ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress


One description I really liked on this site is of the ENFJ. I agree that the ENFJ is related to the monster archetype, and that many - if not most - ENFJs are very far from inoffensive. Blake mentioned men have an easier time being ENFJ than women; I agree. But after deep thought, I think I know what are the archetypes especifically linked to the ENFJ woman. You may not agree, but listen.

I think most female Disney villains are ENFJ women. The princesses are probably ISFJ, ISTJ or INFP. But I think the female villains are nearly always ENFJ. For example, the Wicked Queen in Snow White, or Maleficent. I think they are ENFJs.

I think ENTJs and ENFJs are often mixed up; both types are ambitious and drawn to the grandiose, but I think ENFJ is more mystical as well as emotionally manipulative/violent (especifically the enneagram 8 or 7 ones). I think ENFJ woman = taboo. Often the bad bitch.

Just some random thoughts, I’ll write more later
And I think Aleister Crowley is an ENFJ 8, and not ENTJ (will explain)


Yea I could see this…though I think enfj type 3 may appear to be anything but at first, but you can see flashes of something darker…a common theme I’ve heard from men, especially lately is that I’m scary…it’s a certain kind of tension in the way I carry myself and it comes out in hot flashes of crazed emotion.

I think for enfjs there may be a draw to being like the princesses or a plucky young heroine, someone unquestionably on the good side like a isfj or infp but enfjs often find that they can’t really embody it and that drives them nuts…at least that’s been my experience…


Yeah, I think you got “the essence” of my idea. I def think ENFJs are complex creatures that often don’t relate much to Si values of convention, or Fi rigid judgements of good/bad. This often makes ENFJs misunderstood by types high on Si and Fi, especially the ones I’ve mentioned (ISFJ, ISTJ and INFP) in my experience. Most ENFJs I know are more concerned with making life an intense, meaningful experience, and are not moral crusaders. The role of the “good princess” a la Snow White may be difficult for an ENFJ to fulfill 24/7, for this very reason: a princess/good lady generally doesn’t have much room to express her passions, aspirations and desires.

I think ENFJ woman is often emotionally intelligent, ambitious and is highly likely that some will find themselves in the situation you described yourself in - sometimes seen as “intimidating” or “scary” by men. I agree that ENFJ 3 can appear as a saint in the beginning. They often do!


This is how I’ve felt too!!! It’s nice to see it written so eloquently online…it’s like an external validation. Thank you for your response :blush:

Huhhh interesting…what about the role of say, Mulan or someone similar?? I have an enfj friend who’s very deftly adopted a more free-spirited and independent protagonist archetype and it seems to mesh well…really taps into the Ne-id…


ENFJs I’ve met tend to be slippery characters.


hi @Thelema

I will be interested in your thoughts on the dude 666.
I know very little about him. Tried to read Book 4 and it was kind of interesting but didn’t grab me maybe wasn’t focused. But the little I know about him, I’m interested for the sole reason that there is so much “noise” around him. Like stories about him. You get the impression that he played with his image or spread the flames of rumors and maybe I’m totally off about this haha. It’s just the impression you get reading any little thing about him.
Did you know he was a good moutaineer? Not sure why I was surprised to learn that:) but fun.


Back after ages.


I’ve always wanted to be an ENFJ woman. Always.

I’ve had fantasies since I was a wee child.

These Disney female villains. Often they were sexy…interestingly enough. Why did the Disney animators always draw female villains so sexy? I felt something. So compelled as a very young child. To put that all in a mild way. Hehe. If you get what I mean. Just the idea that a woman was wicked excited me; she didn’t have to be sexy in the firsthand. Weird.

I loved witches. They’ve always been my favourite archetype before I got into all this MBTI spiel. Powerful women who were awestrucking, frightening, and beautiful - not beautiful like what most people would consider “aesthetically pleasing” but something above that. Often such women seemed amoral. Possessed even. Female shamans but sexy.

As a young kid I had drawn ultra sexy powerful or witch like cartoons of women. Was kind of a guilty hobby but Mom probably found them the next day when I would be at school and threw them away immediately. Which made me sad.

And for some reason they all had to be women. It clicked into my head one day that all of these witches/sexy female villains were ENFJs, and that I clearly have some serious female hardon for them LOL. I’ve noticed that a great deal of the artists I listen to are females…ENFJ females…love their image, bent for the avant-garde. The way they express certain emotions or imagery is something else. Almost wicked but in some ways the most…truthful…or let’s say the most accurate physical embodiment of strange, unfathomable feelings, hunches, wordless insights…

Ummm. I’m straight by the way. But envisioning the typical ENFJ witch enthrals me - I mean on a weird mental level, you know. I think it’s weird how I want to embody the ENFJ women and how me envisioning becoming one, excites me. Must be all the lust to own Se despite not being able to.

OK I’m going to stop with my weird confession here.


I’m the angel kind of ENFJ. :innocent:


She lies! Burn her!


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C’mon that was one masterpiece of a post!! Don’t delete it! I wrote a note on my phone to log in later today so I could reply to your post raving about how I was enthralled with Ravenna when I watched Snow White and the Huntsman…so magnetic…so darkly feminine…so bewitching…and people on this forum think I’m enfj??? I’m not nearly as hauntingly, beautifully wrecked…


You are. And the quicker you realize and embrace it…the better for…you.


Haaahaha what are you talking about!?? Everyone in my life thinks I’m a proper little angel you know?? Just don’t tick me off…:innocent:

No but I can’t ooze that kind of sirenlike sex appeal yet looolll…but thanks for being nice about it :relaxed:


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I’ve been mulling this archetype again in my mind and I wanted to get your opinions on this: How does Taylor Swift connect to this spectrum?? Is her latest album and rebellious vindictive and glamorous style her way to rebel against the chaste classy and romantic image she’s built up over the past few years?? Is this a sign of an enfj finding a more authentic self??