFJ with a Scorpio Moon in his chart…and indeed I sensed something very heavy underneath…But the Sagittarius in his chart (Ascending? I don’t remember), gave him a very Ne-ish clownish mask.

Yes, I viewed this as an Fe-thing, but you are correct here. It’s Fi-id that leads to these strong emotional flare-ups. As an INFJ, I recognize this thing but realize that it’s not a big deal and just find his flare-ups funny. In the end, INFJs blow up, but then “get over it” (or not) quickly. So perhaps this is why I saw his recent rant as not-so-serious. But I much prefer this sort of temperamental blow up than silence-whilst-rotting-inside sort of thing that I’m just so sick of. It can be scary or excessive, but INFJs showing all sides and colors to themselves, including Fi-id rants are better than suppressed rage seething underneath culminating in the puzzling “INFJ door slam” (yuck, I hate that phrase being thrown around everywhere on the Internet) or constant censoring/silencing of dramatics to come across as more “sincere.” Whatever Blake, let it rip. I prefer that. :smiley: And I know others prefer that in me as well despite insufferability at times. Much better than my silent phase - gosh, I was boring.

Exactly. I remember I said this way back when somewhere in the main Stellar Maze page, and of course this all comes from stuff Blake said here and there. Fi-seethings and turmoil is something that is very incomprehensible to ENTPs, just as Te can be something very tricky to fully master for INFJs. For some reason, if you talk to ENTPs about Fi matters especially in the context of Ni, all that stuff goes over their heads. They literally don’t hear you right there and then, magically, of all the times they could space out! That’s Fi superego right there.

Blake really gets into the heart of different psychological types, including the ugliness of it all. Doesn’t that tell us something? Look at this INFJ Woman in Love articles, he was embodying the Fi id like nobody’s business. It was HELL to read. He knows hell, come on! And he expressed it in a lighthearted matter all at the same time through lovely Fe aux.

And read his writings about the time when he was a teenager or his ADD poem. The Cake in Winter article could not be written by an ENTP, no fucking wayz. I could even believe ENFJ for this, but not ENTP. Can’t be. The ADD poem may seem ENTPish with the references to ADD and all the wordplay. At first, I remember I thought him to be an ENTP when I first saw this article and encountered the Maze. I remember reading through this poem again recently, and I don’t know if Blake really has ADD…but what I understood was Ni-Fi id and Ti tert in action. Constant leaking of the unconscious, symbols, imageries, difficult-to-describe feelings that constantly flood the INFJ brain and leave them totally wrecked and helpless, constantly feeling the urge to somehow soothe themselves, cleanse themselves, rid of something…And the cure would be Fe. The heart of this poem was very INFJ but all the nice ENTPish language and lightheartedness could very well fool you.


Oh yes. Also, he has a bluesy voice. Listen to his recordings, peoplez! So filled with Fi-blues, with serenading Fe lines and phrases. I’m thinking of Nick Cave again (more on the scary side, lolz) or Jim Morrison. Both INFJs. And again, all their faces look similar. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen a pattern amongst male INFJs in terms of visuals.

Bottom Line:
Blake has Fe magic. His rhetoric is seductive and leaves you soaring to the skies. That’s his Fe aux. And when Fe flows, Ti fits in just perfectly. We are so convinced by his framework of all the cognitive functions and psychological types because of his Fe rhetoric!!! And indeed, Ni + Ti gives you a holistic picture of realms that are difficult to describe…inner workings of human beings. And oh how perfectly he understand INFJs, those little fallen angels. He calls them out for their bullshittery and capacity to be assholes because he knows himself very, very well. And INFJs are all aware of this horrible aspect of themselves…

And @heri, perhaps you find yourself a contrast to Blake because you are still more on the serious side of the spectrum for INFJs…this is how you come across to me at least from your other posts. You seemed very serious…very perfectionistic…but Blake has moved on from Fi to Ti, and through Fe has achieved ego-reorientation (Ne). And indeed Fe aux can be very fun, lighthearted, and very chameleon like! Speaking of chameleons…also why many people see Blake as one type and some another… But don’t be fooled! He steals personalities and re-embodies them, and brings up whole 'nother insights as well.


you could pretend his 3 articles a month is a Te minimum


hehe, maybe it is. I never caught on to that! :grin:

I somehow regret spilling all of this out…I was holding back as maybe people wanted to keep his type a mystery…maybe let people figure things out and come to their own conclusions on their own as that’s more fun…but then I couldn’t help it…maybe I’ll delete the post above later…


Great analyses, @Wendy and @schlopadoo !

You make very compelling cases for why Blake might be an INFJ.

If he is, then whoa Fe magic is a beautiful thing.

I thought I knew a lot about MBTI. But this Stellar Maze has shown me that I know nothin.’ I love it. Please don’t delete your post @schlopadoo. The perspective you provide here is a great learning opportunity for many of us.

I am these things, yes. Not all the time, I don’t think I am a bore :flushed: But I am very serious about my growth. I am desperate for it.

Great insight! Your overall argument is very convincing.