ENTP vs. INFJ or similar:


At @Ignas’ request. I thought this could be fun.

I don’t want this to be an us vs. them topic. I want us to explore each other and each other’s type.



How do we start? :slight_smile:


I don’t know. Tell me something interesting about you. Anything.


Am I excluded from this conversation? I like to talk metaphysics if that’s the direction this takes.


Bloody scythers! :scissors: That is not quite what I requested, but I guess there’s no choice now. We kind of had the discussion already going and now those posts are somewhere else.

I’m a freak, you see. For example, all I think about right now is that fucking colon in the title. Why! :eyes: I have to say though, your writing style is quite neat. I like neat.

Anyway, I’m busy now but will definitely chime in later :slight_smile: :


Bloody hell, well I don’t think I’m that interesting.

This won’t pertain to all INFJs but some random stuff about me.

  1. I can seem really bitchy, harsh, and just plain direct, but I can flip flop immediately to super hyper, childlike, and expressive. There is no middle ground. This is probably atypical of INFJs (If I am one; :P)

  2. It seems like ENTPs like it when I get angry or competitive. They like it when I express that bitchy side of myself because it seems more like the real me.

  3. I’m fucking stupid with words. I’m TERRIBLE. In that sense I don’t feel like INFJ. Thing don’t register the right way when I learn things. I’m very INFPish in that sense. I often get basic things wrong and difficult things correct. As much as I point out how others may not have real Ti, sometimes I don’t see this in myself. The truth is I run on intuition and feelings, and I try to mask them with Ti or at least try to use Ti to justify or give form to what I intuit. You see, I am a scientist working in one of the most competitive institutes in the world. I look at all the other ISTJs, ISTPs, and all the NTs working there. And I feel dumb. Just dumb. We know the same things but I arrive at them through a strange path. When I was a child, I was good at maths and was faster than anybody in the room, but I was operating on auto-pilot. Not really thinking. Same thing with music. I was always using a really weird, unsustainable technique that yielded a really nice and beautiful sound. I could never really follow exact instructions on what technique I must use; I just somehow go with the flow and do it until it becomes correct. So how does this connect with me being bad with words? I don’t know.

You see, schloopy is bad at reading (ADD? some very slight learning disorder?), but if she tries, she can write. But writing isn’t easy with schloopy either because everything works and registers in a weird, twisted, non-linear way. Cause shloopy is very bad with words. Words don’t register. I hated reading as a child. I could never follow word after word or sentence after sentence. Things weren’t translating in a linear process like everybody else. My mother thought I was terrible at reading comprehension, but over time, I finally got it. But it’s a painful nonlinear process, and slow. My mind was always going somewhere else. :upside_down_face: I told this to my ENTP friend and he thought I was overexaggerating and dramatizing things that are normal to all people. But the thing is I never felt normal in my life. Ever.

  1. Things that would hurt normal people and make them cry don’t affect me consciously. I don’t cry. I don’t show any conscious signs of real sadness or empathy, but I am affected in some sort of way - broken, but not conscious of being broken. I’ve been hurt very deeply several times but not once have I ever consciously felt it. Small things that annoy me or affect me do incur big reactions from me, though. I’m often half-joking around though (kind of like RumDawg), and most people don’t seem to get it. I don’t reveal my truest feelings; sometimes I’m not even aware of it because I don’t cry, I just move on (even though I haven’t). But it’s there, and if I don’t express it, I feel like I’m about to drown. The problem is I feel like half the time, I am like a robot. I can perform like the best-oiled machine, but the moment I try to reconcile with my deepest feelings, I feel stuck and locked and totally disoriented. I feel almost incapable of sublimating them. I suppose this has something to do with my very T-ish astrology. I’m also far from being a well developed INFJ.

I’ve said enough about myself and now I feel pretty self-absorbed and all. I kind of feel very stupid now. I’m a stupid, self-absorbed, self-advertising goddamn millenial.


I know this feeling from the inside, but I think it is less true than we feel, on the outside for other people. I love seeing everyone here write, I don’t care if it is about them, it is enlightening.
I feel like everyone INFJ, is better at understanding why this thing or that makes them INFJ. Giving examples of yourself though is what makes you INFJ. No, shit, botching this. Will let you type then I’ll try again.
I watch Boom Shikha, and she is also good at the maths and technology. I suck at those and yet have really good reading comprehension. Those I feel are genetic/nurture/nature differences.
I am also very sexual, feel way more than most here. But not an ENFJ, I know this.
And I am so proud and envious that you are a scientist. I love science, I just never thought I had the memory for it. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was young.
My posts feel like rockslides to me…


Now one more thing to top it off to all that self-indulgence.

I’ve had one ENTP friend in my entire life. And he is much older than me, more experienced in life, and a bit more tortured than your average ENTP. He is a Virgo and Scorpio rising, so he’s a slightly atypical ENTP but nevertheless still an ENTP.

We get along together like peanut butter and jelly (such an American invention - all you Americans I’m judging you and now I’m judging my past American self). We also fight a lot and argue over stupid things, but it’s always good fun. None of these fights matter because in some sense, I feel like we mutually understand each other. We have this mutual understanding that we are completely different creatures that can’t be possessed by the other. We’re a great duo! We fight like an old couple.

So our fights. My ENTP friend pissed me off many times because sometimes he’s just plain fucking rude! And sometimes I need my sores to be licked and he just won’t lick 'em but rather make them worse, frankly. This has strained our relationship a few times, but through talking it out everything became A-OK as the 'Muricans would say it. ENTP friend operates on logic. He doesn’t understanding coddling feelings or petting you moreso than making you stronger.

I once told my ENTP friend a big problem I faced around the turn of my adolescence, and he showed zero signs of sympathy that any other normal human being (except for ENTJs) would show. He just said, “laugh at them! hahahaha, laugh at them!” What the fuck? Has he ever been hurt before?! Does he know what is pain? Psychological pain?!

He also has the biggest impulse to spread his shit. It’s just the way he works. He’s mad. For some reason this helps him concentrate.


Ahhh, why did you delete? I liked your post!


Having one of those moments. Took a walk with the dogs. Breathed. Putting it back.


Haha. I looked at the colon. It bothered me. And then I thought I’d fuck with you by leaving it exactly the way I copy and pasted it. Gives it the flavor.


Hell nah. Metaphysics is my shit!


Looks like the only real differences between you and I is confidence and emotions. What I have you lack and what I lack you have. To be honest, I prefer my deficiencies to yours. But I’ve had many of the same thoughts (and experiences broadly) you’ve had and I find your self-deprecation attractive. Keep hating yourself. It seems to be the source of your greatness.


No. These things don’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if ENTPs naturally lack this or have learned to suppress it somewhere along the way to the point of non-existence. I have massive empathy and hate to see people hurt. But most people hurt too easily. I think it’s their over obsessed egos mascarading as viable pain because it feels safer to pretend that it actually hurts than it does to reason through it and solve it. When ENTPs are born…we go through ego death. First time I tripped on shrooms it was already familiar.

Te-id (Must be 10 Characters)

I’m a Gemini btw. Can anyone tell me what that means in relation to my type? Born May 25th, 1988. I often feel abstract and surreal. Like I’m here to be an ambassador. Not human. But then I just assume it’s some Messiah complex or something from recognizing that I’m different but in a way most people would love to be. Then I think, “Why am I so weird?”. That humbles me again and I start to enumerate my flaws until I feel human. Then I think, “This is bullshit. I’m fucking incredible. Let’s wear it proudly and fly that freak flag!”. It works for awhile, until I cross the line and become a kid again who was just trying to have fun and didn’t mean to set the world on fire. Then I work overtime to atone. All smiles and fire. Lots of fire. Passion. I am Prometheus.


They suppress it. I know a couple of ENTPs (including my most recent ex) who have been through a lot of hard shit. It doesn’t seem to affect them for very long and they bounce back immediately, but over time that Fi stuff piles up and starts to drag them down if they don’t employ Fi-minimums and actually sit with their feelings now and then instead of just suppressing it ASAP and moving onto the next interesting fun thing. It’s similar to the Enneagram 7 problem if you know about that.

Basically, what I see is that eventually unconsciously running away from Fi interferes with their Ti, because they’re essentially blocking out internal information that they need for the Ti to come to an accurate analysis. And/or even when they do come up with the right analysis with Ti, they make the wrong decisions to immediately gratify Fe. At some point, external shit starts falling apart and not working the way that they want; it’s no longer fun and all these negative consequences start piling up that they can’t run away from. They try to id-Te through it, which usually causes more trouble. Then they really hurt, and they don’t know why. It’s actually really painful to watch. They’re like this naturally happy child who goes, “But I’m so happy and clever! I don’t understand why bad shit is happening and people are mad at me. So I guess I’ll just have to feel bad until it’s over…”

That natural buoyancy can turn into an inability to learn any significant emotional lessons from experiences, is what I’ve observed.


It would make your Ti especially strong and more integrated with your ego. Which is good for ENTP!

If you know your birth time, you can get your natal chart done here. Then you can post it and have the astrology aficionados here analyze it for you.


I’m learning to love those moments. Used to hate them. That was destructive. Love is constructive. I’m misunderstood and super sad for sure. But that’s because I’m uniquely intelligent and truly give a serious fuck about existence, life and our reason for being. I want the entire universe to be non-stop awesomeness. I’m committed to that goal. And look around…I think I achieved it. You just have to borrow my glasses to see it.


This is exactly what happened to my ENTP friend.

Actually, I’ve seen my ENTP break down because he needed to engage in Fi and wanted to, yet he couldn’t. It was the most vulnerable and most human moment I’ve ever seen from him.