Epic Sensing Fails

I know this is probably very cliché, but I do this at least a couple days a week…

There I am, getting ready to leave the house. I have everything I need except one very important item: usually my car keys. I start looking in all the usual spots–on the counter, on the coffee table, night stand, etc… I look everywhere, all the while getting extremely frustrated. I start making a mess–throwing shit, pushing stuff off the table. Really starting to fume. My girlfriend is the sane one of the two of us: “Jesus! Calm the hell down! Where did you last see them?”

And I am so mad to the point of if I answer that question, it ain’t gonna be polite :joy:

The search has by now probably gone a solid 5 minutes, and I have red tunnel vision.

My girlfriend: “Did you check your pockets?”

My hand plunges in, and there they are, feeling the strangle of my grip, and I literally want to punch myself in the face :sweat_smile:

The pushing shit off the table and getting furious and my sensible questions sounds so much like what goes on here.

Ugghh it’s so frustrating… and the worst part is realizing I had them the entire time.

One time I had a basketball in my right hand, while my phone was in my left. I needed to switch hands to use it, so I “intuitively” was going to make a quick dynamic switch where I swap hands between the two objects, but what I did instead was I threw my phone on the ground and stared at it.

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@mr.non I’m watching the moon through my window and it seemed to look like your profile picture. Does this count as a sensing fail?
Probably not.
Can’t even fail properly.

:joy::joy::joy: I’ve done things very similar to this as well.

Last week at work I was snacking at my desk while writing some reports. Accidentally bit my tongue, so reached into my stylish leather shoulder bag* for some soothing mouth gel.

Wasn’t looking of course, so pulled out a tube of antiseptic cream instead and squirted that into my mouth. Even then, I was so absorbed in my work that it took several minutes before I noticed the disgusting taste and rushed to the sink to rinse out my mouth…

*(aka man-bag stuffed with assorted medicines/pills/creams/antiseptics/first-aid-kit for patching up my all-too-frequent Sensing-fail minor injuries)

Ah man, Stewart, that had to be pretty disgusting… It’s like a really fucked up prank one astronaut might do to another, switching the food up with ointment, except you are both astronauts…

Sorry, it’s been a sun-up to sun-down day at work, and I’m a little unstable.

But your story reminds me of another fail I did while at the pool. I was eating a bag of chips and pulled one out. As I lifted it up to bite it, I did not notice that a bumble bee had landed on it. I think you could guess what happened next… I ended up with a very sore tongue and half a bee in my stomach–the other half spit out in front of a couple of my roaring friends. This was many years ago, but your story definitely brought it to mind.

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1 time I tried to dive backwards. I thought you just had to face away from the water and jumped. Landed on the edge on the chin. age 9. brilliant.

Watching my brother with his phone just jangles my nerves.

I’ve got a scar on the top of my head commemorating my own attempt at something similar. My mistake was to start the backflip from a wobbly rock. :joy:

What is he doing with it that causes the jangling?

Dropping it, putting it in shallow pockets in gym shorts and forgetting it’s there, losing it frequently, forgetting to bring in important situations, setting it in places I know are an accident waiting to happen, like his pocket again or the edge of his seat and it just takes one forgetful moment when he jumps up and there it goes. Generally he cares about it and tries to keep it good. Probably comic relief but he is usually kind of devastated with his hapless accidents so it’s more cringe. Mostly it survives, but a couple times…
ENTP, btw
Basement Se.

Ah geez that reminded me of that time I lost my wallet twice in one night. My friend and I went to go find it, got lucky - it was lying in the street and no one touched it. When I got home I didn’t have it anymore. I ended up finding it a few days later in the rose bush by the front door. How did it get there? It flew out of my pocket while I was walking inside the house? It flew off sideways, and into the rose bush. How??

hilarious. that was funny description of your bro

so do you also have a magical ability to find that which you lost, because not showing off, but i do hee:D i’m known as the thing finder in my home but i’m also known as the thing loser. one time i caught a thief stealing my green card. yep. i kindly asked for it back. to have such luck. it’s unreal.

What the heck, that’s amazing. No way I’m not that good at finding things! I try very hard to always put things in the same spot because that’s the only way I know where anything is, LOL.

oh okay, well that’s a good system. it has a sound principle. i use that one a lot too, which actually then why do things get lost? isn’t it weird? it just happens to stretch our minds or something. so rude of the things to vanish. or sometimes they are there and decide to become invisible. obnoxious.

It’s almost as if the universe has a mind of its own :grin:

Too many times the thing I was looking for was within my immediate grasp. I don’t know how many times my mom said, if it were a snake, it would have bitten you.