ESTP. tell me about them.


okay, so finally I’ll make a post about ESTP.

and only ESTP.

am I ESTP? do you guys think I’m ESTP?

of course I’m ESTP.

so. here’s my question.

after talking to many mbti fanatics, nobody, literally not even one person was able to guess my type as ESTP.

my question is,

did you learn anything new about ESTP after interacting with me?

what were the predisposed stereotype you had about ESTP?

did I help you guys understand ESTP any better?

okay. that’s more than one question.

so tell me about ESTP based on your observations.
I’ve given a whole lot of information and expressed myself in many different ways here.

I’m more curious about what you learned about ESTP than telling me what ESTP is.

people say INXXs are very misunderstood.
but it seems like ESTPs are the most misunderstood in mbti ‘community’

maybe nobody wants to know what is behind the asshole jackass douchebag persona.

maybe people have hard time seeing past that.

did you know ESTPs are very compassionate but they don’t wanna show you?

did you know that ESTPs understand your emotions very well but most of the time they show no interest because they think it’s taxing unless they truly deeply care about you?

did you know that ESTPs are actually hard to get to know because they don’t let you inside their heart because they don’t ever want to be vulnerable?

did you know ESTPs move on from relationships very quickly because they’re actually very hurt and they know it’s pointless to linger around? so they just move on because it’s the best decision and not because they’re some cold emotionless creatures? and did you know they’ll usually never tell you that they were actually hurt/neglected?

huh? sounds kinda INFJish doesn’t it?
ESTPs have these shadow traits and you will never find out because they’ll never show you or tell you.

did you know I actually deeply love and care for my INTJ father but I’ll never tell him that?


tell me about ESTP based on your observations. I’m curious. tell me what you didn’t know.


YOu know, I actually was making a questionnaire for you. haha, maybe will post it here?!



Nothing. I read some type literature and various forums, mulled cursorily about people marked as ESTP but I never “absorbed” ESTP. It was just a collection of various traits for me, no complete picture emerged nor was I interested in one earlier.

You are my model for ESTPs.

INXX are misunderstood by society. ESTP are misunderstood by the typing community, which is predominantly INXX.


really?! awesome! yeah that’d be cool. i’m curious!

what you learn?

that’s good to know!


Umm, this is a touchy one, my ex-husband was probably ESTP, not even sure he was though and would rather not talk about that. The kid from the ski story is like my third son, and I have a cousin who is one of my favorite people at family gatherings and we grew up together; I think they’re both definite ESTP. I’ll answer with them in mind.

I think your interest in psychology is not typical for your type, but I still believe you that you’re ESTP. I also think you’re pretty honest about your interactions with family etc. so I have learned from you and appreciate that, yes you’ve helped me understand ESTP better. I feel like it’s easier to tell especially with this type in person- there’s a physicality, maybe not academically smart but mentally quick, and ready to try anything. I probably would not have typed you as ESTP just from reading your posts.

ESTP seems naturally egalitarian, but don’t really talk about it. ESTP befriends the geeky kids and talks smack to the snotty, popular ones and seems above a lot of the social pettiness.

I think ESTPs will do something fun to cheer friends up, but avoid emotional deep or taxing conversations, but ESTP is contradictory and will also do something to be a jerk and shake things up if everything seems calm and comfortable.

shh, don’t tell them

I think ISFP or some other expressive feeling type might be better match for ESTP than other thinking types who can also seem cold and emotionless, ok I am talking about my ex a little now, got to a point where we both were withdrawing, it might have broken the cycle if someone had talked about their feelings.

Maybe you should. My possibly INTJ aunt has dementia, the other 2 siblings go on and on about how it’s killing them to see her like this. My ESTP cousin does things to help out, but doesn’t really say anything, even I can tell he’s hurting bad though.



Oh… that was a rhetorical question.

Yeah, you’re very confident in your explanations as an INXX would be, but you present it in a different demeanor. There’s a diplomacy but also threatening style about. Your arguments are logical but it also appeals to emotions on a personal level.

They’re hot. Lol, Megan Fox. They’re competent. I don’t know if this is an accurate model but Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones. Competent, has his own style, shameless(Not in a negative way).

Yeah, I think so. The only other person I thought was an ESTP was my boyfriend’s Mom. So it’s definitely a plus getting information from your point of view.

I learned that ESTPs have astute memories. They can notice behavior differences very quickly, and point out in a plain manner the incongruencies. It’s not like “I have a feeling this is up.” But rather “Something is up. Here’s x, y, and z on what’s going on.” They’re very good at being grounded, but not in an Si way. Grounded in reality. They’re also very compassionate as you’ve displayed multiple times on the forum, especially when it comes to hardships of life. It’s weird saying ‘they’ when my model of ESTP is you, one other person, and personas in media.

Yeah. Though I think they’re compassionate with sensibility. Like if something is tragic, they’ll say it’s tragic, and feel sympathy, but it doesn’t make them stuck.

Hm, so this makes me think of Justin Bieber. I didn’t really like JB at all when he was rising to fame. His music was pretty bland, but he was also young. Anyways, his split with Selena Gomez made it impossible to avoid his drama. From my classmates, to just like the internet. He started getting all sorts of scandal, sex, drugs, etc. Everyone made him into the bad guy and he just embraced it.

So the entire world was pretty hard on him. However, when I listened to his music, He sounded hurt and bitter. I mean, maybe it was written by someone else, PR and whatnot, but I’m just taking face value.

My observation of this is, while INFJ builds up ideals around relationships, almost bombarded by forces outside of themselves. ESTP intentionally create these relationship base on themselves. So when they’re heart broken it’s more INFJ: "How could this happen? What does this mean? Why? —> infinity"
ESTP: “How could I let this happen? Was this all a waste of time?” Something about time being finite.

From the way you write about him, you respect him a lot! But why won’t you tell him? Because you’ll feel vunerable?


This is my prevailing impression.

I’ve never been close to an ESTP, but I like them and get along with them easily. It’s friendly, respectful, measured but easy, sort of a “Yeah I see you there. You all right.” I get the distinct sense that most people in their life really underestimate their intelligence.

I was at a small bar gig my brother was playing, and during a set break this young guy just grabbed a chair and sat at our table and started chatting. He was very handsome, in a goofy-innocent-rugby player kind of way, and seemed to feed on vodka shots, and he was fascinated by my brother’s performance. He became fixated on trying to get my brother to give him a guitar and the mike and let him play “Blackbird.” (That was… never going to happen.) He was also “looking for some puss” and wanted our advice on whether a girl he’d been texting with was actually going to meet him-- as a gambit he had offered to get her some cocaine, and he was like, “Do you think she’ll be mad when I show up without any?”

My brother found all this amusing and off-putting (Si id) and was doing a very annoying condescending humour thing he does with waiters and telemarketers, where he makes up silly lies and enjoys that they believe him. And I sat there thinking, dude, you are so far from being in control here. Also, the guy’s an HVAC tech, which takes real brains, and makes twice what you do.

It’s like I can see an ESTP invisibly Ti-ing, it’s fascinating. It looks so free and easy.


I’ve been around quite a few estp’s. They’re always trying to get inside my head. They have this squinting curiosity about me. They always want to know what I’m thinking as I go through the motions of my everyday life. Most people let introverts hide in the background. The Estp shines a spotlight on them. “Why do you hide? Come into the light, we won’t eat you.” Lol

I notice they like to fuck with people in a playful way…And when they don’t get the outcome or reaction they want, it bugs them…Then they ask flat out personal questions… “just fucking tell me your entire story…start at the beginning. I have to learn about you in case I run into someone like you in the future so that I can fuck with them.” I actually enjoy when they fuck with people. I even instigate sometimes. If I’m not careful they catch on to this and feel like I’m using them or being condescending… which isn’t the case at all. I actually wish I could do what they do in thier context…Im trying to live through them more than anything.

As far as you changing my opinion of estp’s…Probably the fact that estp’s Fe isn’t fake and manipulative as I thought it was. I see now that it’s genuine with some rough edges. Overall my opinion of them is still positive.


-mininal or no evil agenda
-not concerned about asking stupid questions
-competitive but not sadistic;
-spontaneous but not erratic or Inconsistent
-may change mind quLuckily
-prefers writing and reading text in brief, punchy, direct bits and without overt concern about tone or style. A utilitarian, not an artist, with words.
-keeps up and asks about what isn’t understood
-less narcissistic than xNTP
-does not derive pleasure from learning theory – learning is constant but also more utilitarian, slightly so, and less the Ends itself.


Yea, but… I think I’d want to know more about what it means to have Se as a dominant. The questions I wanted to ask were aimed at that.

I like how you just jump into asking questions and poking around. I know it is hard to tell someone’s type, especially ESTP from reading… but there is something so “active” about the way you post. Almost like you’re moving.

Do you wish that you had that kind of rapport with him to be able to say it?


How did I do?

Te (Extroverted Thinking) (60%)
your valuation of / adherence to logic of external systems / hierarchies / methods
Ti (Introverted Thinking) (70%)
your valuation of / adherence to your own internally devised logic/rational
Ne (Extroverted Intuition) (60%)
your valuation of / tendency towards free association and creating with external stimuli
Ni (Introverted Intuition) (35%)
your valuation of / tendency towards internal/original free association and creativity
Se (Extroverted Sensing) (100%)
your valuation of / tendency to fully experience the world unfiltered, in the moment
Si (Introverted Sensing) (35%)
your valuation of / focus on internal sensations and reliving past moments
Fe (Extroverted Feeling) (55%)
your valuation of / adherence to external morals, ethics, traditions, customs, groups
Fi (Introverted Feeling) (20%)
your valuation of / adherence to the sanctity of your own feelings / ideals / sentiment

based on your results your type is likely - estp

Went a little overboard with Se, I guess haha. Ne is too high too haha.


no. not at all. i find it unnecessary and it may even interfere with taking action.

the question was intended to be thought provoking.

basically, you can’t judge ESTP just by how they act. because you’ll have no idea what they’re thinking or feeling.

when i hear myself talk, or sometimes see what i wrote, i always think to myself,
‘damn, i am terrible at explaning my thought process. but i’m too lazy to explain everything. i hope they just get it’

so when ESTP say something. often times it comes off very ‘aloof’ and simple.
like people probably listen to ESTP talk and wonder, ‘do they even think?’

so to answer that question, yes. ESTP think fast. very fast. and make quick judgment and decisions based on it.

just like any other function, Se isn’t just ‘physical’ or whatever people call it. that’s an understatement.

if i’m in a room with bunch of people, i can quickly scan the room and feel the general vibe of the room.
and i know who’s feeling what and who’s thinking what individually.

it’s like an interpersonal multitasking.

this is why. because ESTP knows what’s going on in everyone’s head. at least. we think we do.
ESTPs are not a mind reader. but can understand someone’s mood or emotions just by looking at them.

i don’t know about other types, but i have the ability to get inside each person’s head and convince/persuade them all at once.
if someone says something, i can quickly Se-Ti. it’s like fast reaction. i can respond back and i know exactly what to say to change their direction of thinking/mood (Fe Tert)

my INTJ father thinks best decisions are made from thinking deeply and long time.
not for ESTP. all the information i need comes to my head in a bundle and i quickly make deicions logically based on what i know and the information i’ve gathered before.

so when it comes to making decision, i would tell my INTJ father and he thinks my decisions are irrational and not well-thought.
i might just simply say "we’re gonna do this"
and to INTJ, it doesn’t make sense that i came up with an answer within few seconds.
and like i said, ESTPs hate explaining things. they think fast so they expect everyone else to catch up with them.
so then i explain to him why i made that deicsion one by one, and i list them all.
INTJ seems to need more time than few seconds to process every information.

and at the end of the day, he tells me my decision makes sense. but he doesn’t ‘like’ the fact that i make decisions ‘too fast’.

it’s not too fast for ESTP. because that’s just how they are. it makes sense. what’s more to think about?

so when it comes to emotions. ESTP will experience sadness and depression too.
but they reason themselves out of it and go on about their life.

i can sit down and write letters to my father and express to him i love him and all that blah blah blah.
but what does that do? what does that do practically?
what if i say i love him but i don’t show it? then those words are so cheap it’s disgusting that i even said it.

ESTP believe that action speaks louder than words. so they’ll take action to show how much they care.
words can come later. but words without action is meaningless. it’s garbage. it’s nothing.

ESTP will use words to comfort someone or uplift someone if they have to.
this is where their compassion plays a part.
but they won’t sit there and let all the negative emotions pour out.
they would rather change the direction of the negative thinking.

for example.

if someone says "i’m shy… i feel useless and my self-esteem is low…"
instead of saying “aww, no! you’re awesome! you’re so great and wonderful!”

they would rather say
"well. that’s a good thing. think about it. the opposite end of it is someone arrogant, narcissictic, and obnoxious. who likes arrogant people? and besides, you’re shy because you’re very considerate. aren’t you? you have a humble attitude, that’s why you may sometimes feel like you’re useless. but you’re a great listener. aren’t you? we need people to listen because everybody just wants to fucking talk"

so ESTP reasons. instead of just catering to someone’s negative emotional state of mind,
they change the direction of their thinking and try to help embrace oneself.

this is the type of method i use in emergency situation where i have to calm 10 people freaking out apeshit.

ESTP would rather teach you how to hunt for food, rather than just giving you food.
or probably give you a little bit of food so you’re still hungry but have enough strength to learn how to hunt for food.

ESTP want people to be independent and capable.

and yes. they have a thing for underdogs.

i had more introverted friend than extroverted friends.
i have strong dislike for bigger person abusing their power and strength to pick on weaker kids.

yes. because school restricts you from doing Se.
being active and living life.

i always thought school system was the most bullshit system for someone like me.

ESTPs love to learn. but they’d rather apply what they learn in real life than just sitting down and theorizing everything in their head. it’s super frustrating not being able to do Se.

yes. ESTPs usually don’t like peace.
they will be the class-clown to shake up the peaceful environment.
they want excitement and everything to be moving. fast pace.

and like some people have mentioned, ESTPs like to poke at people to test the boundaries.

even if ESTPs think this way. they might think about it for 2 minutes at the most.
and not think about those questions again.

ESTPs don’t like repeating questions in their head.
they don’t want to think about the same thing twice.

once they have an answer, they move on.
and of course they don’t just ask a question in their head and go ‘derp’.
they ask question, find an answer. and get the fuck on with life.
life is too short to just ponder about same shit.

if ESTP ever thought to themselves, which is highly highly unlikely, things like
’why am i not good enough?'
they’ll find a reason why they’re not good enough and move on.
they’re not gonna feel sorry for themselves and self-pity the shit out of it with emotional music playing and deeply thinking why ESTP can’t be good enough.

i HATE watching the same movie twice. it takes away the excitement and i don’t understand people who watches the same fucking movie like 5000 times.

i tell him i respect him. very seldomly.
but i’m uncomfortable with mushy things.
i can only be mushy stuff with my wife.
and i think it’s almost useless to tell my dad i love him. although it may not be. but i just don’t to.
but to my wife, obviously this is important thing to express in intimate relationship. that’s my bae right there.
my dad is not my bae.

yeah my one INFJ friend loves when i fuck around with people.
but honestly i think they intigate shit way too far.

don’t get me wrong. they CAN certainly use it to their advantage and it’s up to interpretation.
but it doesn’t mean it’s only used for manipulation.

i don’t believe in stupid questions.

i think people should question if they don’t get it.

ESTPs are the best at admitting if they don’t know shit. so what? what’s wrong with not knowing shit?
i really don’t understand how some people have hard time admitting they don’t know stuff.
it’s as if it hurts their pride or something.

like some people would just rather ACT LIKE they understand than questioning to clarify.
and i know this because when i ask them to confirm what i said, they have no fucking idea.

and of course because ESTPs are good at reading people they know if you didn’t understand.
and it’s so strange to see how people just nod their head and act like they understand everything.

it’s like so many people are afraid of coming of ‘stupid’ or something.
so the fuck what?

but ESTPs hate arrogant people. those who claim to know something and it’s so outrageous.
of course everyone hates arrogant people. i think.
but ESTPs will SHOW YOU and TELL YOU that you’re arrogant.

speaking of arrogance, this might sound CRAZY, but ESTPs are actually very humble.
yes. they are humble as shit.
because ESTPs don’t mind admitting if they’re wrong. that takes humility and humbleness.
but ESTPs are very confident.
is that contradictory? no. you can be confident and humble at the same time.

ESTPs are very confident in their own ability, but they will quickly and humbly admit if they’re at fault.
that’s why ESTP’s confidence doesn’t rub people off the wrong way. so i think. for the most part.

that’s why they can,

yeah. if they’re wrong. they’ll gladly admit it.

what else…

oh. and even if they’re very intelligent and smart, they’ll never come off that way in real life. never. almost never.
they just look too cool and aloof to come off intelligent.

and even if ESTPs are going through very stressful situation, you’ll probably never know.
because they’re dealing with it and they won’t tell you unless they need your help.

and they don’t wear emotions or whatever problem on their sleeves.
so they mostly comes off carefree and aloof.

probably ENTP does the same thing too.
eh. but actually ENTPs get pretty down in the dumps when they’re stressed. so nvm.

ESTPs are very emotionally heathy. i think probably the healthiest type.
why do i think this?
because i went to emotional intelligence conference and it seems like they were basically trying to be like me.
to think like me, i meant.

and i say these things and some people think 'he’s full of himself’
no. it’s just a fact. i never think i’m above anyone.
if people are trying to achieve the art of ‘not giving a fuck’, that’s the definition of ESTP.

ESTPs don’t come off humble because they’re way too confident relative to other types.

yes. or probably not narcissictic at all.

ESTPs are very aware of their strength and weaknesses.

you’re hilarious hahahah
what are you trying to prove?!


oh, it links to the other thread :stuck_out_tongue:
That I could get any result (meaning it’s not useful for me to take the test)

Edit add: and also, wondered if I actually understand ESTP enough to get it.


the questions are so stupid and it’s so obvious.

i can probably get any type if i was being dishonest and alter my answer based on what i know.

the mbti tests only work the best if you’re VERY honest.

but yeah i get what you mean tho


yea exactly


Right, it’s not only physical…
What would you do with this information of whose thinking/feeling what?

How were you like as a kid? I read somewhere that you liked to dance a lot, but besides that?
Did you have a lot of Se-nse? Like eating properly and stuff?


i explained what I do with them above.
or are you asking something more specific?

such a broad statement.
i don’t feel like explaining… unless you ask me a specific question hahah

ummm no I indulged in a lot of junk food until I taught myself what is good and bad for me.

but my body reacted almost immediately if I ate something bad. but I ignored it because I didn’t know better


they can the answer the question they want to answer, even if it is far away from what is asked :stuck_out_tongue:

Spice: Do you wish that you had that kind of rapport with him to be able to say it?

no. not at all. i find it unnecessary and it may even interfere with taking action.

Leading to



um… Spice… hahaha

are you a selective reader? i was answering my own question.

i already answered your question with a “no”, but i was moving on to another point.


I know. I meant that you took it to something quite away from what I asked :wink: that is what I was trying to say.
It’s a good skill actually

That is why I added the “Leading to”. I know it wasn’t directly the next statement.