emotional intelligence convention


not for ESTP

i had a blast the first day. It was fun. I was just having fun

a lot of intuitive here
speaker is ENFJ
my group is ENTP, ENFP, two INFJs, ISFP, ISFJ

I’m throwing everyone off with my energy but in a good way

people that are here are expressing the following emotions

sadness, guilt, self doubt, self consciousness, lack of self worth, anger, depression, not forgiving themselves, resentment, etc.

and they want you to open up and be vulnerable and express all your negative emotions.

i don’t really have any. I’m just having fun.
but they think I’m not taking seriously because I’m too fucking positive.

but I’m taking it pretty seriously. because I stayed up all night to drag myself here and spend 12 hours of exercises

I highly recommend for those who are feeling those emotions.

ill update later

edit 1.
@carolina there are so many awake people in this thing that I’m participating
I’m telling them about Mandela effect and one lady was like “quantum physics?” like holy shit
these people are so open minded and they get it and we all tested our memory and came to same results and realized everything has changed.
so . still got hope for humanity! hahah


from left to right, ISFP, INFJ, INFJ, ENFP, ENTP

cool thing about ISFP:
they get it. they might take awhile to understand a concept, but once they get it. they apply it to action right away. huge transformation for her.

those two INFJs are reiki masters, and they to Chakra healing. the older men studied metaphysical in college.
it was pretty cool. they were reading my Chakras and I didn’t feel anything but the other infj that was observing did. And they can sense aura and spirit so keenly. it’s pretty crazy. unbelievable for me. but it was fascinating

ENFPs always ooze happy energy and that lady is in her 80s and wants to start her new business. love the Ne infinite possibilities beyond her age. childlike at heart.

ENTP guy, he was so closed up in the beginning but transformed and became so open. honest and free spirited.

overall there were about 100+ people.
it was fun

so ENTP guy’s problem was that he thinks too much about himself and he wants to think more of others.

i added "i don’t think about myself"
him: I just don’t see how that’s even possible
me: well, I don’t really think that much
him: but you do think right?
me: I mean, of course
him: what do you think about then?
me: things. like subject of topic or whatever I wanna learn about.

INFJ: I criticize myself way too much. I’m my worst enemy. I beat myself up so much. don’t we all?
me: well, I just wanna say that there are people out there, like me, who doesn’t beat myself at all. I don’t criticize myself. that’s why I ask for criticism all the time. because if I don’t hear criticism, I’m gonna think I’m just, good.

so yeah, I helped people understand my perspectives in many different ways and they were able to understand me,
on day 3, we went around complimenting each other,
they said “although you don’t feel you own emotions, you understand other people’s emotions very well”

and all 6 of them, including the team leader said “I see so much power, strength, passion, so much energy”

and everybody else got “I see so much love, joy, kindness, understanding, and etc”

haha it was interesting.

on the first day some people raise their hands to introduce themselves and what 3 things they want to work on.
out of 100+, only about 10 went up
i was one of them.
I wanted to break the ice

"I’m here because I heard that you guys give criticism and call people out. PLEASE give me criticism. and the three things I want to work on, is i want to understand God completely so I can talk to atheists and confuse the hell out of their beliefs about there not being a God. and I want to work on sperm retention, so I don’t just have sex for orgasm, I want to make love. and I want to work on patience. because. I’m impatient. "
something along the line.
they laughed.
and also
it triggered many people and they came up to me during breaks and surprisingly many people loved it.
and I got so many people approaching me if I read this book and that book and mantra and all kinds of stuff about sperm retention and they were teaching me some stuff I’ve never heard of. it was awesome.

there was ESTJ power hungry ceo that got humbled in the second day, it was incredible.
Apparently he was acting so bossy around people the first day and he got criticized the hell out and the second day he said "I don’t want to hide behind power anymore."
his whole demeanor changed. it was soooo freaking cool.
because I wanted to push his buttons but after he said that, I’m like ‘nah, I’ll let him be’

i didn’t see any ESFP or ESTP there.
but surprisingly many ENTPs, and other types.

i was the only dominant extroverted sensor. but I wasn’t surprised.

there were a lot of crazy exercises. people were screaming and crying. and I just kinda observed. it was, again, interesting.

oh. so here’s the facial expression I observed when someone said "I got date raped"
INFJ/ISFJ :fearful::scream: Fe expression.
INFP :hushed::slightly_frowning_face::frowning:
ENTP :neutral_face::no_mouth::sweat:
ENFP :dizzy_face::astonished:
ISFP :frowning::hushed:
me :eyes:(observing other’s reactions)

oh, and ENFJ :scream::triumph:+ vocal

there were very few INTJs and ISTPs

a lot of NF and SF

and few ENTJs

it just seems like a lot of ENFPs are there
they don’t hide their presence. they make it known that they are there somehow hahaha

they made me dance so I did that.

what else…
oh, on day 2, we went around criticizing everyone

so what they told me was "you’re stubborn, you’re too confident, and you have ‘I’m right’ attitude"
maybe there were more. but mostly I heard "too confident"
i couldn’t help but to laugh because in my head ‘is that even a bad thing? for my emotion?’

most people came here and got emotionally healed.
I came here and realized people have deep emotions
and that was powerful to me.
I know we tend to look at others with our own lenses.
but I didn’t know people have so much emotions. and they are real. because I used to kinda think every time someone is expressing so much emotions 'why are they being over dramatic? are they being fake?'
so i realized these emotions aren’t really 'fake’
and some are sooo deeply hidden

so i realized I need to be more careful what I say to people because I can be very hurtful with my speech. unintentionally.

there was an exercise where we go up to random people within 100+ people and say one of the following
-I trust you
-I don’t trust you
-I don’t know if I trust you
-I don’t want to say I trust you

and many people’s buttons got pushed
every time people told me “I trust you” I’m not like 'why? you don’t know me’
but nobody said “I don’t trust you” so I was very surprised.
later I told them I don’t even trust myself. and I want to earn trust then them blindly trusting me.

but INFJ reiki master told me he told everyone he trust them because he wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

and one ENFP girl told me she said “I can come to trust you :slight_smile:” rather than “I don’t know if I trust you”

and that was super freaking awesome and positive and inspiring

because I was going around telling people “I don’t trust you. yet.” even though they said they trust me. so I think some were butthurt

but next time I can definitely say "I can come to trust you"
that ENFP girl was awesome. freaking emotional genius.

ahhhhh so many things happened and I can’t really summarize everything. it was so much going on.

but I recommend anyone struggling with internal problem to go through this, 100% recommended.
I’ve seen so much transformation it was beyond just temporary.


if you live near Columbus Ohio, or Philadelphia, or even other side of the world, I HIGHLY recommend it.

there were people from England, Asia, and other far states. they traveled far distance to take this course.

okay. that’s all I can remember for now.

Idk if this means anything but the speaker/coach also coaches famous celebrities in Hollywood, multimillionaires, successful businessmen and women, Grammy winners, and all kinds of well-known people.


:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: awesome!!

This is great, honestly amazing. Interesting that it is so rare that people think you aren’t being serious. I’m curious, is there some way you could guide others to understand how to feel like this? Maybe if they can just understand that you could really be like this, to just know it is possible for an actual person to be like this and they aren’t pretending, they would start to move to it on their own naturally. Like the subconscious can go “Ok, this is possible, this is safe, this seems way better!!” Hm :thinking: maybe you are having a positive impact without even trying :blush:

Can’t wait to hear more about your experience! :slight_smile:


so, here are some of the observations

ENFJ, they have that piercing stare. makes eye contact with everyone with intention. very aware of body language

INFP, they have soft gaze.
so hard to describe, it’s not ‘engaging’ but genuine

INFJ, they look right at you, their eyes are slightly piercing and softer face. semi-animated expressions

ISFP, are they all pretty??

ENTP, gentle, yet look of intelligent. And oh man. I didn’t know ENTP have such emotions in them!! they’re strong! and fucking creative with expressing their emotions. it was mostly anger and frustration. they tend to not express them. and fall back. but when they do, oh shit, hell break loose!

ENFP, awww they’re so cute. does Fi make people naturally look soft? like… sweet and pretty.

okay. I’m so fucking exhausted.
I have so much to share but I can’t be nocturnal two days in a row… another long day tomorrow… :sleeping:


Were ENTP and you the ESTP (the most sociopathic types) the only T-types hanging out at the conference?! hahaha

I’m interested to hear more of your observations too.


My ENTP confessed the other day that he’s got some “psychopathic” tendencies (ie. feels very cold and detached inside, but can fake emotions very convincingly to get his way). Explains so much about his behaviour… :smiling_imp: