ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress


Yes. What other type can fill ENFJ’s shoes? I’d really like to see an example.

Naturally, there must be all kinds of ENFJs.

Let’s say we have a continuum of about 50 ENFJ women. Of the celebrity lot. Now for the sake of argument, let’s say that ENFJ type does form around 2% of the world population. So (hypothetically) we have about 150 million ENFJs in the world. Let’s say – 70 million ENFJ women worldwide. Be it half the number – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that those 50 women are like an ant before the elephant. Or the very tip of an iceberg, which is probably a better expression as these 50 celebrities are kind of spearheading the type. Representing the sharpest edge of it.

There must be toned down ENFJs out there as well. Actresses included.

Be it so. But what other types is there to consider? xSFP? I don’t see it. ENFJ with a mild subtype, maybe?

I agree that she’s not the shining example of the type. She’s no Naomi Watts or Cate Blanchett. Not yet or never will be. But neither will my mother. And yet she’s ENFJ nonetheless. As are more-or-less 70 million other women on this planet. And how many of them are actresses? A legion, no less.

Notice how often in movies there’s this “alpha” ENFJ actor/actress and then there’s 1-2-3-whatever more actors/actresses, that appear to be of the same type, but you just don’t care that much about them?

There’s just a lot of ENFJs in this business.

Who’s going nuts for Lauren Cohan? Or Kim Dickens? Rachel McAdams? Anna Torv? Katheryn Winnick? Ok, I guess many people do. Then what about Jennie Jacques? Yvonne Strahovski? Carmen Ejogo? Florence Pugh? Florence Who?

All these women strike me as ENFJs.

But their fame combined does not match that of Nicole Kidman.

That’s where I see Hannah New. Somewhere on the lower spectrum.

And of course,

a) I might be wrong.

b) This whole system might be inadequate.

c) I should take a break.


Ok yeah, take a breath :laughing:


Катя Шилоносова / Kate Shilonosova


Ярослава Дегтярёва / Yaroslava Degtyareva

Ain’t she a fish in Fe water. :tropical_fish:


How curious! I just discovered this little girl this last month. I love her intensity and unique voice. And she is adorable.


@Ignas, gonna put one up for you on soul albums.

Your soul albums

Ok, last one for today. Same song. Different girl.

Alina Orlova


One of my favorites. No idea what is being said.
Watching her flinch a little and maintain with aplomb.


Yeah, this girl knows what’s going on! Yet that dude treats her as if she’s some naive child. Putting a teddy-bear in her face like that. Aooo.


What about ENFJ is tempting to you? Somewhere you spoke of your mother being ENFJ and if you would start there… what about her ENFJ’ness inspires your wish to be one?
And your spiritual parent ENFJ?


Actually, I don’t want to be any other type. I’m content with what I am. Content to play the hand I’ve been dealt. That “I wanna be E3 ENFJ” utterance came out in a spirit of play and as a reaction to the commonly perceived INFJ status.

That being said, it’s true that I feel a strong connection to this type. For one, I’ve been exposed to it all my life. My mother, her brother and their mother – all three are E3 ENFJs. I see that very clearly now. And all three are very important persons in my life. So, a lot of ENFJ genes in that pool.

To some extent, I feel that ENFJ karma in my blood as well. Especially INFJ-ENFJ (parental) relation. I don’t necessarily always like it. And I definitely do not adore ENFJs. I just find them inescapable. Like karma.

I once had a dream in which I died and appeared in a kind of cosmic station in outer space. There was a huge control desk before my eyes, with many buttons and different lights twinkling. Then I’ve heard a voice: “So… What you want to do next?” And I realized that my life (all life) was (is) a virtual simulation of sorts. So now I will be reborn to do something else. I don’t remember myself answering that question then, but if asked now, I totally imagine myself saying “I wanna be E3 ENFJ”. Why not play those cards for change? :relaxed:


What are the things that stand out specifically… that have made it clear to you? When you were not sure, what held you back?


Specific features were not as important as the overall picture in this realization. They just fall into the ENFJ continuum like there’s no other for them. Also, the ENFJ looks.

What held me back? Ignorance. In other word, myself. :grinning:


Some people are easier for me… my daughter in law, for instance, ESTJ. Very little doubt there, she just makes it so easy to tick the boxes. People much closer to me I see so much of them I find it harder. She came almost fully grown and is so much like my grandma who is also ESTJ [though enneagram is probably different] that I had her placed very shortly. I leaned ISTJ to double check for a bit but I have known a couple of them too and she was louder and caused more friction, though I have come to love her even as she can be sandpaper to my soul at times. I love my grandma, too, and she me, in our more or less separate and self centered ways. We do have some common ground.
But I think I’ve got some ENFJ karma going on too. I think the E3’s are the more obvious, especially as they are often actors and observable in a big way, but I think most of mine are not E3’s and this makes it harder because the others, though they have a big presence in one’s life, are not actors, nor even very present online and the bit they are is different from one to another. You say specific features [most for me not physical though some few are] are not as important but that is what tips me off to pay more attention and delve for further clues. The heavy emotional vibe, for instance or Fe hosting. Just one of these is not enough, the way they can get me to spill or do something I would not ordinarily, but when I am seeing many of the pieces [even when like the hearts they can first appear to be made of different experiences] they do form this continuum you speak of. Or maybe I am just pulling recognizable bits from the continuum…? I guess I am asking what some hints or landmarks are, that suggest you are swimming in the ENFJ continuum?
Dang, I hope you can make your way through that…


Curriculum vitae is a good start.

My uncle’s case was a no-brainer as he’s a very good embodiment of Blake’s article on E3 ENFJs (“everything all the time”). Avant-garde musician who improvised his way through probably all the possible musical genres. Plus a total Romeo. Also an avid reader and a VERY charismatic speaker. Kind of an ENFJ erudite. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry style. The latter’s “Wisdom of the Sands” is probably the most beautiful book written by an ENFJ.

My mother is one of those motherly/teacherly types of ENFJs who can play the charismatic leader card whenever she needs or wants to. Right now I’d type her myself at once, but she was typed as E3 ENFJ by Blake, back when I was ignoramus.

My grandma is harder to explain. There’s just no other option for her. Everything points to ENFJ mythos. Plus the old photos: fuckin’ beautiful. I guess what makes it harder for me to explain her ENFJ-ishness is that she is definitely not a healthy example of one. Hard life.


Amelia Reardon (Carmen Ejogo)

Teacher. Wife. Storyteller. Ni dom husband just couldn’t handle her.

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Saoirse Ronan


I think Emilia Fart is an enneagram 3 ENFJ. She’s killing the YouTube shit.

I can’t remember my fave Emilia videos, but I feel like using this video to introduce you to her.

I think she is going through Saturn retrograde right now. Um, she’s a Sag sun. Her astro stuff is somewhere on line. She know’s the time she was born (yay!).

Now, my next gal, I’m a little unsure about her.

She either a 3 ENFJ or a 3 ENFP.

I’m like, 95% ENFJ and 5% ENFP.

I figure she has too much intensity and use of Ni-Se axis to be an ENFP, but I think her Ne id is hyperactive to the point she can give an ENFP vibe at times…

But yeah, she’s Billie Eilish.

Image result for billie eilish interview

I don’t know what video to link. Eh, this one!

She has that whole, “I always want to change and never want to sound the same” thing going on… So, could be that ENFJ everything all the time thing going on. But I almost feel like she tends to stay in the same place so, maybe the way she is evolving is eluding me.

She’s young, so only time will tell.

She has tourettes as well, so, maybe hints at Fe id of ENFP? Id can’t be controlled anyway.

I side eye her. Cara Delevinge was dubbed an ENFP on here, so I tend to think Billie and Cara are the same type. They both are fire Suns with Aqua moons.

Ya see? Same kinda eye vibe going on.

So they could be the same type, or they could be weird anomalies of their type that look a like.

Possibilities :slight_smile:.

But yes, this is my contribution to the ENFJ woman thread :metal:.


She’s ESFJ.