Discuss the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in newspaper clippings that is Blake!


@Ankh I realize that my use of the word cheeky may have been misconstrued to mean catty (the cat emoji doesn’t help either!!). I meant irreverent, in an amusing way, as per google’s definition of cheeky (English is not my native language!!).


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apples and orangutans,
except for Blake, who is obviously
fondant on the cusp
of Aldebaran




Me. Probably. Alternating between introverted seriousness with Fi-Id “To be or not to fuckin be” “fuck this world and all its fucked-up suffering” brooding and childish outbursts of exploratory random silliness while playing Devil’s advocate, wanting to push the envelope and see the limits of my curiosity uninhibited yet dreading my impact on others. All the while yearning for transcendence. :woman_shrugging:t2: