Epic Sensing Fails


Statistics tell us that there are far fewer intuitive MBTI types in the general population than people with a Sensing preference. But how can this be? Maybe intuitive minds are the next step in human evolution (like a new software upgrade) and will become more common as the old version 1.0 becomes obsolete?

Or maybe it’s because the sadistic Divine Programmer who wrote our software thought it would be hilarious to watch a bunch of insightful “geniuses” wander around tripping over their own feet or falling off ladders or stabbing themselves to death with cutlery malfunctions? :joy:

So let’s share those “Special Moments” folks, the ones that cause ordinary people to give you “that look” when you forget how doors are supposed to work or that food is meant to be swallowed, not inhaled…


Every other class I teach, the chalk comes flying out of my hands.
Also every day, students let me know there is black marker and chalk on my face and clothes, so I reach with my dirty hand, wipe my face and make it worse.

Hmm tmi?


I had one of these in a copy shop about a month ago. Just total helplessness with machines that break down, incomprehension of simple instructions from the staff, moving to a different machine, figuring out how to instruct them to charge me for it, etc. Add auditory processing (NB my French and my knowledge of copy machines do not intersect at any point) and it’s one of those interactions where I just gratefully slide into the role of sweet but hapless idiot.


One time I got out of the lift on the wrong floor, wandered into another laboratory, and spent several minutes wondering why they had rearranged all the benches and equipment overnight…


Deep:) Haha. Open-minded:) Teehee. Ah, my day is complete Stewart!


Two days ago, we had a workplace meeting to talk about the results of a recent staff survey. As always, the issue of why scientists are paid so poorly compared to othet professions was discussed. One of the newer technicians complained of receiving a 0% rise last year.

Later that day I was in the lift with her and said how shocking the 0% rise was. Only it wasn’t her. And she went pale, and quietly stormed away muttering “they’re not giving anyone a pay rise this year!!,…”.




I sometimes have issues like this-- I think I must perceive a person as a cloud of vague person-properties, so until I’ve interacted enough to make them definite they’re difficult to distinguish from others. Like I very often come away from even repeated interactions totally unaware of how tall someone is. (“She’s somewhere between 5’ and 5’9”," I found myself saying recently.)


My latest was feeling abashed that I’d forgotten a playdate I’d promised on Monday. So I apologized, promising another one, only to be notified it was a snow day and none of us were at school for the last two days.

But the title of this section ‘sensotard’ is agonizing to me. It just keeps coming up in my life and I am deeply confused with my not being okay with it and everyone else being fine with it. And with my visceral reaction to it. What gives?
Edited to say not everyone maybe but plenty of people.


I wonder what an intuitard thread would sound like.


I just locked myself out of my own office two days in a row. Had to run down to building management to open it for me.

I also mistakenly marked a big event on a calendar handout as “February 29th”. This document was handed out at a board of directors’ meeting today, whereupon the mistake was pointed out by the board chairman. My poor supervisor was mortified.


Well, it bugs me a bit as well, but my understanding here is that the general leanings on this forum as a whole are heartily anti-PC, so those of us who are bothered by it (assuming anyone else is) might just be keeping our mouths shut.

“tard” is an abbreviation of a slur directed at people with mental handicaps. A lot of people who are, or who have someone dear to them who deal with this, are pretty sensitive to that word and find it really unpleasant to hear or read. I don’t care too much either way about it myself, but knowing how hurtful other people find it does make me raise an eyebrow to see or hear it.

I’m glad you said something about it, though. (My assumption was, I’m sorry to say, “eh, if I say something about it someone’s going to start complaining about blah blah blah political correctness censorship etc. Too much of a pain to deal with…”)

Point of all this being, you’re not alone in feeling this way, and I’m glad you said something about it. To be fair, I think a lot of people just don’t think of it in that way, like, “I wasn’t actually harping on handicapped people when I said that, so why get offended?”


I thought about toning down the language and using something less emotive, but stuck with “Sensotard” to reflect the all-or-nothing, black/white, agony/hilarity dichotomy all types face when dealing with an inferior function. The humourous tone of my comments is merely my preferred way of coping with my own extreme sensitivity and incompetence in dealing with Sensing-related matters on a daily basis.

But I take your point, and maybe you could start an alternate thread for talking about the more serious consequences of inferior function episodes in the lives of all MBTI types. God knows, I’ve endured my fair share of nightmarish experiences in the last few years as a direct result of neglecting my inferior Se. Without going into the gory details, it’s a miracle I’m still alive and (reasonably) intact after the last debacle!

But let’s keep it light and fluffy here, as I find it really helps to laugh at myself once a minor Sensing-snafu is over!


And of course, as a gay man, I believe in the power of adopting and owning an abusive term such as “queer” or “homo” as a far more effective strategy for combatting ignorance and prejudice than futile attempts to censor or ban the use of non-PC language.


The battery in my wristwatch is running out of juice, but I keep forgetting to get it replaced. And then I compound the problem by forgetting that the battery in my wristwatch is running out of juice and the hands now stop several times a day.

My Ni is actually quite good at keeping track of time in a general sense, but I rely on my watch to confirm the exact time when Ni send me a ping to warn me of a pending appointment. So I look at my watch without noticing that the hands have stopped again, tell myself “I’ve still got plenty of time”, and much hilarity ensues…


It is just the word, Stewart, not the fun we’re poking at us tripping over ourselves. That I am totally for.
I am not asking for PC. I need to get over myself.


I get that and I respect it. I have a similar mindset to my own whatevers - Jap jokes, queer girl jokes, autism jokes, midget jokes, etc.

I’m curious as to whether you’re as okay with other people - straight people - throwing around, in a joking context, words like homo and queer, (you did leave out “faggot” - does that one bother you after all? Or maybe you just didn’t think of it?). It used to be perfectly socially acceptable - and still is depending on where you live - for straight people to throw around the word gay as a casual insult. “Hunter, you missed that shot, haha, you’re so gay.” “Mrs. Brown gave us another test - that’s gay.” Or alt-right young folk in some swaths of internet culture who used to use the term “newfag” to describe someone new to their forums. They’re not actually talking about specific gay people, after all. So does that make it okay? Maybe not…but maybe it does. Not everyone is bothered by the same things. And that’s cool! But it’s also true that for a lot of people, it’s a different animal when it’s coming from someone else; it’s different from a person taking their own initiative to reclaim and repurpose a term that was meant to demean them.

The question is do people’s hurt feelings over this stuff actually matter. Maybe, maybe not, but to imply that they shouldn’t casually express their discomfort in a casual setting, which most of the Internet is…hmm. Will we only throw around the word “censorship” when it applies to single words? Wait, would that even be what’s going on here? Maybe not! I do think people tend to use “censorship” as a weaponized hyperbole of “political correctness”. While I agree that the concern with political correctness has gone overboard lately - it gets pretty cartoonish in some places - I also think the terror and fearmongering that goes on over censorship is equally overblown. Who exactly is censoring whom. Is censoring really what’s going on? Just because someone is responding to something you said, are they actually stopping you from saying it? (Of course, it’s a whole different ballgame if we’re talking about someone getting fired or having their safety threatened over this stuff.)

Feel free to delete or move this thread if needed; I’m happy to drop the conversation here, or move it elsewhere. Just felt weird starting an entirely new topic when this is a direct response to your post. I don’t mean any of this in hostility, by the way; I know you didn’t have any intent to actually demean anyone. Just kinda meandering in my thoughts, especially in how this particular tangent the conversation’s taken relates to a wider conversation that I’ve noticed bobbing around the forums.


I do this a lot too. Sometimes right before I ask for the master key I just have to pet myself on the back, forgive myself, etc., then just dare go in and ask again to be escorted to my office.


Good title:)
Made me laugh.


That was yesterday - the awful thing is that TODAY, the lady in the office across from me forgot HER office keys. Since I’m an assistant, I’m the one who’s gotta take one for the team. So I had to go down three floors for the third day in a row to ask the poor front desk receptionist to come all the way up to unlock a door for us.

Me: “I’m so sorry - I swear it wasn’t me this time! - someone on our floor locked herself out of her office. I’m really sorry. Could you send someone up. please?” And the guy is looking at me with the most polite tragic smile in the world so I feel compelled to add, “We’re a mess. I know. I’m really really sorry.”


My special moment:
I’m a field manager. One day I went to check on one of my locations and walked in on my team doing some heavy lifting in the office. Trying to be a cool boss that gets his hands dirty with his team, I start helping them in my fancy dress clothes. As I was putting a box up high on a storage Area, my pants got caught on a part of the ladder I was on. I ripped my pants from my knee to where my special parts are. No one saw, but I had to make a quick and embarrassing exit awkwardly holding my coat to cover the huge rip. :anguished: