ENTP vs. INFJ or similar:


Yeah, it’s some fucking Greek tragedy shit. They can end up losing some of the things that are most important to them personally because they weren’t paying attention.

So start working on those Fi-minimums now! Unfortunately, Blake hasn’t written anything about this, but I’m sure you can use that Ne-Ti to extrapolate from these two articles on the superego for INFs.


Thanks @nirdre. I think I have some homework to do. Emotional homework. That’s like math homework. Painful.


Gods that is fucked and useless. Trying again. [I like to use gods because it is an expletive and because it makes me accurately a heathen, according to some, though also I believe we are gods in a roundabout way that is too long to explain here].

People seem to better understand why what they do makes them INFJ than I do, or did, or they can see that they do this thing and the other and are more confident than I ever am that this thing is inherent in INFJ and can speak freely, or so it feels, that this equals this whether it is about them or someone else. Sometimes this turns out individual, like one can do math and one can read voraciously, but more often not. Mostly saying I do this or feel this will resonate with other INFJ’s. Mostly just writing as you are, very honestly with the least doable amount of harmonizing because that fucks things up. Especially here where INFJ’s with strong Ti are those that are recognized. Which is accurate but heavy Fe is also accurate. Empathy and little Fi tantrums are also accurate.

I had always assumed that what made me weird was just me. It has taken me a time to gather these cognitive similarities and begin to feel confident in saying because this, I am this. My crap memory again and finding quotes or remembering what function does what in what place ack! So I am very shy to say this is what I do/am so I am INFJ. I don’t take for granted that I means all. But every damn time an INFJ speaks, most of what is said I know and understand, it rings the same bell in me, or like if my marbles were in better order, I could have written it.
When people comment/post/do youtube, their just speaking about themselves reaffirms their INFJness. Or does not and I keep looking.
If I didn’t fucking cower, and delete more than half of what I posted, my nature might have a chance of being seen/understood. And yet, that can be bad, as per the thread about INFJ and being understood. Because being understood to be daft is not what one is inclined to risk portraying.

It has been mentioned before just today, this fear of a learning disability. I have reason to believe I do have one, which makes me feel doubly inept. It may be just a really bad handle on Si, or it may be basic memory difficulties. I have a lot of trouble retaining information. I don’t test well.
Speaking of which, arguing is not my forte. Trying to keep up with an ENTP is impossible. I am slow and plodding… You say something and I am processing it and wanting to answer and by the time I am ready to try you are fifty conversations beyond and the thread has gone elsewhere. As in right now, sorry folks.
Gods I feel pathetic, but so be it. I ought to do as I advise and let loose, even if I must cringe at my cringeworthy efforts.


I love, btw, being seen by an ENTP. My brother of late gave me a hug, a long one before he left into the airport and it felt like he saw everything I could not begin to explain. I think one way of healing Fi is in connecting and discussing it, as you are doing. I don’t think it will be as painful as you think. In fact I think you are enjoying it.


@TinyYellowTree I see you. And I hear I give good hugs.


I like the souls I’m interacting with here. I almost feel like everyone’s big brother. No. Step-brother. Detached but caring. At the same time. Some of you feel nurturing. I’m here to strengthen your emotions and you’re here to soften mine.


Here it is @nirdre. The time was best guess but I think close enough. I’ll try to get the accurate time soon. Please help! Haha.


I’m not as well versed in astrology, but I’ll take a look later. @batshitty and @Stewart are the current experts.

You have a lot of Gemini influence, with sun, Mercury, and ascendant there. All this need for debate definitely makes sense. More to come!


I’m sure I take myself/things way too seriously. I very much need those glasses. Or to learn to love those excruciating moments…


@batshitty @Stewart If you two are inclined in the near future to do your thing with my chart I would greatly appreciate it. I’m surprised by the insights some people are able to articulate logically through signs. I never cared to see if it actually meant anything or not before. I’m intrigued to learn now.


I take certain aspects of myself too seriously as well. It can get oppressive.


Yes, I’d be happy to! Get your proper birth time first though. You have a tight conjunction to the ascendent that’s a major fixture of your chart and being off even 30 minutes could change it.


My mom just confirmed. That’s the accurate time.


Great give me a couple days to ingest and I’ll hit you with a wall of text early next week.


Haha. Ok. Thanks. Appreciate it!


I think you might get more out of INFJs if you ask some questions. INFJs don’t like talking about themselves unprompted. It can trigger weird Fi-id shit as you witnessed with poor @schlopadoo. We say some stuff that from anyone else is totally normal (and we would take it as such) and go “ahhh, we’re the worst because we’re not perfect!” Or something.

I don’t know if I would quite put it that way. I think INFJs are actually quite emotionally strong, but they tend to lack confidence/self-esteem and have way too harsh standards for themselves. I think ENTPs make INFJs feel more confident by praising their intellect a lot, and also to remember that most people in the world actually are pretty mediocre in comparison to INFJ.

I think ENTPs make INFJ lighten up and by caring less and focusing more on fun, and INFJs make ENTPs deepen by caring more and focusing more on seriousness. And then they meet somewhere in the middle at the end or something.


I think my ENTP ex often got exasperated with me because he thought I was mostly wasting my talents by being too perfectionistic and caring too much and therefore missing a lot of opportunities to do stuff by waiting too long to start. Whereas I thought he was wasting his talent by starting too many things and jumping on too many opportunities before he had really thought them through and therefore could never sustain any of them. We probably could have really helped each other if we had actually let each other instead of being stubbornly offended by the other person’s advice, come to think of it…


I’m curious if anyone else here takes their writings to word or something because this box is claustrophobic and I can’t see what I am doing.


This is because they feel their emotions too strongly. Regardless of how much mastery they have over them or how in tune with them they may be. Perhaps I should have phrased it as “I’m here to strengthen your resistance to emotions”. Same shit, different words. That whole need for harmony is from feeling overwhelmed emotionally. Don’t get me wrong. You’re tough bastards.


Wow I may not be INFJ but this strikes a chord.