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I know this is mostly a place for discussing INFJs and other similar types but

I just want to take this moment and space to appreciate ESFP. I have met a lovely ESFP man and today he took me hiking up a snowy mountain and sledging and flirting a bit aswell and then kissing under the moonlight. He is also a crafty person and a performer, just a whole fun bundle of rambunctious energy

I kind of have a feeling this will fizzle out at some point, like two beautiful stars crashing into each other and then going out, or a sparkler, not in a dark and sad way though, just our differences might start to clash, but I don’t care, I’m riding the high of Se!! As an INFP, this is an act of self-care!! …

So this is just an open letter of appreciation of Se and ESFP. Please share the love everyone. Or if you don’t love ESFP, or have another experience then please tell me why so I know what to look forward to :smiley:

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I love ESFPs. They get a lot of shit in the MBTI world as being shallow ditzes or whatever, but I think they’re great. They’re usually either huge bitches or staunch friends (sometimes both). Like Blake said in his ESFP article, they’re really hard workers.

My oldest childhood friend is an ESFP. She’s a huge hothead, but she’s also loyal, fun, kind, and brave. The nice ESFPs have a down-to-earthness that a lot of other types lack.

Also, I get where you’re coming from, because ESFPs are really charming. Like you said they are “fun bundles of rambunctious energy”. High Se usually means the person is very observant about the physical world and people’s physical aspects. My ESFP friends are really good at telling people’s moods just by noticing small details about face, posture, etc. That kind of thing can make you feel really paid attention to.

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That’s a shame…

Thanks for telling us!