ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress


Yeah, post some pics.


@Ankh What are the types you surround yourself with IRL? I think you said somewhere you get along better with men than women. Do you attract INFJs?


I don’t surround myself with much people at all. My husband is an ISTP. My mom is probably somewhere around an ENF*. My dad is somewhere around IN*J. My sister is prob INTP. That sums it up.

Yes, I love men. I just like their energy. Women are too needy as friends. Also, women tend to fall for me. I don’t like very many people at all. And if I like them, chances are slim that I care about them. I suppose I have the capability of caring for many people, but it requires the type and work and patience that I just do not have the energy for. I don’t hate anyone though, so that’s good. That also takes too much energy.
Edit: When I say I get along with men better than women, it doesn’t mean that I have man friends. It just means that I interact with them better/freer. I’m sure it has to do with my insecurities.

Do I attract INFJs? Maybe. It depends on to what extent. I enthrall. Then it’s too much. INFJs can’t handle ENFJs. Also I’m sure I have some type(s) of psychoses. Which is not easy. So initially, INFJs look at me with curiosity and fascination. Then when they crawl inside, it’s like they go, “How long was I in there?! I should not have done that.” It’s a shame. Because I really am attracted to INFJs. Their brains first.
Edit: I think INFJs and ENFJs can be friends. It takes a lot of patience. And it takes a lot of forgiving on both sides. But I think if both the INFJ and ENFJ persevere, they can have a lifelong friendship that is meaningful.

I came back to edit this because I’m mid-cycle which means I’m feisty. Came back to smooth some edges.

What about you, @air?


@Ankh I tend to only befriend women and gay men because there have been occasions where straight men hit on me as we grow closer.

My closest friends are probably INFP, ISFJ, INTJ, and INFJ. I don’t hang out with friends often because my job requires me to interact with people who drain me. The introverts typically force me out to play!

My INFJ friend sees right through me. It’s fascinating and quite honestly a little scary. It has taken us years to develop our special friendship. One of the more interesting tidbits (to me) is that I would be a better off if I took his advice and he’d be better off if he took my advice. I can’t say that about anyone else. I’m typically so annoyed by people giving me advice.


This resonates with me very much.

There is this INTJish ENFJ (according to Blake) girl that I’ve developed a very close friendship with during past ten years. And it took a lot of patience indeed – for her to take me out of my shell and for me to accept her as she is. I recall situations where she got on my nerves big time, there are things I can forgive but not forget, but we persevered and I have gained a feeling of deep gratitude and humility regarding our relationship, because friendships like this are hard to come by.

Then there’s another ENFJ girl I know for 15 years. She’s an actress/dancer and a very good embodiment of Blake’s article on E3 ENFJs. I had a huge crush on her while still in school. The crush was so big that I actually confessed my love to her when I was 17. Which was really crazy, because I had major difficulties coming out of my inner self back then. She’s a very close friend of mine for many years now. And I cherish that as well.

And there are at least three more of these beautiful women in my life. I guess I have a thing for ENFJs. Maybe it has something to do with my mother being ENFJ and my father INFJ. I even have a “spiritual” father and “spiritual” mother in my professional field who are also INFJ and ENFJ accordingly.

Ha, even my favorite musician David Eugene Edwards is not an INFJ, but an E3 ENFJ (typed by Blake): He is very feminine (Venusian) as well. One time I was in his concert with that ENFJ actress friend and she asked me: “Is he gay?” :smiley: Oh, she loves him no less than I do.


Cannot stop thinking about ENFJ women today.

So I remembered Karin Dreijer a.k.a. Fever Ray. She might even be another INTJ-ish ENFJ, together with her fellow Swedish citizen Jonna Lee (iamamiwhoami). Her early photos gives NT vibe (choice of eyeglasses in particular).


She fascinates me tremendously.

I don’t like all of her music, but these four songs I just love:

The Knife – Pass This On || Karin is the woman who stares from the table, especially in the last seconds of the clip. She is also the one singing, though it might appear otherwise.
The Knife – You Take My Breath Away || Karin in yellow shorts.
Fever Ray – Triangle Walks || The esoteric. The face!
Röyksopp – What Else Is There? (feat. Fever Ray) || Karin makes her appearance somewhere in the middle. Again, she is the one singing, even though it looks otherwise. Live versions of this song are performed by Jonna Lee.

I also remembered this album by Nick Cave, called Murder Ballads, which I was listening to since maybe 12 years of age, before I even understood the English lyrics (which is good since it’s all about the murder). And I wonder how much less famous that album would be if not for the fact, that two songs in it are famous collaborations with two E3 ENFJ women: Henry Lee with PJ Harvey and Where The Wild Roses Grow with Kylie Minogue.


INFJ & ENFJ in a car.


It’s true, I miss you Erika.


Women are goddesses when they are friends

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I agree. :kissing_heart:


Good (sad) movie about an ENFJ.
Saw it a few days ago and it still has me kinda depressed.

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Jennifer Carpenter as Debra “I will kick your fucking nuts down your throat” Morgan. The detective type of ENFJ.


The French Eva Green as the Queen of Jerusaleum.


Jessie Buckley for the Irish.


And what about the more mature version of Romeo & Juliet, i.e. Arwen & Aragorn?

Arwen’s vision seems like a part of ENFJ mythos. In a high elven manner, perhaps.

I don’t know, maybe Arwen is INFJ. Like Galadriel.
Liv Tyler, however, is ENFJ. Like Cate Blanchett.

In the same vein as queen Daenerys from Game of Thrones (INFJ) is played by Emilia Clarke (ENFJ). Or Virginia Woolf (INFJ) was impersonated by Nicole Kidman (ENFJ).

Would like to see an INFJ acting out ENFJ sometime. It’s as if E3 can take the guise of E4, but not the other way around.

Why everybody wants to be INFJs? I wanna be E3 ENFJ!

BTW, anybody alive? Heard a rumour that @Blake is on vacation in the beaches of Australia. :grinning:


I’m here :slight_smile:
Being sent on little ventures of (re-)discovery with you type updates & posts.
I now have to see Beast…Johnny Flynn enfj male? Purely on the clip cos I thought that’s who you were pointing out at first.
Looked him up and didn’t realise this was his -

Lovely song from the Detectorists. Canny little Brit series.

Also younger bro of Jerome Flynn who I had a crush on as a teen back in the day (Soldier Soldier) GOT most recently.


No, I was only pointing at Jessie Buckley. :slight_smile:

Haven’t even consciously noticed the guy, to be frank. But now that you brought him up, there’s something ESTP-ish about him. Subtype or not, I don’t know. The redhead actress I’m familiar with from Taboo. This guy I have never seen. Haven’t watched Beast myself yet.

Him I member. So you had a crush on Bronn? :smiley:


Here’s an obvious ENFJ guy for you.