Examples of MBTI Types!


Lately, I have watched videos and have had the strong feeling that I am watching people display certain behaviors reminiscent of their own or of someone else’s MBTI type.

For instance, yesterday I felt like I watched a video where an ESTP man and a ESFP woman was marveling at their inferior function, Ni.

The moment ends at 6:18.

Do you guys see what other people do with MBTI sight as well? Show em off here then!



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I could tell the girl in this video is an ESFP just from the cover of it. The ESTP blond guy is pretty funny. He was cracking me up.

I don’t know how this was an instance of them marveling at their inferior Ni though except in the very first part where ESFP girl goes “is the day over or has it just begun?” and the ESTP guy goes “wow, that’s deep”. LMAO.

It’s more like they were making fun of how non-Ni they are. Reveling in their superficiality, which is always refreshing. Like, OMG!

And yes, I watch videos or movies and note the MBTI behaviors of the people in them all the time. As a matter of course.


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You know this!


How did you find this video?
You can tell the moment when she glances off to the side. Can you imagine being one of these people just for a few days? What’s up with having a type you are stuck with:)


You could tell esfp from her eyes?


Yes. And the general tenor of her face. Expression included.

If this girl isn’t an ESFP, I don’t know what is.

Impression confirmed upon clicking play. To the max.

She is a good example of that discussion we were just having about Te aux. vs Fi aux. and the physical traits associated with these two opposite functions.


It was just a recommended video on another video I was watching. I’m kind of fond of vlogs on YouTube.

I can’t imagine being them! They seem to be good at their job and to genuinely enjoy it. I, on the other hand, would just want the paycheck


I think the way she makes facial expressions for the camera could be esfp. Never forgets that camera.



Mariah Carey has that ESFP look and feel. The eyes. The hair. The rounded bubbly features. Her facial expressiveness and animation. Very FP.

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Thank you. Another reference.


Yeah, she is a common manifestation of the type. The ESTP is funny, I’m glad ya liked the video!

Yeah! That was the main bit that I was focused on. It definitely felt like marveling. Though, it probably wasn’t as profound as I thought it was. The phrase slipped out of Teala, but their acknowledgement of it made it seem like, “Oh wow, that was Ni and that was kind of cool!”. Then the moment passed because Ni isn’t their strong suit anyway.

Oh, definitely! That’s what makes them appealing :grin:.

Yes, I remember when you were talking about the ENFJ and the INTJs in The Witch. After watching the moment in the vid, I was like, other people probably see this stuff too, so let’s about and share them!



More classic ESFP woman! Sandra Bullock has that dead giveaway ESFP thing! Notice the eyes and the animation of face. ESFP women are quite funny and warm. And sexy, of course. I find that they often don’t mind making fools of themselves.

Like when Madonna was offering free blow jobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary. Bawdy.

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O yeah, good call. Classic ESFP girl. You nailed it! And yes, very much enjoyed. Fun to watch these two.



Alright, last one. Marisa Tomei is a dead giveaway ESFP woman just from her facial features and especially once you see her facial features in motion.

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Hmm there is a male student in one of my classes that I thought he must be esfp. Just like without much thought. But he has an ever slightly darker aura than any of these. I am not sure the personality is dark. If you could distinguish between aura and personality??? Could that still be esfp? That was probably not well conveyed.

I thought of a comparison…Elvis Presley kind of look.

Actually do you consider Elvis Presley to have a dark aura? I see something darker than these ladies here?