ENFJs Gettin' to Know Each Other

Eek, this could be my fault. I knew I was taking a gamble by mentioning the re-assignments. Either way, I felt like I would confuse people. So I just metaphorically flipped a coin.

To be clear, when I mentioned “re-assignments” I was referring to Blake’s neat system of matching up astrological zodiac SIGNS to Myers-Briggs cognitive functions. This was previously done by linking the element (fire/earth/air/water) and modality (fixed/cardinal/mutable) of each sign to the basic Jungian function (intuition/sensation/thinking/feeling) and orientation (introverted/extraverted/ambiverse) of each function, respectively. This was the simple but elegant theory behind the assignment of zodiac SIGNS to MB cognitive functions in v1.0.

FYI, the re-assignments do NOT refer to the correspondences between planets/astrological houses and MB function positions - these associations still apply as of now. The same goes for MB function positions and definitions - which again, remain relatively unchanged as of today.

The only change that has occurred is the assignment of zodiac signs to MB cognitive functions!

And the new assignments/v2.0 have NOT been published yet!!

So everything I wrote to @GLASS in those three posts refers to the old way (v.1.0) of linking zodiac signs to MB cognitive functions. I only mentioned a v2.0 coming out, in case it would cause confusion not to make a forewarning before I release the notes.

Normative ids and deep ids have been in the SM MB “function stack” since the beginning, and still apply as of now. And the normative id still corresponds to the implied astrological moon, while the deep id still corresponds to an implied 12th house. However, the corresponding implied planet for the deep id is still not clear at this point (either Saturn or Pluto).

And no, the implied moon for the normative id of an MB type is not the same as the moon subtype. Anyone can have any of the 16 MB archetypes as his/her moon subtype, but the implied moon and 12th house for the normative and deep id, respectively, for a given sun MB type will always be the same.

I really wish I could be clearer, but this is as much time allows me these days!

Now I’m pretty motivated to release the notes at my soonest convenience.

I will just give a brief preview clarifying that perhaps the v1.0 and v2.0 zodiac sign-to-MB-function assignments should be re-titled as the intuition-based and sensation-based zodiac sign-to-MB-function assignments, respectively. Blake briefly hinted at it in his second post in this comment in the main article here, introducing two types of zodiac: Ni-based (causal-plane/theoretical/ideal) and Se-based (earthly/actual).

I suppose it will all be clear when I plainly write down the assignments, comparing the v1.0 (or theoretical/intuition-based) to v2.0 (actual/sensation-based) zodiac-signs-to-MB-functions/types conversions. I will attempt to spell it out clearly for each version.

I’m sorry if I confused you all! :pray: It must be the INTP Mercury subtype and work environment influences on me.

Do ask questions for clarifications, but I may have to hold off on answering some of them until I release those damn assignments!


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I decided in the end to announce a re-edit. I really didn’t want to encourage people to do what I’m doing or get blocked from posting anything at all out of fear of being “Ti-wrong” or making typos. People should feel encouraged to learn and participate. However, it didn’t sit right with me to make relatively “official” announcements that have bits that absolutely don’t make any fucking sense at all. So in a case like this, I had to do it, I’m sorry guys. :pray:



I’m limiting the re-edit to this one only.

OK, bedtime. This 1 minute timelimit-to-edit is driving my Ti/Si paranoia up through the fucking roof. :imp:

Isn’t projection of Ni what prophets practice then? @schlopadoo

and also yes I understand what you are conveying; it’s kinda difficult from the inside looking out looking back in again LOL

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Just Ni itself seems like prophet business to me. I think the ideal prophet would be able to “receive” Ni in the form of psychic visions/insights, and then “transmit” (or project) Ni via loaded, impactful sermons that can infiltrate the mass’s psyche with very potent images. Huge stage presence and charisma would also fit into the Ni projection business of prophets.

I’d say INFJs or ENFJs are best fit to be prophets, with the most ideal prophets being perhaps INFJ suns with ENFJ rising or ENFJ suns with INFJ moon. Having both types in one’s makeup (with one definitely being in the sun position) would best confer this ability to both “receive” and “transmit/project” Ni, which are best achieved by Ni being placed in the dominant and auxiliary positions, respectively.

Now if we’re talkin’ mediumship in which, say, a shaman becomes seized by a spirit(s)/god(s), then I think that would be complete Ni possession, rather than projection. In a state like that, I’d imagine one’s entire personality structure/Self would need to be (temporarily) eliminated or transcended to allow the rawest, purest manifestation of Ni to entirely take over. But I’ve never actually seen this shit in person or read much about it myself! :cold_face:

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Yes; I’m able to tell the types in earth; actuality very easily. I work with an INFJ sun i’m pretty positive ( She reminds me of my aunt who is an INFJ)
and yes the reception of NI is becoming more and more unmistakable to me; I try to hint infj who don’t really have the knowledge into the right direction with my own NI projection. I’m more so on the projection of NI than the receiving, but I can receive NI exceptionally well as you coached me into the direction with your rising and I was able to translate my spiritual visions to you in the posts.

yes the spirituality of intuition is unmistakable. I do believe jesus was an INFJ sun. those infj TE is so mighty isn’t it? they do have this masculine side which is always fun to play with; to me… enfj is a lot more feminine. the type 3 ENFJ obviously. these enfj 8 are actually lowballed by blake. If ENFJ 8 gives a shit about you and you fuck them over consider yourself fucked
the two enneagram of the enfj makes one hell of a difference.
but anyway yes; I’m so spiritual now it’s like physical earth things absolutely disgust me. I’m becoming more reclusive and disgusted by humans in a way; and more blind to materialistic things. meditations and crystals give me peace and I feel increasingly closer to the prophet archetype or the fucking madman; It’s cool that enfj can dance with me in these planes they truly are in tuned to this NI. but they can’t project it so it makes me feel some type of way sometimes…
but i’m glad that we connect on this level with intuition @schlopadoo
sometimes it feels like I’m just watching the world do the wrong shit all the fucking time; then INFJ comes along like a helping hand

I remember I was told INFJ and ENFJ are similar
and it’s amazing how similar they actually are, it’s so interesting
they is this shadowy overlay with the two types.
sometimes I feel like I can see “ Light Bodies “ of people or like the spirit of them. It’s sortve like looking through them. but then something stays. It’s like looking at the persons soul.
whenever I come across infj in that way
it’s like they look like a sunshine.
they’re eyes are bright; and receptive to some psychic shit yknow
then you see the spirit in the bottom of that introjection, and it’s so dark
like a dark woman
a woman wearing an all black gown
with no eyes it’s just pitch black
so black that it absorbs everything else
it’s fascinating.
Enfj is i’m guessing opposite when it gets this deep; enfj doesn’t run that deep usually. they like put whatever that is “ on “ like they wear it
and obviously in earth/physical existence it doesn’t seem that deep/dark

maybe it can idk; just a brainstorm

I guess it’s acted.
like the capabilities of acting in that realm.
like not being hovered over by this overtone of spirit, but being being possessed by it; maybe INFJ are too I wouldn’t doubt it at all
maybe that’s that torture of them

@schlopadoo do you see where i’m coming from?

I wonder what intuition in the inferior looks like; if the inferior is equaled to the dominant wouldn’t that make estp and esfp kindve intuitive? but they’re intuition is so different.

that’s a different conversation

SHIT, that’s some dramatic intensity right there. :fire:

Yes, I think I got you :kissing_heart:

It’s funny, because Blake told me at some point that the moon type indicates the sun type that one feels a particular tenderness for. Could be friendship or marriage or whatever, but yeah. I can kinda sorta feel the INFJ L-O-V-E. from you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Gotta be careful, though, because intuition can take you to loony land as well. I personally think that too much of a bias favouring one end of an opposition leads to warped and immature expression of that very same favoured function. I think the highest expression of intuition can be achieved when the opposite polarity point (sensation) is integrated. There needs to be some sort of feedback from each other. Lead by intuition but check if intuitive impulses are backed by reality. Use reality as a bouncing board to yield intuitive insights. Repeat. Re-iterate.

I see too much polarisation these days of N-ers and S-ers, denouncing and caricaturing each other other, projecting onto each other… Leads to fights, wars, and degraded expression of the intuition/sensation functions on both ends. Not good. If at all, the two sides should attempt to cooperate with each other and listen, or engage in healthy debate.

I’m not really sure if Blake agrees with me here, but that’s just my opinion.

…Anyways, this all leads me to say that I think you should be careful when you say things like this:

Go ahead and live out the spiritual life, but make sure you take care of yourself once in a while. Sometimes you will see the God in material things as well. Your body itself is a temple. Sex, food, etc all have a holy aspect to them. Makes me think of Japan, which espouses the attitude of treating EVERYTHING as a God to respect. Like the chair is a God too. So is the art of folding clothes. Those would be extreme examples, but the point is that there is a beauty to sensation, too.

Perhaps there is a God at every level, although maybe some Gods are more important than others. :grinning:

Continuing onwards…

I’d say that in general, INFJs are just flexible chameleons that can shape shift into anything. Sometimes they’ll embody the feminine, sometimes the masculine, sometimes something more neutral, etc etc.

Also depends on what we mean by feminine. I’d say the feminine (the chthonic) in its truest form is probably this:

A pussy ABSORBS and DEVOURS. And that’s Fi, especially in the id position. It’ll suck you in. It’s a mystery. A portal to a realm that men or society cannot understand. It’s an untamed forest that just grows and grows and drips. This is perhaps the truest (and darkest) nature of femininity. :smiling_imp: And INFJs have this extreme feminine nature stemming from their Fi id. And so would INFJ moon types too.

I think E3 ENFJs are more “feminine” not in that Fi id “dark woman” way, but in the more popularly accepted way: the Venusian. Venus appeals and attracts. Perhaps women have two sides to them - 1) the surface level, which is Venus, the beautiful MASK of harmonious proportions that women don to hoodwink and attract men; you know, the gorgeous hair, seductive mannerisms, colourful makeup, shiny jewellery and tantalising curves, and 2) the truer form which lurks underneath, which is chthonic Fi - that dark, messy, pussy lair which threatens to overpower men and entrap them into the female womb.

E3 ENFJ women would embody the feminine in that Venusian way, which is the form that perhaps most shit-scared men would prefer to see and fetishise. The Venus (The Woman) that attracts Mars (The Man).

Which then leads to this:

E8 ENFJ men may be the ultimate Mars to the ultimate Venus, which is E3 ENFJ. If E3 ENFJ women want to attract, E8 ENFJ men want POWER. Shit, it’s about power! And perhaps it’s the combination of Mars and Pluto which is embodied by E8 ENFJ men. Because it ain’t just about pure physical power for the E8 ENFJ, but also power at a whole 'nother level, which is this raw and amoral, violating force of nature. Urrrggghhh! If you’re in their vicinity, you will be fucked. Literally and/or figuratively. There will no choice here! :smiling_imp:

And yeah, maybe Blake kinda lowballed them, but I’m sure he wants to suck their dicks, too. I don’t blame him. I am in awe of these delicious beasts. :smirk:

But I’m also shit scared of them. Perhaps it is the fear that makes me want them more.

…See? I’m a bad influence. You said you wanted to do away with material things. Here I am being a very earthly being indeed. :innocent:

Anyways, if you’re E3 ENFJ sun with INFJ moon, I’d say you have that dark woman inside your soul trapped inside that Venusian E3 ENFJ body. :rose: :new_moon:

I have the last part continuing onwards, but I do have some shit to do, just to warn ya.

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