Drowning is drowning

Drowning is drowning whether you’re in a 10 feet of water or your lips and nose are just below the surface of the water.

Likewise, the same is true in the realm of life and the psyche.

Point is, when you’re drowning, maybe all you needed was a little boost of extra energy to get your head above the surface, and now you’re breathing again. But it might not seem that way when you’re drowning. Because when you’re drowning it’s really the amount of time that your head is below the waterline, independent of the depth you are drowning at, that will cause the same result - death.

Well, this is like depression. When you’re depressed you can’t see shit like that easily. Depression is so insidious because it seems like there is no hope, and there never has been. That’s the illusion of depression.

And the longer you’re head is below two inches of water is the same as if you’re head was under five feet of water, know what I’m saying?

But if the former is the case, then here is where a little bit of will can go a long way. Just do a little extra thing to your daily routine that is very 80/20 (where a little goes a long way for you, whatever that is).

For example, it may be that you just needed to do 15 minutes of exercise once a day to bring your little nose above the surface of the water, and now you can breathe again, albeit maybe temporarily, but taking one breath when you been drowning in two inches of water for a minute will be just enough to reset the clock on your continued drowning.

And then you can repeat this little new added activity the next day to do it again. Over time little things like this can produce a big result in how you feel about your life.

It may be that you need to drink more water. It may be that you need to brush your teeth. It may be a combination of little self-care things.

However, when you are drowning, you won’t feel like doing these things, because drowning exhausts your body. You grow weaker and weaker the longer you are under that two inches of water.

And of course, the weaker you get, the farther down you will probaly sink.

Then you might need a scuba tank or someone to come rescue you in a deep-sea submersible.

But then again, you might not. You might just be under two inches of water and need a little self-push to get your head above the surface again.

Because I find when I’m drowning I start to get all dramatic and despairing. It seems like I have been drowning forever and so what’s the point in doing anything.

The point is you are only under two inches of water motherfucker! So stop being stupid and go for a jog or eat a carrot or call a friend, and just get your head above the cock-sucking surface!

It feels like manufacturing will out of thin air in those moments, but o do they pay dividends when you just do it.

Just fucking do it!

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I find that when I’m drowning I need to have my balls licked in reverse by like a mermaid or something, and then what happens is my fuckstick grows that extra two inches to enable breathing again.

This is so true!!! I love this!!!

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