Examples of Morning Pages! Fe-flow!


How about some of you guys show off any of your morning pages that you have done in the past? Or maybe even just daily art or diary entries… hahah! :smiley:
I think that kind of stuff is always interesting!

Refer to these Stellar Maze articles if you don’t know what I am talking about: https://www.stellarmaze.com/category/myers-briggs/fe-solution-for-infj/
Particularly these ones: INFJ: FE IS MAGIC and INFJ: Got Te Minimums?

I have never done “morning pages” per se, but I have always “arted” a bunch when I was young, drawing daily whatever ideas I wanted to explore (less so now that I am wasting time online and have a fulltime job…), but I also just spent hours and hours doing stuff like…:

I liked lists. I liked making lists of things in a “what if I made a videogame… what would the elemental system be like? What are the magic powerups? etc etc”. Is this a Ti (id?) exploration? Perhap!

If you guys have access into stuff you spent oodles of time on when you were younger that was like morning pages surrogate, even better! It probably better gets at your core baby self before it became socially built up into the mess it is now!

I think I was always a bit fascinated with the “emotional” side of art, like people who could use art to exorcise their demons or something, but I don’t think that ever really connected well with me. I don’t really “express” my feelings, I guess. I more just fiddle around with ideas. Is that is the difference between Fi and Ti artings?


Yes! Love that Prax!

And thanks for stealing my idea.

But, then again, I’m glad someone is taking some initiative.

Here’s one of my Morning Page-ish things from…well, I don’t know when, like a couple of years ago.

With some visual elements!


I like looking at hand writing and stuff
This is on my bedroom ceiling, it’s an F


@blake Haha, I try! I get frustrated when I see there’s opportunities being left on the table and no one speaks up fast enough. Love the doodles and little thoughts about language and how it develops. I think a lot about what language means, like what kind of filter they put the “primal/holy truths” through. What are the beings… are they wearing masks? Reminds me of heiroglyphics and their beast-man entities.

@seetheelephant proprioceptive writing seems good for peoplewho are stuck in their “art block” /creative ruts. I usually enjoy staring at the fruits of my labour more than the process itself though. I guess I am impatient that way. And thankyou! I like seeing information laid out in tables and graphs and grids! Wish everything could be simplified so easily!

@xijack What does it stand for! Why did you decide to do it! What came to you while you were doing it and what does it make you think of every time you stare up at it?

Earlier today while on the bus, I was thinking about the nature of Ne vs Ni. Blake described Ne as like an iris ever-expanding, with Ni being an iris ever-spiralling deep into itself (my imagination made it look like an undertow/wormhole because I often link intuition with images of the cosmos/outer space). Anyway, I also was thinking of how Ne was like branches of a tree, expanding where it can… spreading seeds and leaves and the like, while Ni was like the roots, going deep deep down into the dark beginnings of the tree’s existence. I also like that a tree is like a mirror reflection of itself that way.

So I sat down and doodled it a bit late in the night! I haven’t drawn anything traditonally for a long while until today!

The image of the girl on the right was inspired from @TinyYellowTree 's talk about trying to link the chakra centres to different cognitive functions. This is one of my many characters and I associate her with plants and psychic things and she’s probably an INFJ, so she got chosen for the image.

That’s a bit how I meander around and meditate while making art. Ideas more than emotions mixed with some Se semblance of aesthetic desire for balance or clarity. What makes me frustrated about these things sometimes is that I can make soooooo much stuff but I’ll just have piles of doodles and sketchbooks without anything polished or “finished”. They are my morning pages in a way, but I want products eventually. I want to funnel all of this into a Te/Se-something but whatever perfectionism and insecurity I have slows that down. :T So annoying.


That is awesome Prax. Just getting ideas down like you did is perfect enough, no real need for ‘polishing’ in my mind. Could also be that art has always made me happy. It makes me smile and my heart is glad when someone expresses with pencil or any medium. Love these examples of morning pages given.
The F made me think of Fuck. Because I say that word an awful lot, not because of the drawing. Also of people that talk too much without listening. Again, my perception.
Blake, your pictures remind me of my son’s. His are often in color but it is the mood and curious characters he does. Softly emotive.
All of these take me places and tell me things.
There is a picture of me when I was about six, watching a potter make something on a wheel. I’m the kid in the photo with the grin of wonder on her face.


Here’s another of my more interesting (to me) extended doodles I did one clusterfuck morning upon my dream hill.

Fucked if I know what it means, but, hey, maybe you can figure it (me) out. :thinking:


You’re obviously very talented. Just wanted to tell you that.

Have no clue. I often end up drawing stuff that I do not understand on any rational level. Often little doodles of shapes, patterns, and then sometimes…THE HIEROGLYPHIC MONSTERS.

If you want my take on it though, it looks like something Eygptian.

I see dogs, pigs, elephantine entity, masked dog inquisitor etc. Yeah, something Egyptian and encrypted.


I am especially fond of your air swimming birds, surreal, and the movement/stillness of the shorter person upfront.
I’d say you are open, particular and and smooth. But honestly I knew that, I’ve read so many of your words it mixes with the pictures. Can’t really separate them. The picture just agrees with your words.


Can’t begin to say what your dream was. I had a dream this morning where I fell asleep and didn’t wake till summer was over. My husband just waited, I guess. And I found myself straight back in the grind. Testimony to my exhaustion and the feeling of being fucked. Really? Falling asleep when school is over and waking when I have to go back? THE HORROR!


This is on your ceiling? Scarrrry. I like it though. What it looks like to me - a jackal. With bones in his mouth. Jackals are symbolic of death, right? At least in ancient Egypt they are.


My interpretation -

Two selves of one whole. Arm is being compressed and twisted. The lines and the filled in portions of the pies and squares are time and location. Pieces of the pie = time. Pieces of the square = location. Time and space are definitely warped on this page i.e. the swimming birds. OR they are birds without wings. What the object in the center of the page looks like to me is a person or rather a concept. It is hypnotizing or trying to hypnotize (the spiraling face). This bigger person is having its arm twisted to conform. There is a realization on the larger figure’s expression, but no projected desire to change the situation. The smaller being is the same person. Could be subconscious. It has a knowing expression. And his arms are behind his back. This is a confident stance, not an on guard stance. Perhaps this smaller being is all knowing, but not listened to, because well, he’s smaller. And the spiral-faced concept has no interest in him. Also, you’ll notice that the larger being has some upcoming obstacles. That’s how I interpret the lines and squiggly lines on his path. The smaller being does not. The lines in the upper left are peaceful. I am sure they were peaceful to draw. Control of a steady line is soothing - steady focus. The upper left hand corner was either drawn at the very beginning or the very end. It either started out peaceful and was directed towards something very deep, or it started it very deep and reached a cool down/peace period.


So do you guys draw a lot for your morning pages? I’m just starting the practice and wondering what the do’s and don’t are.
Also how important is the ‘morning’ bit. I don’t feel sentient for at least an hour after getting up.

And great picture by the way @Prax I’d love to see more - I love symbolic art.


These images are deeply disturbing to me. I don’t know why exactly. But they frighten me. Although, not that I look at this a little deeper, I see a transformation. The little guy that seems like he’s in utero. To the left of the cobra. Portal in the upper right hand corner. Doggie. Question in class. A pig is said to be a symbol of a motherly figure. And this motherly figure has a question (center of the page). A self-taught learner on the upper left hand corner. This page, to me, represents questions and transformations.


Forgot to mention maybe a final interpretive message. This page, to me, symbolizes obstacles and freedoms.




Looking at these doodles…there’s kind of a similar flavor in a lot of the INFJ art I’ve seen. These drawings remind me in some ways of the work I used to make in school (and still make sometimes when my insane administrative job isn’t eating up all my time).

What I’ve noticed with INFJs in visual art (or design) is that when it comes to the things we make ourselves, the aesthetic tends to be sparse and monochromatic. And for those who are writers rather than artists - I think of Blake and a few other INFJ bloggers I know - the layouts of their sites tend to have this sort of aesthetic, too. Not a lot of bright or organic colors, or the colors tend to be simply/sparsely used.

But there’s also a kind of messiness to it all…A kind of weird…organic monochrome or some kind of untidiness/clunkiness - or EXTREME simplicity - to the layouts that reminds you that this wasn’t made by someone with a ton of Te to spare. If that makes sense.

Has anyone else noticed this…? (Hm, maybe this needs to be another thread.)



Enough analysis. More submissiveness. Or rather submissionissiveness (turn something in, show us something you did). This is Morning Page type shit, not highly finished works. Doodles and sketchy stuff. We don’t need a critique from you on the messiness or unfinished quality of the stuff submitted. Morning Pages is just stuff that came off your hand rather carelessly or cavalierly one fine morning.

It could be writing, it could be writing and doodles, it could be relatively fully realized art or writing in some cases, but, the point is we don’t need to judge anything here from the viewpoint of finished or highly realized works.

Why? Because that tends to get in the way of people wanting to submit any of that stuff in the first place.

Morning Pages is an activity that was originally designed for blocked artists of all varieties (writers, painters, musicians, dancers, directors).

It also works for INFJs me thinks because of the necessity of engaging Fe auxiliary expression.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that I don’t want to get too analytical or judgmental here about THE TECHNIQUE of the art or writing that is submitted.

Most art of any kind in its infancy is MESSY and SIMPLE.

And I am an artist, so I do know.

Point is that this here Morning Pages thing ain’t about anything beyond stream-of-consciousness emergence in the form of writing (words typically, but, it can be pictures too). It can be be whatever came out onto the page in that moment.

So, please don’t get into a whole INFJ analytical thing here. Enough analysis.

And just for the record, an INFJ can create fully realized works of visual art or design. Same as any artist with the training and experience.

Want an example of a colorful INFJ visual artist? Try Basquiat.

Also, I want to say something else about visual art too. Many people in this day and age worship at the alter of realistic art as if that is the true end goal of all drawing or painting - to be able to depict realistically some subject, object, or scene.

Now, I can do that personally. I can draw realistically, but, it isn’t my favorite thing to do with visual art. Personally, I like doodle art. Or strange symbolic art. Or funny art.

And art DOES NOT have to be complex, highly technical, or elaborate to be good art.

Some very fine INFJ visual artists: Amadeo Modigliani, Paul Klee (kind of like abstract doodles brought to a more finished state. Awesome.) and Egon Schiele.

An INFJ artist can be monochromatic on up into extreme color…ah, to hell with it…

What I’m trying to say is that Morning Pages ain’t about any of that. And since you mentioned me personally, I will state for the record (whether I’m an instance of INFJ or not) that I can draw extremely colorfully. Sometimes and when I’m in the mood.

The stuff I’ve submitted herein is when I had an ink pen and was doing writing in a notebook. That stuff is what emerged while I was writing. Take it on that basis.

If you want to see my fully realized paintings, they’re hanging in the Louvre right now baby! :punch:


Love it! To see Azep0emtrion in all his unsheathed glory! Ha ha! (Sorry, don’t know how to do that 0 symbol with the line across it). I could totally see turning that into a series of some sort. Hell, I’m already curious about the continued saga of Azep0emetrion. All the characters are great. I get the idea that you’re trying to convey with THE SIMPLICITY (See Wendy!) of means that you used to convey it.

Alright, more submissions people. Keep it simple, messy, and however the fuck it came out of your mind and onto your page.

Also, make sure it is something you feel comfortable submitting. You don’t have to reveal your darkest secrets or inadequacies, just whatever you want to share that is Morning Page-ish.

This is not a writing or art competition. It ain’t like that. Yo.

Keith Haring

Blake, I apologize if I gave the impression that I was critiquing here. That wasn’t my intent. I meant only to comment on stylistic similarity I’d noticed and thought was interesting. My understanding of critique is that it carries with it an intent of judgment…and maybe to you or others, saying something is “messy” or “untidy” comes off a judgment. I don’t see messiness or untidiness or monochrome (or any of the other stuff I mentioned) as negative things. In themselves they’re neutral visual aspects. Like the sky being blue.

I’m pretty well acquainted with Basquiat’s art - it’s funny you mention him because I did think of him when I was writing those observations. But I felt like delving into the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, of “INFJ art” would be going too off topic, and I was speaking specifically about the doodles in THIS thread and the kind of similarities I’ve see in them, and in the flavor of INFJ design/aesthetic sense in other contexts. And maybe it wasn’t clear, but I was noting those things with pleasure and interest, not out a sense of “ugh, I hate these” or “oh these are not REFINED artworks” (which is the impression you seem to have gotten?)

I do think, Blake - and I don’t know if this is borne of something you’ve dealt with from others looking at work you’ve made, or whatever hang-ups you have with the contemporary art/gallery/etc. scenes - that there is some defensiveness and hostility coming from you that…doesn’t actually have much to do with what I’ve actually said. Or to put it differently, I feel that you’re reading judgmental implications into things I’ve said that aren’t there. Maybe I should have been more clear. So, hopefully I’m clarifying now.

tl;dr (as the kids say): the art is fine, dude. I like it. Never said I didn’t. I apologize that you got a different impression.

*To clarify further, when I mentioned you specifically, I was referring to your blog layout (I was really tempted to list a bunch of INFJ blogs so people could compare and contrast the layouts, but…like I said, that’s probably for a different thread). Not your drawings, haha.


‘o’ fite!!
Maybe blake just triggered/mad that you imply his site is ugly and he knows… But it is that way… for… reasons!! hahaha!

But this is judgment free zone to show off your brain’s untidy ways. Or perhaps meticulous ways. Interesting!! I am also an art populist in that I think art and creativity in the widest sense should be accessible to everyone even if I have my preferences. (I also studied to be an occupational therapist so the whole concept of being “engaged” and in a “state of flow” are of big big emphasis).

I usually do representational art because my brain hates it when I don’t. I always need a narrative/story/character when I do art. Like if I’m just playng with another idea, my brain obsessively tries to shoehorn a character or related story in because otherwise, it doesn’t have value or meaning to me. Even if I am “trying” to just make a weird pattern, I will turn it into a pattern for clothing on a character probably. Weird how different our minds express their compulsions. :smiley:


I don’t think the site is ugly! DON’T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH! Haha, I do think it’s sparse in the sense that it’s functional and devoid of frills and that’s how every INFJ blogger I have ever come across designs their layouts. It’s just a neat trend…in my self favoring opinion since I also do this.

Okay, to get back on track, I present a “morning page” from…a year ago? I was an art teacher back then and my students were on a big maze-drawing/painting kick.

I bring you…as a peace offering…a LITERAL MAZE! Not a stellar one, I’m afraid, but a messy and clunky maze straight from my black, pretentious heart. :blush: