Do you know an ESTP? What are they like?


I think I did. This is my friend and my example. If anyone else has one, please share so that we may better know these special nuts.
@supernokturnal, much of what you’ve told about yourself does in fact remind me of him. I always fret that I could have said it better, but that would take forever.

I’ve been thinking on this too much to where it gets like trying to hold an octopus. Unwieldy and intimidating to try.
He turned 39 within months of my meeting him. I think he was a Capricorn. Very edge of, toward Aquarius. That will mean more to you than me at this point in my understanding.
I was 18, in my first semester at college. I was not a virgin, but by like two times only the previous spring. I met him in an art class, ceramics. He was also taking flying courses. His vehicle was a motorcycle. He worked at the prison, as a teacher. He was a German teacher from Germany. He spoke English well but asked for words on occasion. Charming as fuck. He travelled whenever he got the chance. Last I heard, he was in Australia. Gods knows where all he’s been [or who with].

When he was in Arizona, he liked to go out and look for rattlesnakes, so he could mess with them, like with a stick, not hurt, but test. I explained that was a very bad idea and discouraged him strongly, along with pointing out to him why in pictures. He had mules on the property he took care of, not sure he paid anything for rent beyond care taking the property and animals. He knew how to live cheap. He could be very cheap, embarrassingly so, but generous in other ways, ways where he got what he wanted too. Anyhow, I think he also tried to ride these huge mules. I was not about to try. They were more or less wild.

He was tall and strong, fair. Like Adonis. Muscled without even trying, or so it seemed to me, because he could sit around and play GO, which we did a lot of. I don’t remember him dropping to the ground for pushups or anything, but he did have wrestling/fighting competitions with boys when he was young. Tons of energy for domination/proving himself as a kid. I think much of that had worn off by the time I knew him. I think there was no more need to prove it, and certainly not to me. Not much anyway. He did mention his prowess in bed, but I had nothing to compare it too really, my previous experience being so brief. He counted the women he’d been with in his head one day. I was I damn near 100.

I can’t explain why he pursued me. Why he stuck around when I told him it had to be exclusive [he broke that promise and I let it go, more than once. I understood by then that what I had asked was impossible to him]. He liked a girl at the college, showed her to me. Not good for my self esteem. That was some time after we’d been together though. She wasn’t interested, or he would have traded up, or at least tasted her. She was very pretty, hispanic.

He flew a hang glider. Explained riding the currents, like a bird. I drove for him when we were in Italy. He bought me paragliding lessons in Austria. Just on the side of a very steep mountain to try it out, for two days. Had to climb up then run down the mountain, Second day I flew a bit, but I had also forgotten to strap myself in well. Damned Se in 4th. Luckily it was a short ride.
He took me up Mt. Shasta. I didn’t make it to the top, stayed at base camp and waited for him. We had gone wrong way day before and I was too scared and exhausted by the time we got to camp. We took a trip in my bus with his German friends, camping. We played more GO. He was pissed at me for shrinking a sweater. I was a poor kid, what the hell did I know about expensive laundry?

We got along well most of the time, except those things I mentioned in a previous post. He introduced me to acid and mushrooms. He was openminded and loved talking to people. He’d been humbled though as well, had a huge scar down his back, that is all I will say about that.
We spent much of our time naked on the bed. He had me read Siddhartha. He played the flute, tried to teach me. It was not to be, though I love music. He was genuinely interested in the mind. He read Der Spiegel and I argued with him that breastmilk is not the same as formula. He’d read it was just as good and was interested that I did not back down regardless of anything said in the article to the contrary, that I knew better. I also said ‘I don’t know’ all the time, which further confounded him. He thought my schooling was lacking. It was me though.

He wore glasses and panicked one night when we had to hike back in the dark and I was surprised, but he really couldn’t even find his glasses without his glasses. He was terrified of getting sick. Had bottles of medicine in his backpack just in case, like they took up a lot of space. He’d been very sick as a child a time or two.

He wrote to me, back and forth from Germany and invited me to summer in Europe with him. He left me in Italy as an Au Pair at the end of it. We were FWB that trip. He was a good friend and I love him to this day, though we’ve lost contact. My fault I think. He was a smart and worldly man, very capable, a little immature, but very interesting.

I think I’d better just post this for you now…


My assistant is a female estp. In short, she is a go getter and is always motivating me and keeping my spirit up when I’m stressed at work. She’s gotten a feel for the fact that I plan ahead way too much and pulls me back into the present moment to enjoy the accomplishments. I call her my brain because of her Ti strength over mine. I very much appreciate the mature estp’s.


damn. this man is romantic!

now THAT’S my style of romance!

he definitely loved you . but not the ‘deep’ kind of love.

it’s like an ESTP love.

they can love you so much in the moment. and then say goodbye the next day with a smile.

since he’s older and mature, i’m sure that’s how it went.

he’s a true Casanova!


If he came to Australia and likes to play with snakes, you’d want to hope he’s got good SE
I think there are lot’s of ESTP here, probably disproportionate to most places
Which is ironic because with Australia’s linguistically inbuilt MBTI system, the word (seppo) that best describes
an ESTP is a word we use for Americans.
Yet there are less ESTP in America

The one I know best has been described, by the person holding the card game I’m about to attend, as Midas touch with one hand, death with the other.
They are terrible card players. They may win one or two hands, boast to everyone about how they much of a sucker everyone is, and never mention it again after they consistently get beaten.

Bye, I’m of to play cards now


hahahaha interesting fact about Australian word! thank you!

yes. beat him and crush him and make him humble!


Yeah, I’ve wondered more than once if he is still alive. Of course I also wonder if he might have messed with a crocodile too.