Do you like anal? And other kinks!


Some chicks like it.

Some dudes like it.

You don’t have to be a certain sexual orientation to like it.

I don’t like it.

But I want to like it.

Do you like it?


I think you definitely need to be prepped for it to enjoy it.
Like lube, fully aroused, continual stimulation to be relaxed and to almost Pavlovian associate it with pleasure.

And even then, it’s like… messy… if good diet and hygiene aren’t involved. I see porn prep scenes and they have gone through waxing and enemas and all that just to be ready and spic and span for shoots, but sometimes I end up witnessing blood or prolapsing happening on screen anyway, and it just squicks me out.

I am kinda meh about it like I am with most sex stuff. It’s good when it’s good, but it’s so much “work” and cleanup and ultimately forgettable like most of life’s physical experiences for me (and I just wanna be playing on computer!!).

Why do you want to like it though? I mean, if you don’t then you don’t. lol Do you just want to learn to like everything?


I don’t and I totally wish I did since my husband likes it but like I can’t stand it. To me it feels like being injured.


That sucks… to have a mismatch in what you desire!
Have you tried all the strategies floating around to how to relax you more etc?
Though you kind of have to think… and this is totally unsexy but correct (lol)… if you’ve ever had a comfortable shit the size of your husband’s penis if this is ever going to work. Haha!

When it’s the vagina, it’s like “well, a baby theoretically can come through here”, so the size matter is not a huge problem. But with anal having a much smaller average experience and not being self-lubricating, it’s really not as easy for the majority of people to enjoy.


I am no porn goddess. I just read many a thing on the grand ol’ internets. Like articles about porn. Hahaha!

Were you already cleaned out at the time so you weren’t afraid of literally shitting the bed? Are you using vibrator on yourself at the same time? I think that makes it a lot more bearable, and like I said, links the anal stimulation with the no-brainer pleasurable clitoral one hahha! And yeah, I figure if you don’t have perfectly lined up intestines, it’s not going to go that well if it’s fast and going in reverse.

I think pegging might take too much effort on my part. I think… INFP are generally game for everything at least once so that’s good … but again, I am lazy and already am a bit averse to weird fluids and smells! Do I have energy to foreplay a guy to relax on top of that? Not really!


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I make it a new topic just for you! :smiley:

I think assplay stuff is gaining a lot of traction and social acceptance these days for all sexes, which is good.
I personally worry about future incontinence because some people, especially in the industry, go to such extremes (leading to fistulas and leaky butts requiring surgery etc.), but I think the general more openness and experimentation with the butt probably takes some heat off the vagina in a way too lol.


Only an INTJ can talk about anal and be concerned about future incontinence :smiley:

I like anal, both giving an receiving. There are these enemas (that’s not the word I’m looking for I think, I mean a ‘lavativa’ in Spanish) that you can use many times and leave you clean, I would buy one of those if I had a more active sexual life, but finding people is boring and annoying haha. Lucky I’m bi, hooking up with men is easy as fuck -uh?-.

About the other thing you wrote (I’m assuming you dont want to talk about it anymore?) thats a great fantasy of mine. But I’m too shy to ask. But it has everything. And of course I want to give AND receive because you need both sides of the equation, always

I should find myself an ENFJ girlfriend. Where do you guys hang out?


What other thing? The fucking a guy with a strap-on from behind and stroking his dick in the process? Wow, it would make me so wet if I could do that to a guy - and get him off. Probably would make them suck the dildo after too. I’m just that kind of chick. I mean, if I’m in that role, gotta play it true.

Or were you talking about the golden shower?
I remember when this guy asked me. I didn’t even think about it. I said yes right away. I think there has to be a trust there, but yeah, I’m the “piss on my face” kind of girl.

We can be very emotionally unstable. - I don’t think INFJs have the patience for ENFJs. At least not long-term.
If one were to say, land here in a MAZE forum, one might want to rebel and be put in Purgatory by an INTJ. But INTJs are more clever than that.

For real? Hm. Blake says we like to hang out on stage. Whatever that stage is…I don’t know. But anywhere where we have some sort of power and or attention; mostly attention.

Yeah, we’re pretty cool in the sack. I’m not judgemental at all (when it comes to sex). As long as you praise and thank an ENFJ chick, I’m sure she’d be willing to do almost anything in the sack. And I don’t know if this is true for all ENFJs, but me especially…I have very few specific fantasies - except maybe some rape themed things. My fantasy is yours. Honestly. I love learning about people’s dirty fantasies and playing in to them.


I meant the golden shower. You see? You didn’t even think about it! If I were to ask someone to do that I would be pondering on it days: how would she react, how would I react, if she laughs, will she tell her friends so I can’t do it with any of them anymore, will I remember not to eat asparagus before so it doesn’t have that filthy smell? I need someone to tell me that I think too much.

And who wants long-term. I don’t think there is a correlation between deepness of love and length. An hour with the right person is an eternity compared to years with a fool.

My fantasy is yours. I will use that sentence both in a poem and in a club.


Nope! I don’t think too much. Especially with sex. Okay, so - he drank a lot of water and peed a lot before he peed on me. So by the time he peed on me it was pretty much just warm water. I think that was very considerate of him. Yep all over. Face, mouth, hair, naked body. Just all over. Haha. I think he had fun. I had fun too. Pee is sterile too. If there is any bacteria in your pee, you have an infection. So I think it’s funny when people freak out about pee. It’s clean! :yum:

Okay, about the thinking too much thing. I’ve told an INFJ that once. I don’t think it helped him, so be careful what you wish for.

This whole thing is lovely.

Haha! I needed this today! Thank you @Puck!


speaking of Fantasies.
i love them.

but since i don’t daydream, i like to make it happen.

these are all pretty messed up in someone’s perspectives. but.

my favorite achievements.
oh. the thrills…!!!

  • doing stuff with a younger sister while the older sister is sleeping right next to her. (not my sisters) watching her trying to hold her moan!! yes!!
  • doing stuff with my best friend’s ex. right after she breaks up with him and he’s crying over her. the guilty pleasure!
  • doing stuff with my boss, and her beautiful daughter. but they don’t know. and having a dinner with both of them at the same time. YES. the tension!!
  • doing stuff with long-term close friend. thought i’d never even lay my hands on her. the spark… electric!! the aftermath is even better
  • doing stuff with my childhood fantasy. the women i thought i couldn’t have when i was 10. and watching her children sleeping in their room afterwards! her husband being my teacher XD
  • doing stuff with my friend’s girlfriend. watching these girls being unloyal. it’s too exciting.
  • doing stuff with one of the close buddies in the group. telling her ‘i don’t love you, but i want to please you’, and her accepting it with no offense. even became closer friends the next day. fucking rad.
  • doing stuff my group leader from church. watching her being confused because it’s wrong but it feels too good.

when i used to masturbate, i would just go through my memories and it would get me off.
no need to watch fake porn with fake stories.

fuck it. nobody knows my name or face so i’m gonna exploit myself all over here!


and i don’t like anal.
most girls don’t even feel comfortable with it.
it’s unnecessary. it takes too long to prep.
i hate condoms. and i love the warmth and the wetness of a pussy too much.
and shit stinks. my precious is not going into shithole.

and golden shower. it must be some perverted degrading type of sex.

i am promiscuous, but i can’t be perverted.

i like sexy, not weirdos.

i almost feel bad writing all my guilty pleasures. but oh well. that was me before i was ‘mature’.

i want to cum, not pee.

when it comes to sexual ‘fantasy’ i like different scenario.

but. that’s just me.


Um…please and thank you!!! I want to exploit myself all over your face! Haha.

Okay - these are good. I’ll share mine. I think a lot of these are old. Usually when I fantasize it’s about a specific person. But when I was younger it was all over the place.

-I used to fantasize about doing my neighbor on his motorcycle in his garage. - he was married
-I used to fantasize about staying after class because my grades were poor. Teacher wanted to private tutor me. mhm.
-Currently there is a guy at the grocery store. And we seem to have this unusual tension. I sometimes fantasize about him.
-I sometimes fantasize about a gang bang. Like 20 guys at least. And then all cum on me. It’s like a serious mess. But…ENFJ center of attention thing.
-Then I fantasize about 2 guys.
-I fantasize about men just coming up to me and talk to me!!! Haha! That’s never happened.
-Speaking of church, I’ve fantasized about bringing out the bad side of the church pastor. He is married with children. Haha.
-Okay your buddies thing sounds super sweet. Love fucks things up anyways! This is the literal term of fuck buddies. Haha.
-Oh, lots of rape fantasies. Like, tie me up, wear a ski mask, gag me with something - maybe my panties? And don’t say anything. Just take.
-I have a fantasy about knives. Not cutting of skin, just running the blade against my skin. The fear. And then cutting my clothes off with the knife.

Okay so I lied earlier. I guess I have lots of fantasies.



Okay, not like I’m trying to make you change your mind, but sex is very psychological too. I know you know this.

Things like anal and peeing on someone is degrading. It’s “humiliation”. “Domination”. It’s just a different thing. It’s not cookie-cutter sex. It’s deeply psychological.

I was talking about anal to a guy once and he didn’t seem that into it. But he loved dominating.

I said, think of this:

You almost want to smell a little something or see a little something. Because then you can say, “you’re a dirty girl.” What does this does do psychologically to her? It makes her feel “less”. Unworthy. Like a dirty slut. This makes her submissive. It literally forces her into a submissive mindset.

So, some things can be a liitle deeper than just “sexy-sex”. And they can just be like - well, I’ve never done it, so I wanna try it!

I am game for whatever EXCEPT feces and vomit stuff.


psychological?! YES

that’s why i DID those things. because i would sex with my friend’s girlfriend and think
’ohhh man this girl is such a cheater! and he has no idea i’m fucking his girl!'
and i’ll tell her "you know i’m your boyfriend’s bestfriend right?"
and she makes this ‘omg, you’re right, i’m so terrible’ face and i just continue to just pleasure her and she doesn’t even know what to do hahahaah

but anal and all that golden shower is not so much for me.
i mean i get the point. but i love crooked situations.

seducing women in authorities and the ones that are ‘forbidden’ is wayyy more fun.

one time when i was younger, i had sex with with one of my customer when i was deliverying pizza.

she was so hot. she had a figure of a barbie. smile of a goddess. but then she started to talk about marriage after a few days, so i had to let her go.
i was too young for that type of commitment, and she was a lot older than me.

after my boss confessed her feelings while she was drunk, i quit the next day.
and i think she knew i was going to quit. she gave me my paycheck and said “good bye” with a bitter smile.

THAT type of psychological stuff is more exciting.

this one was exciting in a strange way. because she ended up telling me she liked me.
and i told her "i don’t like you like that, but at least we had fun :smiley:"
and we stayed as a friend.
oh . and she’s an INFJ XD
this is why i think INFJ only cares about intentions.
because i clearly told her from the beginning exactly what my intention was, she was very open to it.
her body was amazing. she had the cleanest smell. like almost sweet scent.

ah… the old days.
i have no regrets.


Yummmm - I’m sure she tasted good.

I had these “life fantasies” when I was younger - I wanted to be some sort of model (Playboy) traveling the country and hooking up with random people. I never dreamed of marriage and kids. I always dreamed of this. Like slipping someone my hotel room number, “411 - 10 minutes.”


wow… idk if you’re just a super horny girl trapped in a ‘good girl’s’ body or what

why didn’t you explore?

are you one of those good girl who only talks dirty with no action?

you have all these sexual fantasies, yet you want a soul-mate.

very contradicting .

are you a good seducer?

there is a show, where they hire a good seducer, to see if one’s partner or mate cheats or not.

and the recent youtube series. “to catch a cheater” it’s such a wonderful show. i love it! hahaha


I’m a good girl trapped in a bad girl’s body.



I think so. I dunno. I think I’m a good tease.


okay that’s more accurate.

so if your ‘fantasy’ came up to you and , perhaps asked for your number, would you give it to him?
or, lets say he asked you out on a date. like a casual date.
would you take it far as ‘netflix and chill’?