ENFJs versus ENFPs


I’ve always been a little confused by the difference between enfjs and enfps…we’ve said before that the id function is so strong and often the first impression that people get of you is of the id function…especially if you’re not using your aux which is a common occurrence :wind_blowing_face:

So in practice how do Fe dom-Ne id and Ne dom-Fe id show themselves differently??

enfjs: @Ankh @Jennie @analoguelife
enfps: @Carolina

Please share your thoughts enfx party army and the rest of the Starlings too :kiss:


Oh that’s interesting about the first impression.

This is how I see the ENFP id. Let’s say a group of people are building sand castles. Ne is really good at going and getting new sand. I guess Fi aux SHOULD be utilizing that sand on your own sandcastle. But Fe id will distribute that sand on others sandcastles without really making sure they wanted more sand, or something like that (to illustrate, it was really hard for me to not say that they needed more sand even if they didn’t want it, even in this make believe hypothetical!) So balanced Ne-Fi: awesome sandcastle with lots of sand and creative use of it. Unbalanced Ne-Fe id: Not enough sand for own sand castle and pissing people off.


The feeling of an ENFJ is like standing next to a Clydesdale. You want it to be happy and preferably to like you, cause it is awesome, beautiful and also cause it has big hooves and large teeth.
With an ENFP it feels fluttery [I have said birds before] like being surrounded by something with wings, lightning bugs or butterflies or birds, dragonflies. They will dance around you if they like you, but like something winged, not for very long and they are off again. Openhearted, can be breathtaking and ethereal, but also slight and wind driven.


I feel like I get this…but then I don’t haahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: can you give examples??

What really started this was when @piggie said Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why was an enfp instead of enfj…I didn’t understand why :no_mouth:


@Carolina and @TinyYellowTree, I enjoyed reading your posts thank you.

@iamrl, I’m still trying to figure it all out as well. I’ve had a few glimpses of understanding… I have a feeling it will click for us soon.


Yeah, @iamrl, I wonder about this a lot too, though more on a theory level than on a practical level of typing people. There’s actually a lot of cross-over in this function stack, if one is working with the ‘stellarmaze’ type schematic (and therefore including id and superego functions). It’s not just the dominant and the id that are swapped between these two types, but the whole dominant-inferior pairing and the id-superego coupling. I think it results in a lot of similarities in the descriptions of those two types. If you haven’t already, check out Blake’s article on the Type 3 ENFJ, including the comments section- there’s some discussion of this.

As far as typing actual people to distinguish ENFP from ENFJ, the easier heuristic to use may be the visibility of the aux-tertiary pair. For example, in practice, I try to look for how believably I think an ENFX could pull of being/seeming overpowering and intimidating (especially just by ‘presence,’ not through conversation, status, etc.), or could do the camera stare-down that actors, actresses, and musicians all seem to attempt in photo shoots. Some of them just look demure and friendly, no matter how hard they’re smize-ing. I think XNFPs would have a hard time really seeming legit dangerous. I think it’s also the middle functions that are most of the source of the ENFJ femme fatale attribution, or ‘initiator into mysteries’ role. People I’ve seen typed as ENFPs seem to come up as girl next door; maybe manic pixie dream girl; lovable, non-threatening weirdo.

For what it’s worth, when I first saw/ heard of Katherine Langford (13 Reasons), I also though she was ENFP. She kind of reminds me of the girl in question in the thread “is this gal an INTJ,” who seemed ENFP or EXFP to me. But I really am very bad at typing people, so take that with a grain of salt. Do check out Blake’s article, if you haven’t already.


Thanks for the detailed answer!! :smiley: Could you elaborate on the way you look for presence?? For example what can you see from these two pictures (I think Charlize Theron is enfj so I put her there as a comparison…)

Katherine Langford:

Charlize Theron:

@Jennie We’ll figure it out soon!! Hopefully lool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


One of these girls is an ENFP and one is ENFJ (as far as I can tell, at least)

There is some similarity between them in physical features, but, one is an ENFP and one is an ENFJ. See the difference? Feel the difference?

Nikki Glaser (comedienne)

Naomi Watts (actress)


Ha, this is fucking hilarious. Nikki Glaser (and comedic counterpart, Sara) attend a lingerie convention. More evidence. ENFJ or ENFP?

And here is Naomi Watts in a scene from the movie Mulholland Drive. Her character (Betty) is auditioning for a role. ENFJ or ENFP?


Haaahaha the minute I saw that Nikki Glaser was a comedienne and Naomi Watts an actress…I knew :wink:

I think my problem is that in theory it seems really easy to distinguish the core essence of the types but I really struggle with it in practice…for people who seem to present as a weird hybrid between the two how do you ever possibly differentiate??


Give me an example of someone you consider to be a weird hybrid between the two types.

Also, there are ENFJ comedians. I can think of two of the top of my head. Both men, and both enneatype 8 ENFJ rather than enneatype 3 ENFJ, but, nonetheless…

And they funny as a motherfucker!

But, to not get off topic here, give me an example of the ENFJ-ENFP hybrid and let’s look at it. :eye:


I can’t find a famous one, but I have a friend who’s either enfp or enfj and I just can’t tell at all…let me think about who could be a famous example :eyes:


Ummm what about…Cara Delevingne?? People seem to think she’s enfp but she seems a little too badass with a little too much of that intimidating presence.

Finding the perfect example everyone can reference is so hard :dizzy_face:


OK, what about the girl in this movie clip? The one with the pink hair. She strikes me as maybe what you mean by the hybrid type of ENFJ-ENFP.


Sure, how would you tell whether she’s enfp or enfj??

(On a side note I was laughing throughout at the hilariously done special effects…where did you even find this lool!?)


I like how Nikki’s mom’s excuse for anal was “on accident!” Like that makes it better MOM!


First, what do you think she is? And why?

Don’t ask me where I got this from. It’s somewhere in my memory from some kid interaction type thing. If you think I’d watch something like this of my own accord…

well, I might. :zipper_mouth:


And here’s a link to some grown up pictures of the actress (Taylor Dooley) who played Lava Girl (girl with the pink hair in above clip). Check those out too and tell me if you see ENFJ-ENFP hybrid thing and which you think she is from all that info. If you think she is either, that is. If you think she is something else, then tell that as well, and also why.


I want to say enfj because that glare, the confidence, the cool factor…but wait aren’t enfps really good at making things look cool?? :no_mouth: O the struggle!!

As an adult she looks purposeful and sensual…as a teenager, very bubbly and bright…so it sounds about right to me.

Ok then I won’t pry :coffee:


Hahaaha yeah I agree…that’s just…eww…too much info!!

How does one even do it by accident!? :open_mouth: