ENTP vs. INFJ or similar:


Hey hey!! Thanks tiny, I appreciate it! I hope to you’re doing well.


My kids are watching YMCA music video, so whatever else, I am laughing.


Yes, this description of the happy child wondering why bad things happen to them or people get mad at them is exactly what I have observed in ENTPs.


I think you’re right about this and I’m becoming more churlish with it as well.

So as a result, I’m going to dip out of the Maze for awhile.

The ENTP torch has been returned to you my friend :hugs:

Love you guys! @Spice, @Sammy, @schlopadoo, @sups, @nirdre, @Ignas, @Blake, @Impossibletobe, @batshitty, @Stewart et al.

… @ TinyYellowTree

Thanks for the helpful insights you brilliant mother fuckers! Talk to you another time!


I didn’t think you were all that mean. At least I don’t think your Te id had the evil intentions others have seen. For what it’s worth I thought you brought some fun to the forum and I’ve learned some stuff interacting with you.

A break is usually good to have anyway though. But I’ve grown on here a lot more than my obsessive researching online has ever given me… so I hope you see it the same way and come back.

But if you don’t, good bye forever


i swear I thought i saw “sweet little cunt” somewhere.
why did you edit it out :joy:


I think you wanted it to say that. Your such an asswhole sup cause I would never say that. :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

only the mods will know…


why is that your reason?
what is life without a little bit of back and forth?
iron sharpens iron buddy.

this is the second time you said you were leaving. I hope it’s a false flag once again.
are you only doing this to make us feel bad? hahaha

get your ass back in the game after you lick your wound.

love you buddy.


Last post (AGAIN). But now I feel guilty because maybe I contributed to you feeling bad about Te id. I mean, I had one bad experience with it as a stressed PhD student dealing with an unruly student. But with you, overall I find it funny. I think at times it makes INFJs crawl into their shells (see how quiet they were whilst you were chatting away?) but they crawl away half-amused as they listen to you chat up a storm! Unless they are feeling particularly over sensitive. Like I was, heh…

But maybe you really do think it would be good to take a break. Trying to break the Ne/Fe loop. Sometimes other people tempt you into continuing the loop, but it’s good to say no at times. My ENTP friend always had a hard time saying no to any sort of invitation (not sexual lol); he calls himself a “whore”! lol!

Whilst lurking around, I learned a lot about the ENTP mindset from you. Sorry if I made you feel misunderstood at some point. But good of you for speaking up for yourself. I guess a lot of ExTPs may feel misunderstood by the world and probably even a bit insecure about it too. Now back to lurking around on my part!


Okay, I see it is just better to be back. Impossible to actually break if one is lurking. And dude, you have done nothing churlish enough to think you need to bow out. If you really need a break, so be it, but don’t leave us for too long. We cherish you! As you are! If your Iddy is going off, this is worth seeing and understanding. And same for everyone. So what. It happens. If we hide it, how can we understand it in ourselves and others?
Man, I hope you hear me.


Haha. You knew I’d have to respond to this, huh? You clever baby head.

The other times I said I was leaving were meant to apply only to the momentary argument. This is a hiatus from the entire forum for a bit…just a bit (although, of course I had to wait and see what you all said back😉).

And none of you guys made me feel bad. If anything, I made myself feel bad as I could see that I was running around chewing up the furniture and pissing on the carpet like an unruly dog (a “cool”, “smart” dog though that people forgive and invite back into the bed after a trip to the dog park, eh?)

It’s true. I wanted to “flare my peacock feathers” here a bit. But I also wanted to find out what was going on with me and you all helped so much in doing that. So I have no choice but to love you now my little extended Maze family.

Hopefully when I get back, there’ll be some new shit disturber that I can help you all “realign”.

I’ll be monitoring the Maze a bit longer but I’m not going to be responding for awhile. I’m going to take some of these newfound insights and apply them to the “real” world for a little bit.


Like @schlopadoo? :lying_face:


brother. that sounds wonderful

see you soon :wink:


And this. For myself I have not been offended, but overwhelmed and feel incapable of keeping up in a meaningful way, that is posting. I just feel way too slow, but it does not mean I am not paying attention. I’m gathering you in.
Quiet does not necessarily signify trouble. Yes I know that applies to me, too.


Ah, it was fun interacting with you… even if very less. Talk again some other time!


Well, it’s been interesting having you here @LifeExamined. Good luck figuring out your “shit” out there!


hey buddy, so i got someone to read over your birth chart,
here’s a brief reading

“i see at first glance… quite the shittalker in this one LOL”

" gemini sun and mercury

but mercury at the forefront and supposed to uranus and saturn means he can’t stop

he has no control"

" like it’s “good” in that he can be very assertive or at least gets a lot of attention, but probably also very erratic-seeming to people around him

maybe he married a nice isfj who puts up with it though lol"

" he probably has good career, but he can’t manage relationships well

so probably experiences a lot of loneliness, which is why he came to stellarmaze"

“i think he says a lot of stuff that puts people off, so he tries to explain and it makes it worse lol”

“because people can’t just… absorb all that talktalktalk from him”

“only half of it will make sense the other half probably sounds like ego boosting”

“well maybe stellarmaze humbled him a bit and he’ll be back and try to reign himself in before he goes nuts again lol”

okay, i hope that helped!

if you want more personal reading, give me your contact info and i can try to link you up with this person


That was really cool of you to get someone to look at that and share it with me. You’re a good dude.


no, just stay. I liked having you here!