Donald J. Trump: ENTJ or ESTP? Blake tells all!



If your were sending the above video (from your previous thread) to me as some kind of testimony/proof that Trump is an ESTP it only makes me think that the chick in this video herself does not understand cognitive functions, and by extension, types.

She says “I think it is freaking obvious that Trump is a poster child for ESTP which makes me believe these people (people on forums saying he is ENTJ) don’t understand cognitive functions.”

OK, same old same old. It’s like a religious issue. These x people don’t get what I can see so clearly, thus, they are wrong.

OK, then she goes on to make some argumentation:

“Trump is good at thinking on his feet”

Yes, and an ENTJ can be good at thinking on their feet. It’s called Se in the tertiary. The tertiary is akin to how a person thinks. So, ENTJs think in an Se style.

“He’s not a look far into the future person”

It is well-documented that Trump is a person that looks into the future and plans. For example, he didn’t just come up with the idea recently to run for president. It took a lot of planning. To be the successful businessman that he has been, it takes the ability to look into the future and estimate probabilities of success and so forth. An ESTP will not be as successful at business as an ENTJ can be. If anyone attains a large fortune through their own abilities it is probaly because they have strong intuition in addition to a sense of realism. However, a sense of realism is not enough.

“His skills and talents are about thinking on his feet, spontaneity and subverting the whole system and using it to his advantage, which is very introverted thinking, extraverted feeling pairing as opposed to extraverted thinking/introverted thinking pairing.”

Interestingly, the words skills and talents is used. I would say, yes, the skills and talents of any type lie in the aux. and tert. functions the most. Again, thinking on one’s feet and spontaneity are definitely a gift of the ENxJ types. Let’s not forget they have Ne id too. Very good for spontaneity and thinking on one’s feet. Good for stand-up comedy too.

I would be very careful with the phrase “subverting the system”. To me it is clear that Trump is subverting a corrupt system in order to reinstate…the system as it was before it became corrupted (or subverted for that matter).

Even so, an ESTP could hardly be considered a subverter of the system. If any cog. function is responsible for that ability, it is Ni (in a deep sense) and Ne in a playful sense. Se, no.

She says “and maybe your hyping him up to be some sort of super-planner genius as opposed to being more of a spontaneous risk taker, which is what he is.”

Personally, I don’t think ENTJs claim to fame is really about them being super-planner geniuses, though, of course with Te dominance, they do plan and formulate. But, remember, dominant functions are not out-front functions. They are more akin to operating systems in a computer. They are involved in all processes but far to busy to be leading functions. Or highly visible. Yes, what is most visible about Trump is the Ni-Se axis. This equates to thinking on feet, risk-taking, and subverting the system (with Ni leading). Yes, it’s obvious that Trump has a lot of Se, but its in a context of Te and Ni and Ne. It’s basically exactly what I would expect from an ENTJ.

ENTJs can make unpopular decisions and cause a lot of controversy. They have a direct and honest manner.

Trump is not at all deficient in Ni, which I know is another point people who think he is an ESTP trot out. Seems people don’t really know what Ni looks like. It looks like Donald Trump, especially as he has gotten older. His bombast and directness are Ni. Ni is fire. Ni in the aux. doubly so.

I'm unsure about my Myers-Briggs type

OI can buy entj for Trump because he seems more into interpretation than facts. Oddly Clinton deviated from facts less but to me was even more of a spin master, with one agenda presented to Wall Street and another presented to people.
Trump—Rain is sun. That is kind of like Erika’s poems of the loud quiet etc. Just reconcilable irreconcilable perception thrown out there. If it sticks good. I have no idea if estp does this too. Ti is subjective thinking and Ni subjective interpretation. Which is it? Trump is curt, does not pause, just cuts, undercuts, leaves. And Trump is like isfp subtype of entj or entj subtype of estp. He is pretty emo. Easily wounded.
Stuff doesn’t quite roll off of him like you would think for Estp. But he is very Se whatever he is. And vibesy. That guy has vibes all around him. This usually means Se Ni axis with feeling mixed in (strong F or unconscious F)
And I told Blake this image I have for entj, but I can’t explain, the caltrop. There must be a reason or no reason. So if someone wants to clue me in what entj and caltrop have to do with each other.
There I posted again. Peace out from the looney station. But then what is Bernie Sanders?


Hahaha I found her channel on YouTube… she definitely doesn’t understand the cognitive functions because she types herself as INTJ (borderline INFJ), which she is NOT!

I think she might be ESTP too? Because I found her style of thinking and delivery very interesting… she seems to be using some combination of Ti and Fe and she’s not an Ne user…

I think she made a point about ESTPs getting lucky or having good things happen to them because they are spontaneous risk takers… but I think if there’s one type for whom “things just happen” it’s ENTJ… not that they don’t work hard… they’re self made, from scratch… but their rise is usually stratospheric and it has more to do with their ambition than hard work… they know all the right moves to make and they make sure they have the resources/necessary skill set to get things done… but it’s their intuition that comes more handy than anything else…

For eg.
Just got a call from my entj friend this morning saying he’s been made the head of sales of asia-pacific for some company… and he wasn’t even working one month ago… because he’s still in college… He’s 26 for his god’s sake… He literally said “I have no fuckin clue how this happened​ to me! I just met the CEO guy for a coffee last week!”… yeah he thinks he gets lucky, but it’s more than that…


I could be made of crack but I could buy infj for her and actually even intj.


okay now I want to watch more videos of hers cause I’m getting confused :stuck_out_tongue: is this what infj comes across as? She ain’t soft… like I think I would come across very soft if I did a video… and intj are… sharp… she is… blunt… :dizzy_face:


Dunno. I don’t have any reasons really.


Neither do I… I just make them up after I get a feeling :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe in that video she felt conviction. Maybe the bluntness is just seeing something and adamantly expressing it. A bit of a nerd there maybe.


Okay I take ESTP back… she ain’t extraverted… her eyes seem to have an inner focus and the eye rolling is kinda intuitive…


I can’t believe I am posting…:frowning: this stuff is far too much fun.


ENTJ seems more convincing then ESTP, but he seems to care too much and be strongly affected by what people think of him. So maybe Tertiary Fe as an ESTP? He makes things personal when he is attacked in public and is best friends with anyone that compliments him. He’s older with a possibly more developed inferior Fi so that could still represent the ENTJ type. But he’s also had some strong Si moments which gets me wondering about Prax’s ESTJ theory.

Then theirs this theory in the video below.
This girl makes a fair argument for ESFJ. Long video, (she’s an ENTP) but I’m sure you can skim through it to get the idea.


Well, I assume Trump’s Si (and Se) stuff is ingrained into his psyche, whereas all the other stuff could be bestowed by other influences, such as astrology or mass delusion. lol

My main stance is that he could be crazed ESTJ with overreactive Se-id or somehow stiffened ESTP, but as long as he’s not ENTJ, I am at peace. (So he’s free to be ENFJ or ESFJ too lol). Though I do think he desperately want to BE like other ENTJs he idolizes, but he just… my gosh is he bad at that. 70+ years old and still trying. What a trooper.

I don’t think the “past” was “uncorrupt” so there is nothing AMAZING Trump is going to turn back time into (Si desires of golden ages). He’s delusional about that. Astrologically, also probably delusional, but with high Ni/Ne focus in his chart, making him look like he knows what he’s talking about. Well, I guess looking the part is part of the effectiveness of the “sell”/scam.

Perhaps Blake is right and will be vindicated in time… but perhaps I WILL BE VINDICATED!!!


I just feel like Trump and my mom are the same person sometimes… except my mom is way cuter and kinder and down to earth… but yeah… lot of similarities…

I don’t particularly care what type Trump is… and I wouldn’t mind if he were entj… just that I personally know entjs a little too closely and they are cool as fuck! Really cool cats… find it hard to put Trump in the same category… and I think his bombast and intuition comes from his chart rather than his type…


I think he’s gonna do stuff for the kicks and some of it might be beneficial for America… which is not such a bad thing, for Americans… but it ain’t my country… and all changes are so temporary anyway… so i ain’t gonna say anything except I’m curious about what the future holds :stuck_out_tongue:


He could be then. I trust people’s intuition about their own parents.

I have been trying to think of Trump as Judge Judy^10 today.

What do you mean “for the kicks”?


Sammy, just from the cover of the video, I know this video is stupid. And lo and behold upon clicking on it and watching 1 minute of it (that’s all I could take), this hyper chick (who is not an ENTP) starts spouting off just a mass of baseless assumptions. I turned it off at “when you’re born rich and you don’t have a lot of rules…” or some such garbage as that.

Sorry, but, this video is just garbage.

Not understanding your reasoning at all. If someone cares too much, they can’t be an ENTJ. Huh? They must therefore be an ESTP. Huh?

That is a pure trash statement. It is just filled with so many assumptions and unsubstantiation that it is not even worth considering as an argument.

I’ll tell you why.

You say “he makes things personal when he is attacked in public”

How? What do you mean he makes things personal. Are you talking about personal attacks that virtually all these politicians make on other politician’s character when they are running for high office?

And what does this have to do with ESTP over ENTJ?

Trouble with a lot of these type arguments for Trump is that people have vastly differing interpretations of Trump.

Then there is the added difficulty that people interpret all these functions (like what you are attributing to Fe) in their own manner.

What does making things personal mean in terms of attribution to a function?

Also, it is open to interpretation that Trump “makes things personal”. More than Hillary Clinton for example?

You say “he is best friends with anyone who compliments him”.

This statement I have particular difficulty with. How in the fuck do you know that?

I’m almost certain that it’s not true (or really even close to true) that Trump is BEST FRIENDS with ANYONE who compliments him. Come the fuck on!

Ready to get Red-pilled by a Red Pill Woman?

Sorry Piggie, we don’t know who your mom is and thus let’s not use her as an example of Trump’s type. How is this useful to the community at large?

I stated the one rule for discussing Myers-Briggs types is that you cannot use your own type or the type of someone that you know but we can’t see (or evaluate) as an appeal for what is true for any given type.

If you don’t care what type Trump is then why are you participating in a discussion thread about what type Trump is?

Just because you wouldn’t personally mind if Trump is an ENTJ because you PERSONALLY know ENTJs closely and think they are cool as fuck is not relevant.

We cannot see all these ENTJs that you know closely and think are cool as fuck. Maybe they’re ENTPs for all we know.

You say you find it hard to put Trump into the category of all these ENTJs you know and so I suppose we’re supposed to be lead to the conclusion that he likely isn’t an ENTJ on that basis.

But, since we can’t see all these ENTJs you know that are cool as fuck, how are we supposed to know if we agree with what you think ENTJs as a group looks like?

It’d be better to discuss famous people we can all see (and link to their videos) than discuss your mom or your friends. Unless you want to share videos of them or something.

Substantiate. I’m sure many people have no idea what you are talking about. What chart?


I am so tempted to post a photograph of an entj in my life to see if anyone gets oh my god looks just like Trump goosebumps. It would give me peace of mind. Like post/delete. But I won’t. But I will.

Isn’t it kind of nuts people-puzzles? Like trying to solve puzzles that are so based on vibes and intangible. Trying to communicate what we see.

It is pretty pretty hard and crazy.


And that is where you are erring. You should not trust other people’s intuition about themselves, their parents, and their friends unless you get some proofs and your own eyes and mind involved.

Lunar, quite frankly, you agree with most everyone at different times.


Sounds quite personal Prax. In summation, Trump can’t be an ENTJ…because you don’t want him to be.


If other people get these certainties great for them. Really rare for me. Happened 4 times only, and only with adults in my family and family in law. And my husband. I knew right away. That’s it. The reason I have been leaning toward entj for Trump is mostly that he reminds me of this lady in my life:

I won’t say anything about her, but here is her photo (which is now deleted).
So if I have to bet on it, for me Trump is entj. But only if I HAVE to bet. If don’t have to I just don’t. But the bet is really : Trump and she are same type. If she is estj then he is estj. That kind of thing.