ESFJ examples

A thread for esfj examples.

I’m lazy and/or impatient, so I will not be able to justify this one in any way for now, but I want to suggest…
Louis CK.
I know that’s not what the list says. :flushed:

This is primarily based on visual impressions. I might be back to state my case.

For about the first minute and 20 seconds, his face does so many expressions, leading up to a comparison of him to a philosopher king at which point he turns into a bright red tomato.

who’s this chic:) this is the kind of person I would have assumed enfj in the past due to the obvious oomph of presence and the Fe (assuming she is also charismatic and doesn’t seem entirely devoid of intuition). am trying to realign my perceptions. i know someone like this that i labeled enfj without thinking. am reevaluating everything right now…

someone I know pretty well :grimacing: :sweat:

wait waat

Ah. yeah

waat. lol. i’m dense… is it you?

Yeah. I’m gonna have to delete it but I just couldn’t help myself

oh haha:) I like how you sneaked it in:D

I have a friend you remind me of. I always thought enfj for her. But since I am reevaluating everything, up is down down is up left is right and right is not. ill momentarily post a pic of her if I can find

I think it’s hard to find examples of famous people who are ESFJ (outside of famous chefs) because they’re just too unappealing, boring, and lazy to become famous in other ways.

do you see the pic it will go down pronto. see yourself in her at all:)? that photo was for the public. she isn’t really all that happy looking all the time

please do. I have no idea what I am anymore. which is weird as shit because I don’t feel like I have any question about who I am, if you know what I mean. I’ve been the same person since I was a fucking fetus. Ain’t gonna change even when I’m 100.

see it, thanks

I love how you just threw your pic in there. Hilarious:D

Hmmm. hard to say. At first glance she seems sweeter than I am. I’m nice and can make people feel comfortable and all. But I don’t think I come across quite that sweet. I can definitely see where you’re coming from with her though. And could see where she could be enfj or esfj.

She has an in infectious smile. Her smile in particular helps me to see where she could be enfj… like maybe she could convince anyone to do anything.

yes, exactly. I’ll put her pic up in the private thread in case anyone wants to take a stab.

She is lighter than an average enfj right? Yeah so I’m unsure.

But that pic was her running for office.

When Nur said Lauren Graham is enfp, I started wondering about anyone that is esfj/enfp/enfj etc

Yes she does. Truly. She has a very powerful projected personality.