Errors Made From Assuming Introversion Comes First


I’ve noticed in the Myers-Briggs community there is a tendency to assume that introversion comes first, or arises a priori, but this doesn’t make sense to me if examined a bit (in link, see Mark’s response starting with “Fe arises in response to objects, not a priori like Fi…”)

I see extraversion as coming first (metaphysically, ontologically) and introversion can be primarily defined as a reaction to the extraverted world.

Extraversion really deals with the objective world, and introversion with the subjective.

Subjects are instantiated out of the primary, and more undifferentiated, substrate of the extraverted element to which they belong. Here we can speak of individuals.

If we look at history, this is borne out. For example, the concept of individuality is a rather late concept. There were aeons of just primary undifferentiated space (which in its highest instance is Ne).

Extraversion is general. Introversion is particular. It seems absurd to say that the particular arose prior to the general.

Along with this whole assumption that introversion came first is the overemphasis on subjectivity that we are currently experiencing. The whole cult of the individual.

It is not borne out by history or nature.

The reason I mention it is I get tired of hearing people prattle on about this MBTI stuff in a very superficial and toe-the-line kind of way. It’s kinda like a game of telephone that has gone on and on and on.

I’m here to disconnect the call.

People talk about BIAS but the biggest bias of all (by those who claim bias) is the bias in favor of subjects. However, referring back to Jung, he said that introverts are acutely aware of the ascendancy of the object over them. To paraphrase.

This is really true. The object is over the subject (etymologically, literally). It came first. And the instantiations, the particularities that arose out of the whole, are mighty indignant about their place in nature. All introverts must fight for their survival in the world of objects. Must forge a space (a niche) in the greater whole.

Extraversion is this greater whole.

The whole came first.