ENFJs Gettin' to Know Each Other


Hey real,

Let’s make this our public hang out to ask questions and “stuff”. Maybe by the pure presence of this thread, we will attract more ENFJs to come out of hiding (playing).

Hi Everyone! @iamrl and I are type 3 ENFJs. Here is a handy article on what that means according to the shades of cool (Blake). Also, below are two other articles from Mr. Shades which give more details on type 8s. See the difference? See the similarities?

Difference INFJ/ENFJ, females
Introduce Yourselves!

So @iamrl,

Why the hell are you going after your masters in microbiology? Do you like the title “scientist”? You like to work with weapons of micro destruction? What gives?

Also, tell me naughty things. Cause I know you have naughty things inside that pretty head of yours.

And since you started…why are you unsatisfied?



Great idea @Ankh!! Also I love that avatar…it’s so deliciously dangarous…

I really liked science research when I was an undergrad because the idea of being on the new frontiers of science was so exciting…and I also was captivated by how big of an influence these weapons of micro-destruction could have…

Okay and fine…you got me…I definitely have a thing for making analytical scientist type people less uptight. But I don’t like being super tense myself :smirk: (Maybe when I feel a little more comfortable I’ll unleash more of my dark naughty thoughts…)

But yeah…it’s a trainwreck waiting to happen. There are three options I’m considering now that I’ve realized that I’m not suited for scientific research and that I’ve been secretly unhappy for 3 years but denying it ever so effectively…

  1. Going to med school and getting a job as Dr. Real-Strangelove :sunglasses: Gotta help perserve those precious bodily fluids you know…

  2. Taking my TA experience and landing a gig as that boarding school teacher who dates all the other hot, male teachers :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Flipping off the new administration and becoming an environmental activist because science!

What about you? What’s bothering you lately??



Also how do I like your post @Ankh?? I want to like it and then unlike it so I can like it a thousand times more lool…


Oh, damn. You ARE an ENFJ. All you said, kinda spot on.

What’s bothering me lately?? Actually, I’m on the upswing. I’m actually facing the fact that I’m unhappy. I’m a really good liar - especially to myself…I think? You say something very similar…

So now, I have blueprints scattered all over the floor with big plans for the next couple years. But yeah, it’s good you’re figuring out your unhappy now and not later, when you’re knees deep in shit.

I’m really glad to meet you! Thanks for coming here and contributing your perspective on the FoRuM.

The reason I had impulsively suggested you are not an ENFJ is because of what you used to dream of. Prince Charming. That is a form of entrapment that ENFJs do not like. HOWEVER, we do like to place ourselves in difficult situations to see how we can maneuver ourselves out. Maybe we’re like Houdini? Way more depressing though. Haha. I used to dream about eating men. Being alone. I never imagined sharing my life with someone. But sadly, I got the herp from my hymen buster, so I figured - I’m stuck here. He marked me. I’m damaged goods. But I’ve slowly regained my confidence over the years and slowly faced the realization that what I dreamed of, I’m afraid of.

And maybe that’s the big conundrum for ENFJs. Facing their fears and becoming what they want to be, not what the world wants them to be. Which is what the universe destines them to be. Because I’m sure you’ll agree, Fe is a blessing and a curse.


Haha! I noticed the same thing a while back. I can’t “like” on my computer, but I can like on my phone.


Good movie.


That’s awesome!! Go you!

Okay I feel slightly uncomfortable sharing this but I will…I did dream of Prince Charming. But that’s not the full story.

I dreamed of finding this perfect man (he had to be Prince Charming or the triumph wouldn’t be so sweet) and then marking him so irreversibly he just has to stick with me for eternity…and I could come and go whenever I want…but he would become a Rapunzel in the tower…he could do anything he wanted, as long as he stayed obsessed with me…in fact, the more power and influence he amassed, the better…because I’d know at the end of the day that I was the sun he orbited around…

Hahaaha I guess what I wrote above could be written this way too :smiley_cat:

Wow…I don’t know what I could say to this that wouldn’t sound cliche…but I feel proud on behalf of the enfjs that you’re becoming such a confident badass even in the face of trying life situations…

Honestly, if I were a man I’d marry you…who doesn’t like a little crazy to spice up their home life?? Boredom is a slow dull death…


It’s funny because I’m not that aware of my Fe…but when you put it that way, the fact that Fe is what compels us to become what the world wants us to be instead of what we want to be…it feels so much more true than anything else I’ve read about these cognitive functions…


It’s my favorite! :yum:


Good girl!!! I’m telling you - it helps for us to get things OUT. [quote=“iamrl, post:8, topic:170”]
Honestly, if I were a man I’d marry you…who doesn’t like a little crazy to spice up their home life?? Boredom is a slow dull death…

Thank you! And I agree about boredom. Boredom not good for us. But we’re usually good at creating our own fun. :smiling_imp:

Yay! I’m doing a happy dance, cause I met a cool chick!


Thanks!! I used to keep a journal to write down spontaneously weird stuff…but then work got in the way and I was too busy science-ing…maybe I should pick up that habit again…

Muahaaha for sure! I was always one of the busiest undergrads at school…I just had to be doing something or the other or I’d shrivel up from boredom :smiling_imp:

Yes, happy dance!! Ahh it’s so awesome that I got to meet someone who instinctively understands me like this!! People usually look at me so strangely when I let one of these things slip…


Oooo! I want to suggest doing this, yes - but also don’t throw them away. I would write in journals and then throw them away because I thought some things were too bad to be on paper. I was afraid my husband would find them. Don’t throw them away!! You will be throwing yourself away with that journal.

Gurl, you’re safe with me. Safe among the danger. :smiling_imp:

This will be the ENFJ thing now. To be sweet, but to insert demon emojis into our text. Muahaha!


wow, do ENFX have the strongest emotional strength?

they all seem happy from the outside

is Beyonce ENFJ?

you guys are some strong woman :muscle::princess:

i can see a lot of ENFJ women being a good role model for younger women

someone who they can look up to, someone who always (try to) stay strong and positive no matter what circumstances.


Would keeping digital journals be better then?? Because I could see how I’d want to throw away some of my more scandalous entries too…

Sometimes I feel like I can just burn away all my dirty portions and be an angel but then I remember…I’d be killing a part of myself…so I need to learn just leave it as it is and love it instead.

I will be inspired by your newfound confidence!! Let’s make our blueprints for the next couple of years together…


What are you talking about?? I’m always sweet…I would never think about being anything other than a good girl!!



We’re sexy women.


:kissing_heart: @Ankh you beat me to it!! Was going to reply with something similar to @supernokturnal


That’s up to you, but I like the feeling of writing. Holding something. Turning the page. Seeing my handwriting change mid-page, like a psychopath. [quote=“iamrl, post:14, topic:170”]
I’d be killing a part of myself…so I need to learn just leave it as it is and love it instead.

Yes, totally.

Hmmmm…this gives me bad (good) ideas. :smiling_imp:

Okay, now you’re scaring me. AND I LOVE IT!!!


Ah that’s true…maybe you could come up with some fantastic code for your entries so snooping spouses wouldn’t be able to figre them out!!

NO WAY your handwriting changes midpage too?? That’s so crazy. You know how you can analyze handwriting for personality traits? Maybe we all secretly have alter egos…:ghost: I wanna name mine Frankenstein…

Now I’m getting some good bad ideas too :smiling_imp: Hit me with what you got…

YES!!! I love it!! This feels so incredible!


First, I have to say: I think I’m in love with you.

OMG. Do you like monsters? Hmm… I’d have to name my alter ego: Flappy a.k.a. Batty a.k.a. Vampire a.k.a Dracula.

MUAAHAHA. I mean…tehehe. You tell me first.


is she an ENFJ?

i think you guys should check out this new show

13 Reasons Why

basically a show about her telling 13 reasons why she killed herself.

it’s pretty damn good