Does my astrology sign determine my Myers-Briggs temperament?


Could your sun sign cloud or mis-direct your perception of yourself and by extension an mbti self-assessment? E.g. Would a Pisces INFJ feel more INFP like? Or INFP with certain chart feel like an INFJ? Or would your mbti type itself be the culprit of bad self-perception?

Yesterday my husband asked my why I was always “reading about” myself instead of just being myself. But it’s the human psyche I’m interested in and yes mine is the most readily available to scrutinise.

I find it very difficult to “see” myself though. Me me me… I guess yes sometimes the more I focus in the fuzzier things get. I wondered if this blindness and sense of unsettled was to do with having the push and pull of Pisces (sun), searching Gemini (ascendant) and balance seeking libra (moon). Or whether they just exacerbate INFP tendencies.

I’m completely oversimplifying in a desperate bid to get some answers - you’d have to consider the chart as a whole to get accurate picture - but any thoughts appreciated.

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To answer simply, yes, it could. To continue my analogy above, your sun sign could cloud or misdirect your perception of yourself (and other’s perceptions of you) in much the same way a baggy sweatshirt could hide what a fine ass pair of tits you have :grinning:

Or, if you’re a guy, your pecs. And all that lovely definition in the upper body area.

Or conversely, you have on skin-tight leotard suit and your body is made of mashed shit. Those don’t go together either.

Or sometimes you’re Sun sign will make you look like more of a flower child than you really are.

Actually, it’s really the rising sign that is how you appear and the sun sign is who you really are. Just looking at it astrologically.

I’d say you’re Myers-Briggs type is who you really are and your astrology is like one big ascending sign -an emendation of who you are.

You’re astrology is an earth measurement too. All birth charts are measuring stuff that was happening AT THE MOMENT of your birth.

Your Myers-Briggs type is inborn, so not formed at birth, but before.

Look, I wouldn’t get all tangled up like that. Just know that, according to me, the birth chart is like an overlay on something more essential, your self, which is more closely and truly indicated by one of the 16 types.

Exactly. That’s more to the point. You won’t know this shit that way. Go out and do something else.

That’s a different story. It may be that you are most interested in your own psyche, but just stop trying to figure yourself out so assiduously. You need to experience your self. Balance. Astrology and Myers-Briggs can only give you so much and when you find yourself asking silly questions like the three above, you know it’s time to do something else.

It’s basically like I said in the above quote. Your astrology does not determine your type in the same way that a baggy sweatshirt doesn’t determine the fine pair of tits you’re covering up with it. However, it may determine the tendency to cover them up. But, it doesn’t determine your basic build. Your body. Clothes don’t determine the body they are clothing.

So, the basic question you’re asking is does your astrology determine your Myers-Briggs type?

No, it doesn’t. It emends it, like clothing does to a body. In what ways? In many different multifarious ways that you should determine on your own. But, not before you resolve never to ask who you are again.

Because if you ask the question too much and keep wanting to know more and more and more, you’ll only be missing the point, which is to experience the self. Yeah, and like your husband said, to be yourself. Whatever that is.

Whatever it is don’t matter past a certain point. At least, not in the way you’re attempting to figure it out.

Chances are, you know sufficiently who you are and you just need to balance it with being or acting on who you are. That’s the point. To know past a certain point is maddening and diminishing in returns.

So, I can’t answer those questions. Because I don’t even really know what it means to say that if you’re a Pisces, does that mean you are a more INFPish INFJ.

Yeah, sure, why not? But, now what? What does that tell you? What does that mean?

At the abstract theoretical level, I could tell you that I think the sign of Pisces can either represent introverted or extraverted feeling per my way of assigning zodiac signs to cognitive functions. So, depending on whether your Pisces Sun was in first or second half of Pisces I could tell you one of the other, introverted or extraverted feeling. Which you could then have a field day with.

But, it won’t help. You can just know that. But, so what?

Pisces is basically a sign of feeling with an implied intuitive bias. This means that it basically goes with any of the NF temperaments. It will accentuate NF tendencies in a person, whether they are or are not an NF type.

All NF temperments have an implied Pisces position in their dominant or auxiliary functions, either Fi or Fe Pisces. Pisces, being a mutable sign, is ambiverse and so therefore can represent the water element in astrology (water element which I assign to the feeling function of Myers-Briggs) in both its introverted (fixed) or extraverted (cardinal) capacities.

I assign the first half of Pisces to Fi and the latter half to Fe. I do the same for all mutable signs for their respective elements (fire, air, water, earth which accords to intuition, thinking, feeling, and sensation respectively).

The Sun is like the dominant function (even though I’ve previously said it was the auxiliary, I have recently come to change my mind on this) and so whatever sign the Sun is placed in at birth will be similar to a dominant function in some way but it will not determine the dominant function of your innate inborn type. It will emend it in some way. In what way? Well, for this, you have to use your imagination, experience, and knowledge. I can’t give an accounting of such for each possible variation on each Myers-Briggs type.

Plus, it’s just better if the person does some reading around and comes to their own conclusions on such. See if and how it fits.

In a general abstract theoretical sense I can tell you that an INFJ being born with a Pisces Sun will make them more NF-ish in some way. That’s safe to say per my assignments.

If this INFJ was born in the first half of Pisces, I’d say they’d be more INFP-ish. If they were born in the second half of Pisces, I’d say they’d be more ENFJ-ish.

What does that mean in the sum total of events? I don’t know. It’s information. Take it with a grain of salt. Especially that bit about the first and second half of mutable signs. I’m not certain of that.

It’s pretty obvious however that Pisces is a sign on the feeling and intuitive function side of things. That’s obvious just from astrological tradition. Reading around a bit.

It’s also obvious to me that NF temperaments overlap with much of the Pisces/Neptune astrological descriptions.

So, in general, Pisces will just amplify/reinforce/affirm the romantic and dreamy tendencies that are present in the NF temperaments as a whole.

And for example, if an NF type were born with a Virgo Sun (opposite sign to Pisces), the romantic and dreamy tendencies would be curtailed in favor of a more pragmatic bent.

But, more to the point, reading endlessly about all this shit in the eternal question of “who am I…really?” will only get you so far.

At some point, you just need to put down the books and go be yourself whatever crazy ass thing that is.

The real satisfaction will lie there and not in naming. Of course, putting a name on something has a certain satisfaction, there can by no denying.


I used to have this saying in my head that went like this:

I could tell you things that make you want to pluralize yourself until you kill yourself.

Maybe I should make that my disclaimer or something.


Haha, ok point taken.
Thank you for continuing on anyhow and combing it all out.

Yes. He says that too. I should listen to him more.

I feel I have to explain or justify myself to people a lot. Maybe I don’t. Other people don’t. I like it when other people don’t. It’s liberating.

Thank you. I like reading your words. They are calming and energising. They talk you down from the dizzying ledge of introspection and tip a bucket of cold water over your head at the same time.


Fair warning


say wah? but why?

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I know I know! Calm down. Everything will come right in the fullness of time. :grin:


It’s so cool that you are able and willing to fundamentally shift your worldview like this @Blake!

This is the exact opposite of dogmatism: an openness to new information even if it challenges some firmly held beliefs. And the mental flexibility to accept and integrate new perspectives if they happen to make more sense than the old ones.

I’m looking forward to reading about your reasoning behind this important shift in your astrological/dominant function correspondences!


I have scorpio Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune in the 12th.
With cancer moon and jupiter in the 8th. Libra Venus and Uranus in the 11th, Leo Saturn in the 9th, and Virgo Pluto in the 10th. 65% water with cardinals on house with mutable qualities and fixed with cardinals… I should be textbook INFJ. Nope. INTP through and through.