Enneagram 4 sx


Any 4 sx’s here? I revisited this article after 6 months and felt delightfully roasted again reading it. Maybe some of you can identify, or disagree?



I’m sp/sx 4, so I can relate to some of it. But I think these behaviors only manifest if my sp primary instinct is frustrated. Otherwise, not so much.

@SoundDesiign maybe you can tell us more about how you identify with it?


I’m a 4 sx and I definitely identify with it.


Wow I really let this slide. Apologies.

Literally everything.

Been having this article in my headspace since I posted it and I’ve realized envy is literally a fundamental part of how I operate. Feeds into my 3 wing and into my artistic endeavors. I don’t agree that I consciously have other people suffer because of my suffering, but I can see how some unconscious behaviors result in that.