Dream A Little Dream

Yeah, a suppressed urge to pee is a road to initiation in many ways hehe

no such thing :clown_face:

Haha this reminds me of the beginning of Buffalo 66, when Vincent Gallo has to pee incredibly badly and he kidnaps Christina Ricci. If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it. :+1::grin:

Yeah…he might be E8 ENFJ rising. Maybe. Not sure about the E8, but in the Homeless Sexuals recordings he gave a mixture of ENFJ and ENTP vibes. But he already said he was ENTP moon. Leaving us with ENFJ rising… :stuck_out_tongue:

His Skype picture looks kinda E8 ENFJ. Haha!

But it could all just be a persona he’s fashioned for the Stellar Maze project.

LOL, damn boy.

Who here has ever fainted before? I think I always fall into a dream for a minute or so, but I never remember what it was.

Not I, said the bed-humping guy. But I would imagine one would dream post-fainting. It’s a state of unconsciousness, so your brain fills in the lapse, I suppose.

I’ve never fainted until recently, once during the summer in the middle of a wedding reception and another time a few days ago at a pub.

The one I had most recently, I ended up kicking and screaming in front of the Ladies’ pub. I felt incredibly disturbed, so I must have had a very frightening dream. The feeling of disturbance lasted for quite a while. Felt like the spirits were trying to fuck with me.

Then I puked all my sweet potato fries. :smiley:

That might be what it was! I think around that time I was worrying that I would lose all my femininity and beauty through investing all my energies in my work.

That’s very eerie…
Is this an old pub? Do you know why you fainted?

Sure. But even then, there’s the website/forum part and then there’s the consult part. Not the same.

I’m intrigued, I’ll check it out!

I’ve fainted at least 3 times that I can recall. In all cases I felt it coming and desperately tried to remain in control and prevent it from happening. Must get air, open window. Must lay down quickly, brain needs more oxygen… that sort of thing.
I don’t think it ever lasted long enough for me to have dreams. In two instances it was a hot bath/too much steam versus winter cold air kind of mix.

The third was when I got up too quickly in the middle of the night, ended up collapsing in the toilet, banging the back of my head straight into a sharp metal thingy that was sticking out of the wall. That made me wake up immediately and just like nothing happenned I proceeded to lay down on the sofa to get oxygen back to my brain because I was about to faint again. My guy woke up because of the noise and came to see if I was ok. Then I scratch the ‘bump’ on my head and notice little blood on my fingernail. So I ask my dude to check it out, he’s like, yeah whatever, let’s see… Then he goes: Put some clothes on, we’re going to the hospital!
And I’m like: why? what? Let me see!
Him: No, no, no need to see. It’s nothing… Get dressed! Also… you’re not feeling anything? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Three hours, three stitches and two amazed med interns (at such a beautiful, clean cut) later I found out all my insides were on display from skin tissue to the bone.
Luckily for me, I’m a hard-headed girl and didn’t feel a thing the entire time! :joy:

The night before involved drinking and not enough eating, and something… cough

cough tells me that this was your case as well, schlops?

Oh no!! Not the devil’s lettuce! Anything but that!

Oh boy, that was some incident Nur. :open_mouth: Hitting your head against a sharp metal object in the bathroom does not sound cool at all.

If that something is what Alex suspects it to be, unfortunately it wasn’t the case for me. It was more like the devil’s AUBERGINE. That shit was not “roasted,” not only that but it was “spicy” when it supposedly shouldn’t. My friend who had the same dish had trouble sleeping throughout the night due to a stomachache.

Meanwhile I had a more immediate reaction which ended up in fainting with bad shits and puking. :smiley:

Yeah, but the incident before the most recent one was likely due to not eating for 24 hours and then suddenly eating all this food with wine outside during a really hot summer. No devil’s lettuce though. I probably can’t handle that shit man. Can’t even handle alcohol.

Ooh superstition! It’s a very new pub but it could have been an old pub or building that was renovated recently. I still don’t know why I fainted. All I know was that I had a horrible stomachache and fainted right after I walked up the stairs to go to the toilet. hehe. I would say there were bad spirits in the aubergine I ate. :smiley:

For some reason, I always get bad vibes whenever I’m about to puke. It’s like my mind registers a physical regurgitation as a spiritual one. A wake up call from my soul or shit like that. Same with fainting. It’s a spiritual message!

Oh, and I found this on a Wikipedia entry for “Eggplant”

"Because of the plant’s relationship with various other nightshades, the fruit was at one time believed to be extremely poisonous. The flowers and leaves can be poisonous if consumed in large quantities due to the presence of solanine.[15]

The eggplant has a special place in folklore. In 13th-century Italian traditional folklore, the eggplant can cause insanity.[16] In 19th-century Egypt, insanity was said to be “more common and more violent” when the eggplant is in season in the summer.[17]"

Ahhh! I was going to say it might’ve been some angry spirits which inhabit the pub feeding off your delicious energy. But, I guess not… Lol sounds like it was your malnutritioned state suddenly piling on some spicy dish I’ve never heard of. Ooh well…

I get those too :confused: That’s how I know I should book my ass to the bathroom.

That would be cooler. A haunted pub, awesome. :smiley: