damn I’m so excited let me turn off this cap.

so Conor McGregor is a UFC fighter. FIRST Ever, to hold two world titles simultaneously. classic ESTP. fucking love this guy.

Floyd Mayweather. UNDEFEATED BOXING CHAMPION. at 49-0
some thinks he’s a ESTP. hell to the no. watch the video. it starts at 102:56
you can see the CLEAR DIFFERENCES between ESTP conor mcgregor and Floyd, ESFP.

this is BIGGER THAN Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather.

this is the first pay-per-view that I’m gonna actually pay for in my own room.

so hype for this.

this breaks so many world records.

conor is fighting for the FIRST TIME in boxing match with undefeated champion.

all these happened because of years of trash talking and millions of fans hyping it up.


let the video speak for itself.

obvious Floyd has better chance at winning because this is HIS sports.
but Floyd would be half dead if he crossed over to UFC world.

but hey. I’m routing for conor.

any UFC fans here?

Hmmm. @johnonymous you?
hey man. jump on this. this is too exciting.



this is the first press conference.
the video plays at 65:30
look at that intense face off

Se staredown . damn right.


second conference. second face-off


video starts at 93:50


I will have to catch up on this stuff. What I’ve seen of these dudes I find very interesting so I’m glad you’ve made this thread! Didn’t know they were fighting! I haven’t watched any UFC and kind of hate physical violence but I love peak performing people so I’m trying to get into this a bit more.


Yo. Seriously. you MUST catch up.
this is one of the most exciting event that I’m looking forward to in August!


So last year these one sort of friends of ours invited us to come over to watch this fight but we didn’t want to bring the kids so we didn’t go. That was my first exposure to mayweather. Has he seriously been winning for like 12 years?

Why are all the Toronto fans opposed to him? Has this fight been set up to favor him?

Okay I just read your post more closely. So this is like totally mayweather’s turf except, I would imagine, he might be under weight compared to McGregor, right?

Is Mayweather always the villain or is this just a heavily UFC driven event? Like all the mcgregor fans have been saying “our guy could mop the ring floor with boxing’s best guy.” Or something like that?

What are the oddsmakers saying about it? Isn’t it kind of a case of like, Michael Jordan trying to take on one of the greatest golfers who had ever lived but is a year retired, and in golf? And Boxing is heavily rule driven and decided most commonly by judges isn’t it? I’d imagine that would sink mcGregor in a lot of scenarios?

As an ESTP @supernokturnal what would you say will happen if McGregor loses in a decisive match? Is he going to concede some greatness to mayweather or is he going to blame showtime and say “come fight me in an octagon now, lets have a real fight?”

In any scenario this feels to me like a foregone victory for UFC over boxing because look at these press conferences compared to most boxing ones lol.


It’s really engaging watching these two engage and I’m glad you pointed it out here in the forums so I can get ready for it.

First the eclipse and now this! August is gonna be fun.

I’m trying to imagine having this much Se lol. Definitely enviable. I’m trying to imagine just the physical presence of it, like just holding ground. I’ve held my ground physically this way a couple of times but to be honest, possible because of a lack of Ni, or something else, it frightens people and they either crack a joke (maybe sensing they are in a different league than me and having no need to like break my face to prove it, or maybe they sense a lack of structure and rules and foresight in my physical presence and it actually is unpredictable and upsetting) or somehow turn the confrontation away from such direct stance.

The most notable time I can recall was when a cop pulled me over who I didn’t realize was behind me for a bit so he was like angry an shouting at me from a megaphone. We were in a strip mall parking lot and I was 20, driving a twenty year old Mazda. He approached me aggressively and when he said my tags were expired and I showed him the paperwork and said “I just drove there to get them added for my sister and they …” he interrupted and said “yeah sure you did” and I started shouting “you think I’m fucking lying?” And he’s like “Get outa the car!” And I open the door and I’m shouting in his face, Leaning into him and he’s like “get back In the car!”

Maybe I instinctively only do this when I know I do have the upper hand. usually I know I don’t.

Though I have done it at least once when I didn’t. Like in board meetings with dumb private equity investors.

Maybe it’s just that people can see something in my eyes that probably is a lack of Fi lol. Add a little verbal acuity and I guess a reasonable person might be a little caught off guard and have a thought like “it’s possible I am misscalculating by continuing here”


yeah this much Se looks really foreign.

it’s like Se through the roof.

i don’t want to say they look like animals because there is so much style to it, good sport spirit, etc. it’s more than just animals. but there is definitely something animalistic

“I like you” " you LOVE me" mcgregor dude kind of cracks me up. likable.

hilarious headline:


Just saw a vid where McGregor says (after beating Jose Aldo so quick) “precision beats power and timing beats speed.” Interesting.


to give you an idea how these two fight.

Floyd is a great escapist.

he’s not so much a knockout artist.
but if he dodges all MacGregor’s punches. It’s highly likely that Floyd will win

on the other hand

conor is a knockout artist.
his left is deadly.
and most of these guys who fought conor are top fighters in the ufc.

so Conor hits, VERY HARD.

so it’s knockout artist vs great escapist

if conor lands ONE good hit on floyd, it’ll be over pretty soon.

yes, Floyd is a great at dodging punches, but when he gets hit, he gets stunned.

conor rarely get stunned even if he gets hit from his opponent.

but boxing is more about points than who’s hitting harder.

so if conor doesn’t knock Floyd out, most likely Floyd is going to win the match.

so hypothetically if floyd wins the match, conor is just gonna take the loss and just move back on ufc, no excuses.

recently conor lost to Diaz in ufc fight, skipping conor’s weight class. by two classes. so he had to gain 35+ lbs.

he lost due to submission, but he didn’t bitch about it. he just came back and beat Diaz the next match. in the same weight class they fought before.

so it’s basically how likely can conor land his punches on Floyd, that’s a huge determining factor in their outcome.

and this fight was not in favor to conor. it’s more favored to Floyd. It’s his kingdom. boxing is his home ground.

but conor has more fans than Floyd.

and Floyd’s personality is disliked by a lot of people except majority of black people and boxing fans.

ESFP is not a very likable character when they’re famous.
they get more hates than love.

Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, which I believe are both ESFP,
although I like them, they’re more hated than other celebrities out there.

Se dom and Fi auxiliary is just a good combo for being a likable person. with Te tertiary.

and the thing is, they just don’t really give a fuck if they’re being hated.

they’re the happiest mbti personality type. and least saddest. they just let it roll off their shoulders. and have their way of maintaining their happiness somehow.

conor has plenty of haters too but he has more advantages because of his tertiary Fe.
and he’s a great athlete. he backs up his words with his action. how can you not love this guy!

this next point is my personal opinion, but
I think conor displays excellent confidence, just at the border of arrogance.
rather floyd displays arrogance to the max. he crossed the confidence line long time ago. so it comes off rather unlikable.


plus, there’s no way Floyd is going to fight in the octagon.
conor knows not to bring him there. it’s too easy.
conor likes challenge. even if he loses in this boxing match, he’ll remain happy that this even happened in the first place.


final press conference
get up on this!

very very anticipated for this event
I’m so glad Conor mcgregor is alive in my Era.


I thought a lot about this today and figured that this fight is about what everything else is about in US society (possibly toronto?) right now.

It’s like a type for all of it. It’s already won by McGregor. Who is truth. In this setup. Like the idea is:

Truth vs fantasy: truth = you lose 8/9 times. Those are the odds right now basically. Fantasy = the construct of the gentleman’s sport, which (boxing) has always been a fraud anyway, it’s always been entertainment and image and such … under the guise of being some kind of Hemmingway Ultra Slice of Life.

Free vs constrained
Passion vs Money
individual vs group

The cost of freedom / individualism is rejection of the fair playing field and it’s losing 8/9 times.


so who do you think is gonna win?
this video says conor has NO CHANCE