Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!


Check out this recent exchange on anothet thread:


I bet you’re not a bore! :wink: I think all INFJs identify with a potential for some serious seriousness, lol. You say you are desperate for growth, but you see, that desperation implies heaviness. Not good for INFJ health in the end… Follow Blake’s example. :slight_smile: Don’t care too much. Seriously. Even if you need growth, the way to grow is to not care about growth. Ne --> ego re-orientation for INFJs. A bit of detachment will boost INFJ expression even more… I’ve always remembered achieving a peak whenever I didn’t take things really seriously, but then falling into a hole/the doldrums once I begin to care too much… Remember, Blake said INFJ Fe is Mozart!! And Mozart doesn’t sound heavy, does he?

If ENTP to you feels like freshness, then let yourself go! All this stuff on the Internet claiming we INFJs are serious and complex and blah blah blah…fuck that, all that stuff fucked me up in the end…Well you know what, we can be very simple at the same time. Very childlike. I’m glad my INTJ and ENFJ (or ESTP?) parents told me this nugget of wisdom about myself since years ago. And Blake only helped affirm what my parents have been telling me for years.


If he still hasn’t revealed what MBTI type he is yet then he’s probably an INFJ. Classic INFJ behaviour.

What do INFJ women look like?

My theory is that he’s an INFJ guy who liked an INFJ girl which drove him into researching about INFJ stuff which caused him to discover stuff about himself and hence those original articles.


I don’t find it that classic of infj for the context: online, talking about the mbti.

But I actually get what you mean and yes what you mean is classic lol:)


wtf is this freshness you’re talking about?


let’s try and guess his moon sign… scorpio?


Anyone know an “infj-like” entp? What do they look like.


Alright, guys…

I am probably one of the few people who actually know B’s type. He has told me.

Drum roll…


Think about it.


I’m definitely gonna write a whole post now. But can’t right now. But definitely will. Shoot. Lots of thoughts. Mind a total spin. Where is everybody lol?


I am here.

Shit. Dammit.
Cannot click on it.
It is either a joke or the end of a lovely puzzle.
If it is a joke, I can live without that. If it is not…
But then there will be discussion… and I’ll have to avoid that too. Then it would creep into other threads.
Why is Erika telling?
Surely I have had loads of time, but I am not decided for absolutely sure.


Alright… I don’t even know if this is a joke lol. Okay stream of thoughts pouring out in first person comes next


Hmmm. It was my first guess ever. Way back when. The reasons I gave originally was the pop culture angle. It’s in the Comments there is proof lol. An enfp friend of mine writes novels that are a bit pop culture-hooked. The novel reads like a movie ready to be made. I found the articles kind of “hero” the intj and infj. Hmm.

Next reasons were he said he has a problem with enfp as a collective. I thought it could mean two things. He is enfp or he views enfps to act as a collective which overall he sees problems with how they are. And he has a stance on intps that is a little surprising to me for infj. Yes intps are a bit computer like but I always thought there is a bit of kinship infj to Intp. Comments to Rita.

Then it was because he is good at the “flavors” which I consider like a Charles Dickens kind of skill.

Then I simply switched to Ne above all because I didn’t see the usual Ni Ti insistence on being correct as much as you sometimes see with Infj. Although I have to say there has been some insistence but often there is a kind of ripping feel to the insistence. Not the usual Ti mania that infjs can use to insist. I wrote somewhere that he shows a lot of flexibility in comments.

Okay but then Blake wrote that to be good at typing you need Se or Ti so I threw out enfp as even a possibility!! so I am really lost and may I use ??? That Prax does. Basically I am all ??? If Blake is enfp when he keeps stressing that Ti and Se are so much needed for typing.

part 2

I have consulted with Blake.

3 things

  1. I couldn’t tell he was enfp and my twin brother is enfp however…

  2. One time he sang and there was a good rythmn and I did for a second think of my brother and I’m sure that is whimsical everyone can have good rythmn but it made me think Si. He is sensitive to little noises in environment. I noticed that right away.

  3. I one time asked why ____ and I felt a Te push in his answer and I thought oh my god what was that? Would that be the Te id?? Because I was exploring entp at that point. (but honestly even typing now why can’t it be Fi id lol) I felt something I only ever feel in mainly estp enfp which is a very fast switch between Fe feel and Te feel. I feel this in my twin brother and in @supernokturnal. I have brought it up on the forum. Fe Te rapid switch.

I really thought he was entp for a long long time. But then one consult I started considering Infj because of this recurrent description of entps as not having any Fi clue and he appeared to be “getting a lot” he showed sensitivity. I was really considering infj after this consult.

The last recording his description of entp sounded like an outsider description of entp (the whole drug lords reverting thing). I was like FUCK. He couldn’t possibly be entp and be that bemused by entp could he?

But you know what? Him talking with his dogs multitasking that way, checking out their oven, it did catch my attention. I thought what the FUCK.

I don’t know.

I really don’t.


Another argument for Ne/Te is a decent business skill. Blake has used ads. Etc.

The infjs were sure you have to be infj to have insight that made me really consider infj. (“takes one to know one” sure seemed to be a common stance, I literally thought well you must “be one to know that’s the right stance” lol)
But some things have bugged me. Him not revealing his type seemed un-infj to me like I wrote above. That’s why I could only write “pretend” Te minimums @schlopadoo because I couldn’t vote infj. I was just open and Being devil’s advocate and confused. So then I enquired about infj-like entps still trying to fight my confusion.

But if Blake is enfp, I guess I didn’t know enfp could be that empathic, the version that seems visceral…infj version. Hopefully that’s not a bad thing to say. He was sweet in consults. Empathic.

Can an enfp have so many issues with enfps?

Very interesting.

Well I can’t say I really know one way or another. All I know is I like Blake. Lol. Blake Blake @Blake. I like you:)

But that last recording shit I thought infj could work. That last recording I thought infj. INFJ

When Blake was talking about entps that sounded so Fe to me. So expressive, he sounds so amused in such an expressive way. How the hell is that enfp. Is this a joke??? I’m gonna listen to that recording right now. Edit: listened to 22 seconds. Just thought of my brother. And yeah I think it works. No conflict with the voice. Especially someone who is sensitive to music etc, can kind of emphasize shit with voice. Almost tic-like sounds in the voice. A bit add. Hmm. So what an apple can look like an orange. Damm apples looking like oranges. I’m gonna start eating more fruit. Enfp with huge Fe???

Mind fuck

Messy hair? lol:)


I thought about it, and I’ve decided I totally agree and take back everything I said. Blake is DEFINITELY an ENFP.

Erika, what would we have done if you hadn’t come back to illuminate this for us all? :smile:


But how does it feel to you? Lol. I feel really wowzers:)




what are you thinking? I’m all :scream:


Not telling! :neutral_face: I’m all poker face!


lol. I’m :dizzy_face:


It’s best to ask @Ankh :grin:


Lol @lunar you’ve gone all Sherlock Holmes on us! :joy:

I don’t know what to think either. I was SURE that I was picking up on both Ti and Fe in Blake. Very interesting.

And thank you @schlopadoo!! You are very kind, and wise!!