ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress

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One of my favorite songs ever… I don’t wonder why.
Thought you might like to hear it.

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[Delayed response, sorry!! I needed some time to properly convey my infatuation with this woman]

Oh yes, Prof Bonnie Bassler is an unstoppable ball of energy.

Exactly, I saw the ENFP-ish enthusiasm too with all the rushed speech. However, this was definitely just due to the time limit. When I’ve seen her, she gave a 45min talk and there she took her time. It was more or less the same thing she presented in the TED talk but with data. I would say the overall lecture did not feel crammed. She took lots of little pauses in between each point for the extra emphatic effect. They’re like “Ni-pauses.” She let her presence speak during those silences.

And YES, to her channeling her data pieces towards one grand picture. She conveys the picture well without too much confusing detail. She really drives home the message of the significance of her work from top to bottom. This is not only important to engage interest in the public (who funds our work) but also scientists themselves. As we are all specialists, it’s hard to really understand or appreciate others’ work unless it is explained properly.

Which leads me to the next video you posted of Bonnie! She’s right. Science shouldn’t be closed to a bunch of dead-ass boring male elitists. It’s no wonder that in the Trump era, basic research funding has been cut in the States due to this general suspicious attitude towards “experts.” Part of the blame should go to scientists themselves. We don’t make it accessible, so how can the public understand that what we are doing actually is significant? And the funny thing is, it’s not that difficult to understand it, if it is explained properly. Everybody, even those with the most minimal experience can contribute interesting ideas. And often, that is the case. Fresh eyes are what lead to discovery, not extensive knowledge, funnily enough.

So there! Here’s a case where an ENFJ could be great in a technical, supposedly dry-ass field. They make it all inspiring and shit. And that’s how it should be. Bonnie’s approach is basically to be a mouthpiece for all the talented scientists working underneath her. She’s just pitching for funding, which is singly the most important thing that will drive science anyways.

And she acknowledges her subordinates, too. That’s very rare. Most famous scientists (especially male ones - don’t even get me started :roll_eyes:) take all the fucking credit from their subordinates. That goes for Nobel laureates too. Dang, they all the same no matter where you go! So arrogant and unfair. But nope, not Bonnie! She has just the right amount of “arrogance” (more like magnanimity) whilst being fair at the same time! :star_struck: A win for Fe dominance!

I think so. Truth is, if all ENFJs decided to go into modelling and acting, we plebians would be fucked. They are capable leaders no matter what the field. And generally pretty compassionate and fair too. No ENFJs = loss of good bosses = unhappy subordinates = eventual death of field. Especially in science - INTPs, ISTJs, INTJs becoming eventual leaders? Don’t get me started on how they’re like as leaders. Their lack of social skills/charisma contributes to 60-90% of starving scientists’ suffering.

Damn, we really need ENFJs! They rock at everything. It ain’t fair.

Interestingly enough, Bonnie said that if she didn’t pursue science she would become a movie star. :wink:

Thanks for sharing your love for this incredible beast of a woman! And yeah, I’m so lucky to have met her, but she wasn’t all that lucky to meet me. :wink: I’m just an ant to her godlike presence. But to think that she was so willing to meet tiny little PhD students and have lunch with them without huffing and puffing and rolling her eyes really meant a lot to me.

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I apologize for this one-sided soliloquy of shit that most people here don’t care about. :smiley:

The point is: ENFJs are awesome.

Whatever keeps this thread alive!

Renée Zellweger

Some classic ENFJ faces inside. :relaxed:

Feel free to (non)respond when and if you want/can, no worries! That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate finding a long post here.

I’m going on a tangent here, but this reminded of PhD blogs/pages preparing students for their thesis defense and half-jokingly warning you to always be well-informed about the committee members’ own research topics, as the questions will inevitably circle back to their work and how what you did might or might not be linked to theirs. “Humm, very interesting, but are you familiar with X theory?” (X theory just happening to be their field of expertise) haha

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this! I’ll try to stop here and not drift the topic too much into a conversation about academia, because I’ve fought with the idea of doing a PhD as well and I get it (mixed feelings for life because thank you Te). Also the importance of good leaders (and mentors!), the way funding and publishing works and all the goddamn ego boosting… I might have been in a more Fe-heavy lab in social sciences, but I swear, all the complimenting and sugar coating and “that was so very interesting and thank you for a great presentation…bla bla bla” as an intro to the 5th audience member’s question was just too much!! :roll_eyes::expressionless: I did get the chance to spend a few months in an economy lab and it was full of NTs and much more refreshing. But not for me, though.
All this to say that I’m happy that there are people like you in these “dry”, technical fields and they would all benefit from more diversity and fresh perspectives.

Speaking of whom… I present you Hedy Lamarr, the perfect woman, Hollywood “bombshell” and inventor. Sadly, her brilliant mind was completely unacknowledged during her lifetime.