Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!




me too. it was like entp-ish infj or infj-ish entp but we are told they don’t Fi
so infj really does make the most sense

infj is really what makes sense

most consistent with his descriptions of who Blake says is best capable of typing

must be a joke

doesn’t Blake have shitloads of Fe

as for Sherlock Homes, I just went “nuts”. I go nuts easily :frowning:

i vote enfp anyways…


I would describe it as being unable to believe it really exists and so sort of auto-ascribing it to something else.

“oh yeah, I forgot, that’s allegedly this Fi thing that I’m sure exists because it makes sense theoretically to me. Maybe like when I have a stomach ache or am afraid of getting in trouble.”


The quote below is from Blake’s post on “The INTPization of the World via the ENFP”

"So, basically, the ENFP type looks up to the INTP type. The INTP is the natural father/superego (positive version of superego) to the ENFP. I think ENFPs generally wish to impress the INTP type. One of the ways they do this is by taking on more of the traits of the INTP (or trying to).

The trait I’m thinking of that many of these modern ENFPs have tried to take on is introverted thinking in the INTP mode ie computer thinking.

And I think this has made ENFP virtually unrecognizable.

You see, an ENFP can take any mode or function and try to emulate it and try it on. So, if you were expecting to see the ENFP that had that Sixties look of the more intuitive and feeling hippy type, you will be looking in vain."

I would think that this ability to try on and emulate different modes/functions might throw people off in typing an ENFP? Would definitely explain the Ti that many of us have picked up on. And the Fe and Se.

And @lunar if that investigative brilliance was you going “nuts,” I am here for it!! :heart_eyes:




none of it makes sense to me


ENFP does not make sense to you? Or something else?
Yes, I had to. It felt inevitable.
Also wrote, but it is sitting in pages, while I further contemplate.
It is raw.


guess it’s just this. i thought that this is what was being suggested in some places. but maybe i didn’t get it.

i just don’t remember any nod anywhere towards enfps as far as typing ability goes.

Blake does things like vroom vroom motorcycle. Lol. I don’t know if that means Ne or not but maybe.

Hmm. Voice clearing etc. Sometimes his words fly out and then he’s like aaahhh, stutters. “no-no-no-no-no-no” “uh-uh-uh-uh-uh”

I can buy enfp but just cannot tell. I vote enfp now. “duuuude”. he just sounds like my bro. never noticed before. it’s the quality of the voice and type of banter that sounds like my brother.

Random thought:
If anything enfp and estp have a lot in common. Basically what is coming out of this for me. Extraverted perception. Like to quickly size up people. LIKE people. They’re not misanthropes. And will often quickly tell someone something about them “you’re like this” can be really soon after meeting you. oh and Fe/Te quick switch. Energizing, motivating, can pressure people.


Go watch youtube. Enid F. Patternson. Remember that guy I showed you who moved so much while he talked? Damn, not remembering his name right now. Yes, they absolutely can type and they can see you in ways I shy away from thinking about, though bent towards understanding, even if negative. Leon from type tips is INFP. I do not agree with the only NiSe. I just think it is a different way of seeing. We all have a different way. I saw an ESTJ of all people doing a talk about typology the other day. We all have our ways, if we are interested.


yes. the other thing is when people mention general patterns there are always exceptions. i do remember that guy:)


Yes, exceptions, and sometimes I think those can show up when someone is crashing and burning but is not showing you that in any other way.


feel free to share your writings… I feel like a lone fool over here:) just vommitting all over


Sitting so still in the center of this hot and dry boat is stultifying… so I’ll going swimming with you, come what may.

Yes, of course I couldn’t stay away.
I do not know the meaning of this reveal right now in this way, but so be it.

To me this feels like DOH! Duh. Like I’ve been fiddling with Ti and ignoring Ni.
It was all there in little whispering ways, in Ni that I shut down over and over. I can’t say I knew it because I doubted and dismissed the clues again and again, barely and rarely considering ENFP as a solid possibility. I might have got there eventually, but can’t know now. I have to ask myself what about my expectation of an ENFP, closed this avenue?

I feel good about it because I fucking saw Ne and could not dismiss it! Who the hell goes into someone else’s house unbeknownst? I knew in my heart that behavior felt Ne Fi Perceiver, and that certainly was not the first time I thought P. My heart and mind are often at odds though. I was switching back and forth between could this be INFJ or ENTP? because he knows so much about INFJ, but I was also getting vibes of not INFJ. That I am not male always has me wondering how much of a part that plays. For quite some time I thought very likely ENTP. ENTP had no’s as well… So I had begun to reconsider other types again, start over, since I could not wholly justify either.

The suggestion that INFJ does not have to use Fe was always a hard thing for me to swallow. I can’t not and when I force it down, suffering follows. My Fi comes out like a tiger. My Fe is always on hand to try to avoid that. I’ve edited this several times. A part of me wishes I would have left it unadulterated. But the adult in me knows better, she thinks.

Looking back, the Ne I could not escape and the Fi over Fe I felt, should have dismissed both of my choices. But it is all so fucking tricky. I kept asking myself if INFJ integrating into ENTP would look like he does. Considerably more Fi than ENTP, greater Ne than INFJ. Self assured… in fact, long ago when I began I remember him saying INFJ comes across as confident, and it is true, but deep down I am not, in I think the way an ENFP would be when they stated their views.
They are careful to say they may be wrong, but they don’t think so, and you must convince. This was the way with Mike from youtube who would laugh deprecatingly but argue his understanding with fervor nonetheless.

As much as Blake understands about Ni, the why, it also feels incomplete, though I think his poetry understands it more. A part of it is grasped, as I can catch onto Ne and Ne strikes me.
As I see it, he understands three types better than any other, no, four. INFJ, ENTP or there is enough admiration that I was convinced, and ENFP and INTJ. He understands INFJ in a way I later saw other ENFP’s do. Amazingly well, and yet not from living experience. Still I was fooled into wondering if it was because of sex and cultural, ennea-type and astrology differences.

So, ENTP, INTP, INFP and ENFP would have Ne in one of two major places. INTP I dismissed because I was not getting a solid fix on his understanding of INTP and at the same time realizing I had at least one and probably two in my house. I will give him this, he can rant like an INTP. He would have nailed it if he was one. INFP, just no. I married one so I think that maybe showed up too many nots. Though Blake’s enthusiasm and respect for Ne was another humongous clue.

Dang! It was in his drawings. In his poetry. Everywhere. Fuck. Haha!
ENTP? Why else did I think that? Because he intimidates the fuck out of me on occasion and yet acts a muse and encourages far more often. Not even sure he knows all the ways. But this is one of the main reasons I could not wholly fall for INFJ. Every INFJ male on here is gentle and NOT in any way intimidating to me, except they seem smarter than me, but not like they’d lord that over me. Every single one on Youtube, the same. Blake’s style of Fe is quite different, more tease, a different kind of distance.

Another interesting point. I have been thinking my mom is ENFJ. All over the place, [smart and energetic, but in bursts and depending on interest]. She tries on other’s personalities and aims to please. She is very personable and intuitive and when she thinks she knows something she is tenacious until proven otherwise. Is it funny that I was lately considering the possibility that Blake was ENFJ, because I was feeling the same little recognitions to someone I knew very well but placing it wrongly. Yeah, was not sticking so well, even though there is a quality of intensity in both for sure…
I have considered ENFP for my mother more than a few times, though often believe I am seeing a judger. I considered INTJ, even for Blake, though that didn’t hold enough water for either.
What she seems to be missing from ENFJ though, and I was trying to attribute to Enneagram or astrology [which I do not understand], was her difficulty, like she is trying too hard sometimes, and her anger and jealousy at those who charm for a living. She struggles with Fe, even though it often seems she has a handle on it because she is so friendly and talkative.
The discussion about 13 reasons why should have been a huge clue! There is confusion between ENFJ and ENFP. My mom has what looks like a lot of Fe, but now I am thinking she has Fi over Fe which is not at all out of the question. In fact, it makes more sense every time I think about it. But could it also be Fe with plenty of Fi? Shit, I don’t know! Anyone with either as dominant will show the other in considerable and confusing amounts, especially if they are older. The differences in how it plays out in position is only helpful when you in fact begin to really understand how placement works. I think this is something I am slowly, ever so slowly getting a slightly better handle on. I think it was not two years ago I realized it was a thing and what kind of thing it could be. And though as my husband pointed out I live, breathe and eat typology, two years is very little time. For me, anyhow.
So, if you have Ne and Fi up high, you are going to have Ni and Fe in head scratching amounts as well, and you have to look very carefully to see how placement is affecting them, and those around them.
I think this is also why INFJ can look INFP, because they can use Ne and have loads of Fi. Which also jerks up the tests.

I also considered ENTJ, haha, briefly, but more than once, also dumping it within an hour or so of thinking about it. l never ever ever considered ESTJ. ISFP, nope. Pisses him off. ESFP and ENTP anger rang a bell though.

Oh, and his perspectives on Trump seem very Ne. Ni around here [forum] did not seem to be falling for him in a hurry. Around here, my husband INFP, brother ENTP and son INTP[probably] are willing to consider all angles and talk about Trump and I can handle it only in short bursts and then start growling and disappear. They don’t take him personally. I do take him very fucking personally [as president] and with concern for the world at large, though am coming to see him as a catalyst for waking the hell up.
Blake’s consideration of Trump, to me, had to be Ne and almost entirely excluded NiFe. Say what you will. So ENTP, but not… ENTP. Ugh.
Okay, wait, my mom freaking hates his shit too… damn, too many things I don’t know. I am losing my logic. I think though that many ENFP’s are SJW’s though and very environmental. Though I know a certain ENFJ that has a lot of similarities with my mom, big ones. She could fit both. I am still confused. Ah well.
Blake said he was raised in or around that, I think. Ne can go a lot of places. I respect and appreciate what Ne conversation has brought me in my life. It is a lightness and positivity, even as I also see a sticking to the scientific theory or agreed upon facts. There are many Ne/Ni discussions here, since years and years.

Alright people. Here are some of my thoughts on how this curious reveal of ENFP makes sense to me. I am rusty, and in a day or two I will be thinking on all the things I left out and what I should have left out, but you do not reap what you do not sow. Oh, and we sleep in the bed we make… [cringes]

Oh, and Raven or Crow
[forgive me for not letting this go].

Edited: Keeping most of my foolishness here, but had to take a couple things out that did not need to be public, my apologies.
Lastly, I am back to not knowing, where I like to be in Blake’s case.


oh my god I also had that thought! the drawing with the different types of people looked so Ne:) lol. thanks so much for sharing and I am interested in your thoughts about how he describes infj and how it feels for you:)

i had this thought with the last article on Ni.

Ne sees “through” too. I had that thought. Both Ni and Ne:)

also the home invation had an Ne feel to it because it indicated a very instinctive feel for risk and timing that I attribute to Ne and Si being on same axis. my brother has a very interesting relationship to time that beats istj at times. he can smoohtly maneuver because of it and his understanding of rythmn really good. also that home invasion and talking to us is pretty much multitasking. my brother actually gets a kick at pushing till the absolutely last good moment.

raven or crow…what is that reference?

i personally don’t mind knowing Blake’s type. i hope he doesn’t mind. i’ll drop the topic. changes nothing for me except that this taught so much!!! what did it teach? an apple is an orange orange is apple. just stay away from this shit


I just barged in here from work to say.

The type that probably least understands INFJs. Are ENFPs. But the latter tends to think they understand INFJs really well. Until they hit a certain point of closeness and realize, to their dismay, that they can’t penetrate any further after a certain point.

ENFPs are really good at misunderstanding INFJs’ intentions and misinterpreting what they say and do.


Make from that what you will!


SO ON POINT! Sorry if I seem to be licking your ass these days. “Until they hit a certain point of closeness and realize, to their dismay, that they can’t penetrate any further after a certain point.” <-- Perfectttt, I wouldn’t have ever thought of that, but now that you said it, it’s so right.

2 of my closest friends from life were ENFPs…And one of them eventually grated on me so much that I had to do the weird “INFJ door slam” thing (this was when I was barely two decades old - I’m still around the ballpark but a bit older :P)…Ooooooh boyyyy. And yes, misunderstandings and misinterpretations were abounding…But after a few months since the “door slam,” I’ve reconciled with her…Basically I came to a point of just accepting the ENFP nature, and giving up the fact that she’ll be my “most perfect soulmate.” Of course, she will always be one of my closest friends - I do love her very, very much in the old-couple-love-and-hate-way. But I can’t change her or force her to help or understand me the way I want her to (aghhh selfish Fi id!!!). And in fact, no one can.

O yes, ENFPs tend to be extremely grating to INFJs, especially if they’re having trouble with Fi id.



So, @lunar and @TinyYellowTree, what do you think?

I was reluctant to say something at first, as no one else was joining in…so maybe I would have spoiled the fun…but…Wendy dropped a bomb here…

Of course anyone, if they try, could, (I guess) become good at anything they take a particular interest to…I don’t know Enid F. Paterson, so I don’t know if she’s really good at her stuff or if she’s ENFP (from her pictures, maybe she is ENFP but I don’t know; it was just a glance) BUT, we have to keep in mind the big picture. If we keep trying to consider and excuse other possibilities (i.e. it’s very easy to find a rationale for the presence of any cognitive function for every single person!), our heads will become stuck in the trees and we wouldn’t see the forest. Plus, I see a very positive and magical quality of Fe in Blake…And it’s really all about the quality or the manner in which a function is expressed - of course everyone will be using a little bit of this and that from time to time.

Plus, look at @Ankh’s profile picture. She has assumed a new identity…the little monster plaguing YouTube comments section, Facebook News Comments, Fan Forums, and the like.


yeah this does be the one thing I’m not sure about…

I am really really bad at typing so I’ll just stop. I will go insane I think. Like I’ll end up in tears lol, trying to figure this shit out.

I’m just not good at typing. I’m really really bad at it. An apple looks like an orange. you know how Blake says “how do you like them apples?” well are they oranges… oh my god my brains have exploded all over the room

I’m DONE. You guys however should carry on.

The only thing I know is I LIKE Blake lol:) I can’t help saying that over and over because I feel so guilty for discussing his type. He wants it secret. I feel so dirty.

I love you all but me stops here. I will go ape shit bezerk

and if @Ankh you are joking please tell us cuz a ridiculous person like me doesn’t want to waste time seeing an apple as an orange


And one more thing:

Expanding on Wendy’s hint that ENFPs tend to misunderstand INFJ’s intentions and misinterpreting what they say and do.

ENFPs don’t really get Ni, and especially Ni and Fi-id combined. INFJ insecurities, guilt, shame, and all that crap are very difficult to understand for ENFPs, and in fact, it’s not even a matter of recognition but not being able to “understand it” - ENFPs see INFJ Fi-id moments as something entirely different. One ENFP recounted one of my moments as a frivolous moment of fishing for compliments.

Deeper psychological experiences, especially those of Ni and Scorpio Fi-id, just cannot register in ENFPs. In the end, they are Ne-dominants. And often ENFPs, very much lacking Ti, cannot logically or accurately discriminate between subtleties. It’s not just to INFJs they do this, but for EVERYBODY, ENFPs are at their worst when they recount every little bit of info/past event that had “offended” them in the most subjective and exaggerated way possible. And they think this was what had really happened. But of course, this is an example of ENFPs at their worst. I agree with Blake, sorry, but some of them are really truly insufferable when bypassing the aux.

Yeah, maybe it’s just me, but ENFPs are very far from empathic. And when they are being extremely expressive, it’s so histrionic and stale that everybody judges them a little inside. Sorry that was a bit snide and mean, it’s partially coming out from a recent ENFP I’ve encountered that grates the hell out of me.

ENFPs can try to practice a bit of empathy from their aux, but the aux can work like a switch, so they can be terribly un-sympathetic as well, especially with very complex emotional fuck-ups that ENFPs may have personally never experienced themselves.

In the end, I never truly get the feeling that ENFPs actually feel empathy for others suffering…or at least it is very shallow. It stems from their insistent knowledge of Fe-rules, moreso than real understanding from inside. Also, ask ENFPs if they remember your troubles - they don’t. Not unless they are really close to you and have heard them repeatedly enough to remember in the end.

I really think Fi aux in the context of Ne-dominance gives off a very different flavour from Fe aux in the context of Ni-dominance. Ni penetrance, Fi understanding of heaven and hell, and Fe expressiveness of such understanding = best combo for empathy in the way others would wish to be empathized.

By the way, I like ENFPs, but I am grossly exaggerating their depiction here to make a point. ENFPs are one of the worst types out there to truly understand MBTI types, but there are probably a few exceptions. But how they interpret MBTI will be a very different flavour from Blake’s, which often refers to literary and cultural archetypes and captures subtleties in various different contexts (AKA not ENFP!)


Okay. Here’s one more hint for you sweet and lovely INFPs in here, tormented by us trickster souls.

Think about ENFJs for a moment. Fe dom. Savvy of social mores and obligations; what’s proper and respectful, polite; what is not. How to treat people. How not to.

Think about Erika’s post. ‘Guess what Blake told me, guys!’

Do you really think Erika is the type of person who would blurt out on a public forum something Blake would have told her in private conversation? Especially something he’s made clear he will not disclose himself?

If he told her his type. In one-on-one conversation.

Do you think Erika would REALLY tell us?