Dream A Little Dream


To dream is to listen. And to not listen during the day.

This is a space for all y’allz to write down your dreams here. conscious/subconscious. Don’t matter none.


Your room… he was zipping up… gray pants… brown leather belt… red nails on white skin… admiration in your voice… the kind I seek in the words you speak of me… I thought I had escaped the sinking ship… but… an electric impulse… a reminder of the remainder… touched me from a distance… at arm’s length… gravity defies it’s own definition… the force is potent prior to contact… you know my games… they are yours too… my jealousy is a buzzing mosquito… I would swat it with cool reason… but your sex appeal… the principle of uncertainty…

Lol… woke up with mild anxiety after that dream… I hate being told by my subconscious that I’m not as over people I think I am over… sleep tight Erika… :kiss:


Thank you for this, @piggie.

I know what you mean. We try to be strong and tell ourselves one thing; try to convince ourselves of one thing. But our subconscious likes to tell the truth. Always.

I hope your anxiety has subsided. Thank you for the kisses. :kissing_heart:


Did the guy look familiar??


Sometimes it’s nice just to actually feel something… even if it’s in a dream… like hey… I CAN feel this way… this part of me is not dead yet… I’m not hollow… lol… you know how I know who it is I’m dreaming of when I can’t see the face? By the kind of tug I feel in my stomach… there are like different intensities…


I don’t normally have exciting dreams. My dream always have a tinge of melancholy and sadness in it.

In my dream I dreamt the goddess requested I build the most beautiful city ever and I did. I poured my heart and soul to create this beautiful city. But then she wanted to lift this beautiful city up and put it up in the sky. I wanted to bring my friends and my loved ones along to this city but this city just keep flying higher and higher and I couldn’t reach out to them. I cried and cried in this empty city. I looked up to the stars in the sky and I thought to myself so beautiful and yet so lonely.


That’s interesting. I don’t have that in my dreams. It’s just an automatic understanding. Like I already know. Some dreams I can consciously make a move, other dreams I just “play the part”. Sometimes I’m viewing a scene. Or I am everyone at different times. I like dreams. When I think about them in the morning, I can usually figure out what that was all about. Where did it stem from? Or I just had Chinese food. Either or.


Always? That is sad. Maybe you have been longing for something for a long time.

Have you ever thought about what this dream could mean to you on a deeper meaning?


@Ankh, girl, where did your dream go? You are pulling the rug out from under me. Leave it here on the floor. It was a lovely rug.


It was intense and beautiful, but not here.

I’ll share more in the future. And you’ll think - what was she smoking??

Cause sometimes, my dreams are soooooo random. Like me stealing cars and driving them…and then they turn into a cat…and then I try to fly but can’t…or sometimes I’ll wake up and hallucinate and hear voices or see spiders. My dreams are more vivid when I sleep with the window open. And the other night I for sure did. <-------- THAT is an awesome sentence.

Thanks for liking my rug.


Me too… They are more interesting than my real life… and can do/say things i wouldn’t have the guts to in real life… but i tend to hold back in dreams too… my ego never lets go of the reigns…

Haha you could write a fantasy screenplay with the story lines from your dreams…


i’ve been trying to study dreams
and use my ‘dream interpreter’ app and ‘dream dictionary’ app to find out what’s going on with my life

when nothing crazy is going in my life, i always dream about dating a girl/girls
and i’m always seducing her/them

i thought this dream would end after having a girlfriend/ being married.

but no, this dream continues on…

i feel guilty when i wake up. but i can’t control my dream.
but i still feel slightly guilty because i question myself. my intentions. my deep desires.

but i guess this is just who i really wanted to be. a freaking gigolo.

and idk if this is an ESTP thing,
i know i dream everyday.
but i completely forget what i dreamt about almost as soon as i wake up.
the only thing i can remember (if i try) is, the idea of what was going on in the dream.

it’s very fascinating for me, when someone can remember the dream so well, better than actual events in real life.
how they describe their dream in such details.
it’s very foreign to me.
it seems very impossible to do. even if i try.

i think i care too much about this awakening moment and this present time.

but then, i have this sad memory.

when i was younger, when my life was much darker, i think i remembered dreams a lot better.
and i think i wanted to live in the dream. because i hated every moment i was awake.
even my dream sucked, i still wanted to be there.
sometimes i would force myself to go back to sleep.

and what’s funny, is that sometimes i miss those dark days.

and those dark days seems like it wasn’t me living it.


I wouldn’t do that. Feel guilty. Dreams are trying to tell you something.

And, I’m not sure how much value I would place on dream dictionaries. I think certain symbols in dreams are unique to the person having the dream and not universal.


At least for the past few years my dream is like this. It involves people dying or trying so hard to get away from someone/something. I have a lot of sleep paralysis attack too but it got better now.

Yeah, I thought about it. I crave for intimacy but at the same time I abhor it. It is a very conflicting desire.


I am sorry for you. I went through a short period of time where I had nothing but nightmares every night. And they weren’t necessarily SCARY, but they were full of anxiety triggers. So, for a while, I had trouble going to sleep at night. I didn’t want to. Because I knew what was coming.

Been there! What I want, I fear. But I’m getting there. It takes time. At least you know the message, that’s the first part. Do you hug people? Maybe that’s a good first start or a small fulfillment? A tiny taste of intimacy. Hugs. Hugs are good. I like hugs. But not forced hugs, those are bad. You know the kind of hugs that are comfortable and safe? Those hugs. Seek those hugs. Hug and you might get a hug back. Hug a pug under a rug. Watch out for bugs. No, not Bugs the Rabbit, he’s cool. I’m talking about those other smug bugs, that kind of look like lugs. Aw fug, I mean fudge, I mean fuck. Duck. Quack.

Seeee…If I’m like this consciously, you can only imagine how interesting my dreams get. Haha.


Yikes, that sounds horrible :frowning: I don’t mind sleeping actually, in fact I find this is the only way I can escape from real world. I just find the way how my dreams manifest is like they were trying to remind me how stressful I was in real life and in a way trying to tell me to sort my life out? Haha.

Haha!!! I love your humour!! I am still learning to hug people. I grew up in a family that don’t do hugs, so still learning. I hug some friends whom I trusted and feel safe to be around and I know that this is the love language they will appreciate. I would love to hug a pug!!:blush:

How are your dreams like? Do you have more visceral dreams? I think my dreams have a more ethereal feels in it, I suppose.


My mom was/is always good with that. Hugs and kisses. I want to hug a pug tooooo!

I have both. But mostly visceral. It depends on a lot of things. When I’m REALLY tired, I talk (mumble) in my sleep and don’t remember any dreams. This is also when I hallucinate. “Normally”, I can remember at least one dream a night.


Might sound a little weird but I had a dream that Blake fucked me, LOL! This was probably after a late night reading this forum some months ago…

It was painful but pleasurable. I felt violated and confused.

What the fuck.

My most memorable dreams tend to be dark. I remember two dreams that involved some kind of a baby. The first one was a beloved one depicted as a baby…that baby was hanged for a reason I could not fathom and I bawled and bawled…I woke up confused and empty. The other dream involved me being stuck running around in the middle of a traffic-jammed road. Bombshells firing everywhere, whilst I tucked a baby in my arm, trying to protect his/her life. Apparently, I screamed NO during the middle of the dream and scared the shit out of my boyfriend.

I often have dreams of dark sex as well. Not necessarily dark like violent or anything. More like I had felt some kind of deep guilt or shame for giving into something I shouldn’t…Being eaten by men and loving it whilst feeling awful about myself. I’ve had these dreams since I was a teenager, and they reappeared after I lost my virginity to a rapist…I was feeling sex-deprived and needy - but confused, confused as to why I was having even darker cravings after all that. These dreams stopped after entering into a new relationship recently… Now I don’t really remember my dreams at all, but they tend to be bizarre. That’s all I know.


He probs fucked your mind in that article, huh? You probably had the same feelings while reading the article as you did in the dream.

I am very sorry to hear this. That is a terrible thing to experience, I can imagine. I hope the current relationship you’re in serves you both well and is healthy. :two_hearts:


Hahaha. Love how you shared that!

The stuff your mind comes up with at night.