ego-id relations


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i thought about how two types can look similar when you flip the ego and the id.

gets triggered by injustice and questions meaning of life

questions about a lot of things and find information on all of them

materialistic and wants to have the best material things

argumentative and don’t admit when they’re wrong

dwells on their past trauma and have hard time letting go

they want to know how everything works in the system

over think about how they come off to others

cares too much about they look


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Socionics calls this Quasi-identity, it’s like the third least favorable intertype relation haha. But it’s also the most interesting one imo! :smiley:


quoting Prax from her first reading from my chart.

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ohhh i should’ve known something like this was out there! cool! but why do you think it’s the most interesting intertype?


It’s interesting because it’s strange seeing someone who is seemingly exactly like you but excels at things that are out of your reach. One of the things that got me into further studying typology was trying to figure out what was going on in the head of my INFJ friend (we were misunderstanding each other a lot). Trying to imagine one’s dominant function as an id function instead and vice versa is incredibly difficult haha.

I’m gonna quote a forum post that explains this stuff in better words than I could:

Victor Gulenko has described quasi-identical relations as “mutual execution of the request” which means that Quasis seem similar to Benefactors. This means that at least initially there could be admiration of one’s Quasi, a sense that he is talented in some inaccessible and unachievable to oneself way. The Quasi may seem interesting from a distance with an illusory feeling of similarity and oddness about the other person, which is intriguing. Thus the Quasi seems to be gifted in a way that you are not, and yet they are so similar to you (and often play the same social role).


Yeah I think this is why they can misidentify or get mistyped by others as each other so easily.

But I guess the main things is the J/P difference, where the P version comes off more open or flexible than the other due to having a more extroverted perceiving function in one of the top two positions of the function stack (Se or Ne).