ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress


I think it was more of a reaction to Kanye and Kim airing her out quite honestly.


Yea…what’s up with that?? Did what they did warrant such a reaction?? I haven’t been following her that much after I realized I hated 1989…



So pretty much what went down was that Kanye released this song that referenced Taylor in some lyrics along with her wax figure cameo in the video.

There was obvious controversy over it. Kanye said that Taylor had approved of the lyrics in the song over phone, but Taylor said publicly that she never agreed and made a huge deal about it. Kim then posts a video of the phone conversation with Taylor to prove Taylor is a liar and snek. This album is probably a response to her having mad salt after being exposed.


Oh loooolllolll…

I can’t say I’m surprised though :sweat_smile:


What’s the one most telling sign of an ENFJ?


Dignity— came immediately to mind.


Do they smile always?
I realized that this is stupid question. In a way we both like cakes we are ENFJ. I want to elaborate. I had an ENFJ boss. Actually that was she who told me to take socionics test. So she is ever smiling. With very open engaging smile. Of course she has her moments of sadness. But even then she’s like come smile with me. Isn’t there some little fun in this sad moment? She also got very good team. Well that was my best workplace ever. Very comfortable. Once I asked her how could you put all these cool people together? She answered that she has good intuition. I wasn’t in function stuff then and thought it was just a joke.
Speaking of dream job once I spoke with my ISFJ friend who also worked there. She said very interesting thing. That she was feeling that was not a work at all. She felt like she is playing. I was amused because I had the same feeling. Like play IxFJ play.


When I saw this I was like, “that one I’ve never heard…maybe”. But now that I’ve had some time to think on it, I think “Pride” is a better substitute.

Of course not. :grin:

Some words I think of for all ENFJS are: adaptable, resourceful, diplomatic, physical, driven…
Blake’s article on type 3s specifically is pretty accurate of me except for some things. His article is an amalgam of all the type 3 ENFJs he’s met in his life. Although I still like to consider myself as not having one particular type, ENFJ is the closest.

I think @air and I are the last standing, active ENFJs on this site, so feel free to ask anything. I promise to answer honestly.


Yeah, but I mean that ONE tell tale sign where you just KNOW what they are. I agree with Irene. It’s probably that smile.


Okay. :banana:


For me, it’s all in the eyes. Cause some ENFJs just don’t smile, especially those goth-types that stick to their persona.



So I went through ENFP typing articles and now I think that my former boss could be ENFP. Probably ENFJs are more about that damn smile and eyes and are not ever smiling at all.


I do smile a lot at work, when I’m at work (I work from home most of the time). Work collegues would characterize me as positive, upbeat, and bubbly. It creates a nice work space.

I actually do smile a lot in general too when I’m out and about. I smile at people. There are the occasional times when I’m depressed as fuck and I don’t want to look anyone in the eye. But those seem to be few.

There’s a line in that ENFJ article where Blake says ENFJs are hard to describe because they’re all things to all people. Don’t mistake that for being a pushover though. There are some things that make me speak against the mass opinion, but for the most part, I like to keep the peace. I like happy people around me.


My boss is all about this except physical. She’s more awkward somehow in an infantile way. Like helpless in routine life so you want help her and protect her. And not femme fatale at all.


LOL dignity! I wish! Erika is right about pride taking the place of dignity. I do think, however, that ENFJs have a certain indescribable elegance thing going on. This may look like dignity (or anything else, really) in a certain context?

I smile a lot. The way Erika describes how people perceive her at work is the way people perceive me at work. I also try to make small, silly jokes to make people feel at ease. I fucking hate snobs and stuffiness.


@air & @Ankh Perhaps then it is a strive or wish for dignity I perceive. I agree with pride and you guys would know, right?


Oh yeah, totally. I’m always ambitiously striving.


Absolutely. I don’t believe us to have much dignity. We do what the situation demands. So for our or other’s purposes, it might not look like we have much dignity based on a move we make.

Me too! I love to make people laugh and smile. It’s good because people now know they can’t come to me and communally bitch about something. I’m for good times. :smile:


I still don’t get the eyes and smile thing. Does anyone have photos?