Eric Andre of Adult Swim: What's his deal.


Okay, so I promised myself if I ever came back to Stellarmaze I’d present this guy to you all: Eric Andre. He has a talk show (of sorts…) on Adult Swim.

That’s him interviewing the guy from 30 Rock.

Here’s his website: and if you refresh it you get a different heartwarming image, each time.

I can’t figure this guy’s type out. Definitely a T, that much seems clear. There’s a sort of flatness to his expression.

Here’s him on a subway being a centaur. And pouring M&M’s on people:

He also crashed the Republican convention and got mobbed.

So he has this extreme indifference to his own physical safety and also to pissing people off. It doesn’t bother him how much he inconveniences or annoys people. (Also a lot of his routines are flat out gross.) So extraverted sensing and feeling seem to be…somewhere in there, in some fashion, but I can’t tell where.

Also seems to be a P type. So, xxTP. I almost wanna say ENTP but he doesn’t really have that bright energy I feel from the few ENTPs I know of. And his routines are really physical (but mostly just like, awkward/gross/absurd physical). But he doesn’t give me ESTP vibes either. ISTP maybe? I feel silly saying that bevause they’re two such different types, but…

Anyway I’d be interested in hearing what other people night think he is. Or if not, enjoy watching him scare the crap out of Jack Brayer.


no clue.
but whoever wants to give it a shot…this is a good one on one:


I think ENFP is unlikely because he’s too okay with upsetting people. I do feel like there’s Ne in there, though, so I can see where you’re coming from.

But yeah I do wanna say there’s Ne SOMEWHERE fairly high up, but so much of what’s going on here is about unnerving people on a physical level. I don’t know if that’s indicative of a lot of extraverted sensing or…none at all.

Edit: @lunar thanks for linking this interview! It’s a good one. :slight_smile:




I actually haven’t watched enough Louis CK to gauge that. Do they seem similar to you?


not really lol