Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!



No way! A discussion is always good :slight_smile: And I think often your hunches can be quite correct according to all the other stuff you posted on the forum.

And I agree with Wendy again, something I forgot to mention. I would never think Erika would dare betray one of Blake’s most important policies…to reveal his MBTI type. If she told the truth, her post would have been censored/deleted anyways.



I am hurt!! It’s Nicholas Cage as a bunny!!! :yum: And I only plague on my lunch break, so there’s that.

B is both fruity and fibrous. Apples and oranges are very alike. [quote=“Wendy, post:80, topic:378”]
Do you think Erika would REALLY tell us?

If epiphanies had music, I could hear this one.


ugh. guess joke’s on us.
what a waste of time.

yeah. well if enfps can’t feel to that "degree"
Blake can. so yeah


@lunar I don’t think he actually cares if people know. He has said himself he knows his type is very obvious if you read closely enough.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to be the one to reveal it.

I mean, if I’m wrong in my guess of what type he is, I’m wrong. I’m just one person jangling my two cents around. We can debate it all day long but its never going to be conclusively set in stone (as far as something like MBTI can be) until Blake himself confirms it.

Which he likely won’t. So at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if we think we know what type he is.

But it’s sure fun to discuss!

And, @schlopadoo, I am LOVING your take on ENFPs. Wanna respond more but am about to get to the office (I’ve been hopping on here in transit between meetings today). :slight_smile:


my enfp brother can be so empathic. he just will kind of need to run away from it. if someone is in a bad mood around him he immediately senses it and kind of wants to run from it. but as for good listening…he usually doesn’t listen very well.

as for Blake’s type. i’m just gonna leave it open. there is a non-mbti experience of people and ill just experience him that way.

i didn’t really enjoy that joke @Ankh :unamused:


i hope everyone happy they made infp cry today! i shoudl send all of you to forum jail! >:0/ [WAGS FINGER!!!]


only nearly. but so close!! :sob:


Awww. Can’t just blame Erika, though; it’s my fault too. :sweat_smile:

Hope you feel better soon.


all i need is to actually go cry. take a break too. what the hell.


Lunar, chin up! I am not sorry for considering the possibility, knowing it could be a joke, but feeling still that I am seeing Ne in a very big way. You said your brother has this time challenge thing, and it feels accurate that someone that could do that, would have that time understanding and temptation to challenge. I am not at all sorry for laying my thoughts out for you, because it was for you. And for me, to try.
Raven or Crow, if he were a bird. I have more than once said ENFP’s are birds.


Yes, that “squeezing in a risk so seamlessly” such as entering someone else’s home is something my brother would do. It’s also very much like my enfp brother to also be sharing that with the world, while talking about something else.

I don’t actually know why I can even cry over something so dumb. When anything can look like anything, I no longer want anything to do with it. Because I’ll be the one who sees oranges. Just a waste of my time. “how do you like them oranges”


Sweet baby @lunar, why o why must one get upset over this? I wish you the best in everything, no offense, but this was quite fun for me! And my purpose was a success. It doesn’t matter what type someone is. Who cares? Any of us can be argued into one type or another, 'twas said above somewhere. It was still fun to go through the exercise, yes? And like you said several times, you still like Blake. I’m just glad you guys still like me even though (especially because) I have herpes :flushed:

And hey! Who says he’s not??? (Plot thickens…)

The emergence of types. Why 16 for MBTI? Why anything?

Just, don’t ANYBODY drop their bar soap around me…MUAHAHAHA


The enticing and funny thing about jokes is so often the truthiness of them.

Edited, sorries.
Accidentally edited the part that said I don’t like practical jokes. That stays.


Don’t be so upset @lunar

It wasn’t for nothing! An alternate perspective is that it was a helpful exercise in typing. I learned a ton about typing and functions from your posts in this thread.

It’s great that you have the ability to get so invested and passionate about things.


I’m okay guys. I don’t feel humiliated I don’t have enough pride for that. It’s the feeling of an apple is an orange and wasting time. It felt like a waste. I’m fine.


The cheekiness of it all!! :smiley_cat:


I think Erika likes hating on Ti inferior and for Blake it’s an unhealthy attraction, so basically we have a defensive maneuver by Erika which simultaneously sacrifices Ti to the gods of Ni who do, in fact, rule here (astrology over mbti), puts the best typologists here off the scent, and does what everyone (I guess) likes to do, results in much shit talking of Enfps. Lol.

If I could take 20% of the Entp love in blakes heart and mail it to Enfps, maybe we’d be closer to reality. But I won’t do that because ENFPs are self righteous slippery fucks and I don’t touch physical mail.


@lunar, if I truly hurt your feelings, I apologize for that. That was not at all my intention. It was my intention to prove a point that with or without the label of a type, we are still our unique selves.

And to address “cheekiness” and “Erika’s type”, we are all strangers here who think we have a clear picture of one another when in reality, we don’t. That is why I disturbed lunar’s disposition and that is why some think I was being catty. It’s also why I feel the need to include emojis into my dialect so as not to hurt feelings. I can only do so much with my fingers and computer.

Your research and mental strain was not a misadventure. And who am I to say what type Blake is or is not? I have no clue, nor do I care. So he’s an ENFP and he’s not. My word doesn’t matter. Only his does. And as long as he doesn’t share, he is all types and no types.

So carry on all wit yo bad selves. I was genuinely trying to lighten the mood.


I assure you my feelings aren’t hurt. At all. Don’t have to worry. Impersonal things can’t hurt my feelings. It would need to be personal.
And I agree that we are all strangers here. That’s pretty clear.
Nobody here owes anybody anything beyond basic decency and can just come and go.
Online style.
Even Blake, even if you consult with him, that’s not friendship.
These are just not the real thing.