Do you believe in past life regression?


I’ve been having really queer dreams and when I was searching up interpretations, I came across Past Life Regression…the belief that you can be hypnotized to discover your past lives. Do you believe this?? Do you believe in past lives, and do you believe we can glimpse them whether through hypnosis or dreams or otherwise??





YES. I do believe in it - or I have a heightened curiosity about it. Dreams…yes…

I would love to be hypnotized. Someone do it to me. :watch::hourglass_flowing_sand::eyes:


I think we are here many times, and I do think a regression would be interesting, if it were possible.
I don’t know if it is.
I once had a regression to childhood along with a friend [the ESTP] He went back to a really bad childhood illness and was shaking and sweating.
I went back to being very small and was angry, but I am empathic, so I don’t know if I was angry, or if I was feeling my mother’s anger. I felt it bodily also and my arms hurt. Rage seems to concentrate in my forearms. When I am doing well, they are soft, but when I am frustrated and angry they are tense, hard. My husband can feel the difference. So maybe it was me?
It was not very directed in either of our cases I think, and we both returned to stress. I was very young, 19. I think it would be better if the hypnotist helped you be more specific and was well practiced. Cause if past life is possible, that could be intense.


I don’t believe in past life because it doesn’t really make sense.

what about DNA? that came from my parents.
I’m the product of them.

maybe my past life was a sperm?

and I won first place so I’m a human now.



One of my teachers knew how to perform the past life regression therapy thingy… A friend of mine requested a session… Got as far as his own birth… It got really uncomfortable for him because he was a premature child… He felt like he was suffocating to death… So he had to stop the session half way through…

I don’t know whether its real or its more like the therapist hypnotises you and reels out the symbols from your subconscious mind which were created in this life… But i kinda believe in rebirth and karmic cycles… so i cant rule it out… would like to undergo a session myself…

And i’ve had weird dreams about my mom… i mean, she’s had the exact same dream as i have many times… and its a pretty traumatic dream… so maybe we had something to do with each other in a past life? i dunno… i’m very non-committal about this stuff… anything goes… i’m open to everything… :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I can get hypnotized but I can never be.

maybe it’s because I Se so hard I can’t fall out of my body.

but I hypnotized other people successfully and it seems pretty easy.

it seems to work best on intuitive types. especially NFs




I watched a few hypnotism videos and I thought ‘oh that’s all they have to do? I can do that!’

it’s kind of like how my Se picks up subtle nuances.
just like how I can watch someone dance and do the same movement right away.

i did the same with hypnotism.

so i tried it on my brothers first and it worked like magic.
it was crazy because I made them so things they couldn’t do at all. mind over matter.
made one do twenty push-ups when he couldn’t even do one.
made one lock his arm in the air so I was tickling him and he couldn’t put his arm down.
made them forget certain words and numbers so they were counting weird and couldn’t say certain words.
they hate getting hypnotized because I always mess with them.

idk if this is past life regression but I hypnotized one guy who was scared of clowns. made him go back in time when he first felt that way. he was 5, watching a scary movie.
and then I altered his memory of how clowns are perceived.
made them funny, friendly, and sad inside so he should feel compassionate.

anyways it worked.

I tried hypnotizing my wife but she keeps laughing! argggghhh

I really think it doesn’t work on SP types.

i wish to get hypnotized but it doesn’t seem to work on me at all. just can’t get out of my body



I mean, why not? I believe in past lives and the existence of the akashic records, so why not? It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to me to imagine that we can gain access to some memories of out past lives.

I once tried to see a past life by watching this video. I think I did, but I have a strong imagination anyways, so it sometimes is hard to draw the line in the sand between real and imaginary (it’s not like past lives aren’t considered imaginary by most people anyway :smile:).

It took me like three or four times of watching this video until I was able to keep my mind active enough to not fall asleep with my body (which is a whole other kind of thing that is slightly challenging to do).

What I saw was pretty quaint. House, kids playing, little sister (which I think I was using the Anna girl from Frozen to represent… but hey, maybe that’s a coincidence).

I felt like I was in Berlin, Germany and that I was alive when my grandpa was (eh, maybe not).

But, the other thing is that I also had literally read about Berlin in reference to WWII like a week ago. So, who’s to say that my imagination wasn’t just having a strong fantasy about living in Berlin due to the history lesson I was taking from a class :grin:?

So yeah, I certainly do think there is something to past lives and past live regression in general. Like, in that (session?) I definitely was able to look at the guy that was me and know for certain that he WAS me (which is weird, but also interesting).

So yeah, even though past lives are cool, I think glimpses into the future are a bit more attention grabbing :smiley:.


Haha this sounds cool AF… I would like to be hypnotized… but I dunno what memory I would like to alter…

I guess the person at the receiving end has to be willing to participate…

I spoke to a regression therapist (is that what they’re called?) about the authenticity of the therapy… and I got a vague answer… he kinda said that it’s important to keep the “aim” in mind and not think about the authenticity… the aim is to help improve the mental state of the patient… sounded like it isn’t the real deal… and I was kinda disappointed… I mean how can the person who practices not believe in the possibility himself?! Weird…

But I’m willing to be a guinea pig :pig2:


would you like to be my guinea pig one day?
if you want to, it’s very possible to hypnotize you.

you don’t have to alter memories.
you can even get rid of fears.

this is how hypnotism basically work.

first, I have to make sure you’re very relaxed.
then, I have to sound very convincing yet calm to slowly enter your mind.
I will tell you to do things like relax, breathe, take deep breaths and I’ll describe each body part falling asleep.
then I’ll do test runs like holding your arm up in the air and tell you that it’s being tied to the ceiling so you can’t put it back down. there are other small examples to test if you’re truly hypnotized or not.
after that, I can basically do anything to your brain.

getting rid of fears, forgetting certain memories, altering memories, and even physical things.

you can even have your eyes opened and still be hypnotized.

that sounds like hypnotism, not past life regression.

i don’t believe in past life regression.

because hypnotist did a test on twenty subjects and before they put them to the test, they subliminally told them exactly who they were before.
and all participants thought they were this specific person in their past life.
and when they were awake, they strongly believed they were that person.

it’s psychology. Ain’t no past life regression.

sometimes the ‘past life’ can represent something else about your psychological state.

hypnotism is basically the same thing as manipulation, or, being an inspirational speaker.

mentalists use similar tactics to read+control your thoughts.

there’s a way to physically tell if someone is receptive to hypnotism or not… and… That’s my secret :slight_smile:


i definitely believe in regression to a complete lizard state…in your darkest hour, you’re a lizard

i believe in past lives. if you tap into a purpose, i believe its informed by past lives. if you tap into no purpose it could be you fulfilled something in a past life and maybe spiritual death is next or spiritual gestation is now and fruition is in future lives


Hmm… But this would again depend on the person no? Some people are more likely to believe… And some aren’t… For example… I cant imagine someone like my dad ever believing something someone planted in their head… So the true test would be to make it work on a person who isn’t receptive…

Do you not believe in past lives in general?

I agree!


I wanna believe it because I love the concept of reincarnation.

Astrologically, the South Node usually points to some “lesson” or temperament you carry with you from your past life into the present one. Often as a source of comfort/familiarity.

I don’t know if all psychologists or hypnotists can really uncover the “real deal” in everyone–because what if someone is a “new soul” or whatever? But I do like thinking about the possibility.
@supernokturnal WHAT’S THE SECRET!! lol


basically no. but I’m opened to the idea if I’m convinced otherwise.

I might try looking for professional hypnotist first and see if I can be successfully be hypnotized.

i just can’t see myself having a past life. at all.

you mean to tell me those sperms that once I was a part of came from past life energy? or the egg of mother?

or did my past life energy enter into the embryo?

i understand that the first breath you take after you’re born in what your astrology sign is.
but wasn’t I already formed with specific character and DNA before I took that first breath?

what are some proofs and evidences of one’s past life?


To everyone–thanks so much for your input!!

I share a lot of the concerns @supernokturnal brought up in his post when I actually think about past lives more analytically but sometimes I just like to believe for a few minutes and see where it takes me…:octopus: