ESFJ is good at selling stuff

I now know enough ESFJs to firmly and confidently make the statement that they are good at sales.

And they make the most affable bullshitters around. Personally, I find them very enjoyable to talk to even if what they are talking about is not that interesting.

And they might sell you some shoes in the process. You might even buy ten pairs of shoes because, well, you never met anyone who was so good at fluffing and fleecing you up.

Ain’t nobody got anything to say?

I do, but I don’t have time to finish my reply before the deadline.

So I will be naughty and keep this thread alive.

Hopefully y’all motherfuckers will find something to say as well within the next 7 days. :smiling_imp:

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I motherfuckingly imagine a motherfuckering motherfucker of an esfj salesperson to

  1. smile a lot
  2. enjoy discussing options (Ne?) as long as it keeps you happy

But hmm. Motherfuck that. I rather hear what you have to say when you get the time


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