ENTP vs. INFJ or similar:


If one were to read Aldous Huxley’s The Perennial Philosophy they would understand you in a fortnight. Haha kidding.


I’d like that too. And perhaps a more refined response to this:

Saying you try to find order in chaos because you’re an INFJ is a bit of a cop-out. And I’m sure you can see that. But to be fair, I could have made the question more pointed as well. So, why, in your opinion, do INFJs try to find order in chaos based on their MBTI?


@TinyYellowTree ,Thanks for not deleting this one.

And Thanks for responding. It usually takes twists and turns and tricks to get inside someone’s true wiring. But you’ve exposed a lot by being asked just one question. I think a lot of people can relate to your experience to some degree regardless of type.

Yes as well as all my prepared follow up questions.

Well you’ve landed and you’re still alive. :wink:


Ha ha ha! But yes, that is always a possibility. Hopefully less so from now though.

I did think of just answering in short form, but it felt inadequate and inconsiderate.

I am sure this is true. We are all human. We share many similar experiences… perfection from different places, dread, inadequacy, wants, needs and on and on.
I am 48. I am tired of my nonsense. I need to move on. I would prefer to just be direct as much as possible, while still being my friendly self.


I’ll keep that in mind when I read it. It’s definitely in my list.

Actually, I don’t. The things you ask me, I cannot see the angle to answer them right now. To be honest, your questions do not turn me on. That’s the real cop-out. And I don’t have energy to try. Jesus, you look like you have an excess of it. Could you wire me some? :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m also not in the mood. So take what I say with that in mind. Sorry, but I really don’t have time for this now. Maybe in near future. Or whenever someone will turn me on :slight_smile:


Yes, to a certain degree. Of all the perceiving functions, Ni is most aware of the primal chaos that underlies all of reality, but even within this entropy there are discernible patterns, some fleeting and illusory, but others that strike us as worth pursuing for some unfathomable reason.

And there’s a distinct satisfaction when we manage to pin down and comprehend the subtle order concealed within seeming chaos.

But sometimes it’s the other way around: everyone else believes that something is a genuine pattern or predictable phenomenon but all we see is random noise that has been mistaken for order. I can’t speak for others here, but I get a similar satisfaction from dispelling this type of illusion.

And an important part of type development for INFJs and INTJs is learning discretion around when not to do this; sometimes the wisest course of action is to say nothing and allow others to hold on to their cherished illusions!


Isn’t it relieving that you know you can speak to me in a way you would never accept from myself? Don’t worry, I prefer this. It’s direct and I know who I’m fucking with and where I stand. Besides, it’s my natural state of being. Flaws and all. Too bad I didn’t turn you on. Because I think you just did me.


Your response made me feel guilty. Just know that I really do like you. And even in this, we’re still on topic. Gotta work now, so…

We’ll see how long that holds me.


I agree with you here. From my experience, I think INTJs are the best at this.


Do you mean INTJs are the best at puncturing illusory soap-bubbles or at refraining from doing this? My personal experience of INTJs would suggest the former.


I haven’t known any younger ones so I would say both. But I could see an undeveloped INTJ being poor at the latter.


Couldn’t sleep so I read this entire thread. I feel I’ve really gotten to know you guys a lot better.

I’m really starting to think entp’s are intj’s with Psychosis. (Joke) Just saying I relate.

Or maybe you do have Psychosis. (Another joke)

Just wanted to do a little “mansplaining” based on what you’ve said here. But it sounds like you overidealize the way things “should be” said. But if you just let that Fe flow you will be flowed upon. The flow will be so great that Santa will ascend from the heavens and flow all over you. He will offer you lots of money and a bag of dicks. So you do you hot cakes.

Now set the bar to where you only have to say something 2% less stupider than the paragraph I wrote above this one. You’re welcome for my life coaching services free of charge.

I’ve mentioned this before where you wrote something similar…but I really relate to your struggle here. It’s most likely the Ni. Or who knows… Maybe you’re an Intj and/or enfp like me? Or maybe I’m an infj.

Blake: “Fuck no you’re not!”

Sammy: “Ok then”


Haha. It’s societally imposed. You’re not allowed to love yourself in America unless you’re wealthy and on TV. Otherwise, you’re just an arrogant fuck who needs to get back in line.


You know what? NVM. You’re right. I’m fucked up. Why else would I be here?


To get Woke AF. :person_in_lotus_position:


Haha. You’re gonna make me re-read this thread now.


We’re still waiting for you to make that thread on your nihilistic interpretations of the world.


I like this BTW @schlopadoo. I’ve always read your “really bitchy, harsh, and just plain direct” nature as endearing. I’m often accused of the same (outside of here, apparently I’m able to exude a more “warm and cuddly/playful” exuberance here, with some applied effort admittedly); or, you freaks are similar creatures to myself and we just get each other to an extent. My friends and I are like this. I don’t think any of them are ENTPs (not sure what they are, weirdos maybe?) and only one is an INFJ for sure but they get my fucked up sense of humor and are aware that my direct communication is just me stating what I see to be the facts. They reciprocate and either agree or correct me. None of us are “too” attached to worldviews to get hung up about anything. I’m attached to what I see as truth and that is subject to change based on a “truth hierarchy” so to speak. Always more to learn.

So, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re funny and I like you.


I’m waiting on the energy to do it. I don’t want it to be “cheap”.


sounds like you’re undecided