Epic Sensing Fails

Yo, let me tell you a story.

I was making a delivery a couple nights ago to this apartment complex.

So, the app I was using had extra directions on how to deliver this food. And essentially, I had to walk down a staircase to get to this person’s house. Easy enough, right?

Wrong! Because here I was with an oversized bag of Chinese food, walking around this gorgeous apartment, not seeing this damned staircase next to this mystical garage 11.

So I maddenly look at garage 10 that is placed next to garage 3, and I’m like, “When does 3 ever come after 11? Fucking plebs!”

So I keep walking like, in this same general area, waiting for garage 3 to magically become garage 11. Spoiler: That never happened.

So I decide to look at this apartment more properly. Garages, okay. And ah! Doors that are next to the garage! Hm, well, on one hand, these doors probably lead to homes, and on the other hand, maybe a staircase is lying behind one of these doors!

That makes sense! There’s like, so many apartments I’ve been to that is one building, but when you walk in, they’ll be two staircases where you can walk up or down to these doors that are different apartments.

Right! Okay, so some of these doors are homes, and one door leads to a staircase that has other homes. Nice theory!

So I’m like, walking by all these doors, and they have mini windows above the doors. So, those doors are probably homes.

But there’s this one door that doesn’t have the staircase I keep seeing in these mini windows, so I’m like, “Bingo! This door will lead to the other apartments!”

So I shuffle up to this door, and there’s a button that has a lamented paper above it that says, “PRESS FOR THE HEARING IMPARIED.” And I’m like, how considerate is that! This apartment complex considers the hearing impaired.

So I’m like, I’m not hearing impaired so this doesn’t pertain to me.

I grab the door handle and open it. I walk in and… This place seems like a home.

But that breaks my theory! Maybe this is a common room?

So I’m walking in, and I’m like, having a very eerie feeling. Like, maybe I shouldn’t be here.

So I round a corner and, shit! This is a home!

There a guy in front of a computer monitor playing a game, so I just say, “Sorry!” and rush out. Because he had turned around to look at me and well, I have the good decency to bolt out of someone’s home.

And I like, immediately dart to the side of the building and see a shadowy figure with his dog. And I’m like, “Someone will give me instructions NOW!”

So this guy is super nice, and his dog is like super small. And I’m like, whoa! Getting instructions from a cute guy with a dog! This feels like winning!

So he instructs me to go to the side of the building I’ve yet to check, and I’m like, “Why didn’t I think of that? DUH.”

But also, I have to walk in front on the home I just ran out of… DAMNIT.

So I thank the guy and bolt once again. I somewhat linger in front of the hearing impaired boy’s home, because if he wants to like, run out and curse me out, I am very deserving of that.

But the door remains shut and I take the little amount of mercy I am given and run to the other side of the building!

And yes… There is the staricase. Very much NOT inside of the building, but outside.

And so I successfully make my delivery. After an indignant amount of accidental home invasion, a dog, a cute guy, and an obscene amount of bolting.

The end.

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Oh, that’s an insane story! Thanks for sharing the hilarity - you made me feel better about my own sensing-challenged failure of a day…

I seem to have those on repeat lately. I’m clearly in the wrong profession :rofl:!

But yes, I’m glad to entertain :grin:!

Walking purposefully through large duty free shop at the airport to get to the gates, didn’t notice they were remodelling a section and walked straight into a temporary wall where the exit should’ve been.

How dare the world rearrange itself in my absence.

Yeah, that’s just uncalled for, lol!

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Oh yes. I pull this shit all the time!

I also run into corners, at least once a week. Right into the belly. Ouchie!

Ooph. I feel that.

I’ve been stressed lately, feeling pressure to do things I don’t particularly want to do quickly. “hurryhurry!” screams the voice in my head…

speed + frustration = injury + error

Lately I’ve

  • Stubbed my toe on a spiked bike pedal tidying up the store cupboard
  • Bashed my eye/temple on a metal table leg crawling on the floor to get to the printer
  • Bashed my head on same table in a separate incident
  • got multiple nicks on my hands
  • bashed my wrist on the metal pan hard while (whilst?) mashing carrots :carrot:
    and probs more I can’t think of just now

Yes I’m beating myself up for being generally incompetent living in a Te dominant world, focusing on the wrong things and missing the details that matter leading to ever more frustration and problems to deal with.
Are details Se domain or Ti or Si? I dunno anymore. Procedure, detail, pedantic-ness. fucking bored of it all. maybe moaning belongs in another thread though lol.

Details are just S + T stuff I think. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, who cares? And I’m surprised there isn’t a moaning thread on the forum yet…

And jeezus those sensing fails sound like they really hurt…!

I tend to make similar errors when I don’t get enough sleep or overcaffeinate myself. And that’s pretty much ALL THE TIME. :smiley:

As a scientist, I’ve done pretty dumb sensing stuff my self. Like spilling shit I shouldn’t spill (I’m talking about things that could potentially kill you). Whoops! :smiley:

Yikes! And do you just giggle to yourself when you spill acid (“oops, heehee!”) or crap your pants a little bit?

Last night after my rant and tossing about in bed. I decided I don’t wanna bash myself up anymore. I need to be raising my vibration back up to glorious heights above this quagmire cesspit I’ve sunk into. I’m gonna get my vision board game on and throw down with feng Shui. And speak in all sorts of wrong throw back teen movie tongues.
High five.

I’m actually pretty paranoid, so I do crap my pants when this shit happens. The worst moment was when I was trying out a 16-hour protocol (turned out to be more like…20hrs…) for the first time by myself. It’s an intense experiment with little breaks, lots of fiddly things, and life-killing or carcinogenic reagents one step to the next. Since it was my first time, I was bound to get delayed at every step. And then, hehe, it was around midnight or so when I had to work with a chemical that could 1) penetrate your gloves 2) kill you if you inhale enough fumes in open air 3) permanently stain what it touches :smiley:

I was working in a dedicated fume hood, so I was all well and good, but at some point, I managed to knock over the waste container specially dedicated to containing this life-killing shit.


And anything this devil touches, it will stain BLACK. FOREVER.

I panicked like fucking hell. Where the fuck is the neutraliser?! THE FUCK, THE LADY DIDN’T ORDER MORE?! THERE’S NO MORE?! MOTHERFUCKING HELL. I’M GONNA DIE.

:smiley: But I didn’t. I managed to clean up everything…Triple gloved my hands and changed gloves like every minute or so.

Then I scrambled all over the place looking for radioactive shit for the next step. And then proceeded onto fighting with this horrible sticky shit that will make plastic penetrate your skin for life and also give you CANCER! :skull_and_crossbones:

That was probably the most epic INFJ sensing fail I’ve ever experienced in my life. Never again.


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I looked into a laser once wondering why the color had changed (no goggles). Whoops.

Ah! :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


A couple days ago I was running late for work (as usual) and was trying to finish my shower as quickly as possible to make it to a team meeting (who schedules these things before 10am?!)

Reached for the tub of liquid coal tar soap I use for my overly sensitive skin but when I opened the lid it slipped out of my fingers and somehow flew away over the top of the shower. It then proceeded to execute a perfect aerial somersault, spraying brown gunk everywhere, before landing in the toilet bowl with an almighty splash!

Took me 20 minutes to clean up the mess cos I was laughing so hard, and must have looked like a maniac when I arrived 10 minutes late for the meeting, all flushed and sweaty and panting…

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Oh I love scientists. Whenever something is scheduled before 10am, all the scientists (especially PhD students) start complaining. I remember once all the PhD students had to meet up at 10:30am for a public group photo, and on the morning of, all the students on the Whatsapp group were complaining like, “Too early. Not going.” And practically nobody showed up in the end. :smiley:

Interestingly, the only types of people who have it actually “together” in this building…are the cleaners…and the HR staff. The rest of them…no. LOL

That’s not an epic sensing fail. That’s a talent.

I wish I could have filmed it. I could have pretended it was some fancy arty video and sold it for a small fortune.

:laughing: amazing

Your description is the best. I love your story telling

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