Do You Believe In Fate? [not for sensitive minds or stomachs]

Is the universe deterministic?

Are our choices pre-framed for us by the conditions in which these choices emerge?

Is the essence of our freedom that - to choose from options presented to us by processes separate from our own designs?

Can we supersede causality? Can we cause miracles?

May we fight fate? Or does this merely reinforce the predetermined outcome?

Is the fight, fated?

And, did you just make a thought, or are you only aware of thoughts arising? Perhaps, both?

How can you know? Does it require thought?

What are words for, anyway. What are these eyeballs, for. Let’s eat.

I mean, sleep.

Go to sleep.


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sometimes do believe yes:)

sometimes it’s not clear how much choice I really have.

i seem to do best “going along” with simple LIMITS. lol.

so it’s like a giving in, but to what? to what appears to be restrictions not of my choosing.

it’s like it’s fate to become more balanced…that balance seems to be determined by fated parameters.

Wow, love the new user icon @lunar! Those fiery colours are not at all like your usual moon-themed images; it looks like a forest fire?

What happens when we push ourselves to the limits?
What happens when we push past the limit?

Why is it that we can do such a thing, to reach for our limits, to reach them…and push past?

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Thanks @lunar , for understanding. I like how what you wrote inspired me to write more. I learned! I pushed past my limits :slight_smile:

Well anyway. I’m done with this thread.

Pffff!!! I just laugh-sprayed my iced coffee all over my keyboard when I saw your “edits”!

And for what it’s worth, I’m usually the nerd sitting up straight and asking lots of questions. Can’t vouch for my “hottie” qualifications though…


And it wasn’t my intention to nitpick your words, so I’m truly sorry for giving that impression!

That’s what I get for posting while I’m still at work and wearing my nerdy scientist white lab coat…

I thought as much! Sorry, can’t oblige with that - guess there is such a thing as deterministic fate after all…

I don’t believe you, INFJ.


Yep. Run from fate, as is your fate.

Run run run.

Straight into the depths of hell.


You will, though. Give it time. :slight_smile:

I already am…

And yet you keep writing,
Keep coming back to look,
Why not empower yourself,
And bugger off?

I know you know better than to be a fool,
You’re not a fool, I’m not confused,
Your bullshit sucks, we are not friends,
It’s obvious.
Get lost.


That’s all from me on this topic.