Fe functions in each position


FE. what i’v been observing.

in 1st position. Fe dominant. ESFJ & ENFJ

  • people pleasers
  • worried/concerned about how everyone is doing
  • sensitive, and seldomly blunt when emotionally down
  • wants to be the center of the attention. but doesn’t demand it.
  • bubbly in a contained way.
  • usually big smiles (doesn’t mind smiling in pictures)
  • care about their reputation

in 2nd position. Fe Auxiliary. ISFJ & INFJ

  • chameleons. they put up a face/mask
  • great actors/actresses.
  • take things personally
  • they care about 65~75% of the people.
  • can turn cold suddenly
  • want to socialize, but they have limited energy.
  • sometimes use emotional manipulation (especially ISFJ)

in 3rd position. Fe Tertiary. ESTP & ENTP

  • good at charming people.
  • people oriented, but don’t care/notice about their feelings much.
  • likes to be around any type. but certain types may be drained by these 3rd Fe types.
  • good with people. but doesn’t necessarily like people.
  • have a charming smile (doesn’t like to smile in pictures)

in 4th position. Fe Inferior. ISTP&INTP

  • doesn’t give a fuck about people. (more ISTP than INTP)
  • don’t like to smile.
  • don’t need people
  • CAN be nice to people.


INTP, in my experience are kind to people in a very real way. Considerably less sugar coating, but honest when they bother. Too honest for many people, when they are inclined to say anything.
Would prefer you order their food for them. Quiet, mine did/do not like to talk to strangers as children.
They know their limits with people, better than Fe in Aux. I wish often that I had my kids honest limits.
Mature earlier and have good sense often.
I do not agree that they don’t give a fuck about people.
They smile when they have something to smile about. More like the sunshine coming out after days of clouds.
Will make all sorts of not smiling faces in camera…
Also by ordering I mean they choose. You just do the talking.


yes haha true that INTP does care about people (only those who they care about).

well so does ISTP. so do other types.

what I meant is they don’t care much about strangers. or someone they are not really acquainted with.

Fe dominant wouldn’t mind having small talks with strangers. in that sense, Fe inferior doesn’t care to do that.

kind of like dogs and cats. cats generally don’t like to be pet by strangers, yet dogs may let strangers pet them. but there are few exceptions with this of course.

Fe interior types’ kindness is more heartfelt because they really went out of their way.
it gives me the feeling of getting a kiss from a sassy cat. :heart_eyes_cat:


I must be the exception to the rule, cause I don’t like small talk with strangers, BUT I like to be pet by strangers.


girl STAHP lying!

on your podcast you said you talked to some old man trying to flirt with you :smirk:


It’s because it would have been more awkward to stare at him and not talk, than to talk to him.

I kind of have a weakness for old men flirting with me - just like cats have a weakness for old women.


Yeah I also disagree about intp not caring. Their Fe can just very suddenly run out, but they are quite concerned to keep things harmonious and are sweet.


My lovely INTP friend who lives in Wellington is one of the most caring, gracious and gentle people I know. She is also a great cook and hostess. Its only when you get to know her well that she admits to how hard she has worked to develop her Fe to this level.


There’s also the dark side to Fe, which emerges when we are upset or angry. This is often most visible in the tertiary Fe of ESTPs and ENTPs. These types can be very skilled at using Fe, but tend to lack the fine discrimination seen in higher Fe users, and therefore broadcast their emotional states at full volume with a considerable blast radius.

When my ENTP is unhappy, for example, everyone in the vicinity can feel the effects at an almost visceral level.


Same is true for intp. Fe has the ability to change how someone feels. This is why Fe is amazing. But expressed negatively, the aim can be to make someone feel pain. Intp whose Fe is out of control can try to make someone suffer to figure out if they love them…it’s like some really confused reverse thing. And causes pain to others.


jeez! you guys are so smart!

excuse my lack of Ni in describing INTP’s inferior Fe.

what i described is from Se perspective. how they come off.

i know deep inside they care. they just have hard time expressing emotion.
and hard time understanding what they’re even feeling.

and i notice there’s like different types of INTPs too.

the nerdy one, and the cool one.


awkward? see that’s your Dominant Fe!
just kidding. i hate calling people out using functions. it seems so inhumane.

why do you even like old men?

oh. i’ll ask you that in other topic. because i might be getting thrown in purgatory again.


extremely. it is true.



i think somewhere i saw that your husband is an INTP right?

how’s that for you?

you guys both share Ne-Si.

how does that make you guys similar, but different?



We are similar in the Ni id kind of way. So we have no sense of time. We are a bit unadapted to life. We are forgiving of a lot of each other’s faults because there is overlap in our faults. We both like to drift around and explore what is interesting to us. We both have a sort of pure interest in stuff. We talk about what we find interesting. We don’t think how can we “turn” this into something.

I experience the Ti as abrasive sometimes (in a neutral sort of way<–I think this is why lots of people have no problem with it), it can be a downer. I find hardest feeling Ti roughness (which equals Fe completely absent) followed by a sudden Fe demand from me. It is probably just my own problem.


Too late!

I talk a little about this in episode 4 of TSH. But basically they know more. Something kinda interesting…I also like older men cause they’re usually sad in some way. I like to be the one the cheers them up.


what do you mean exactly “unadapted to life?”

and could you explain your Fi? I have the most difficult time Understanding Fi.

maybe I’ll be able to understand why you find Ti abrasive if I understand your Fi.
What is Ti to you?


Shoot I lost the reply I typed…will rewrite it after work.


Abrasive is the wrong word probably for Ti. Infp Te grip is more abrasive or at least cutting. But when Ti is dominant there can be such a turning off of Fe that it feels not abrasive but ?clinical? I think that is also the wrong word…maybe just neutral is the word. And critical maybe. Like when Ti is the main orientation intp might deconstruct at inappropriate times. That kind of thing. Like not every situation calls for out loud analysis as the immediate response.

Fi is hard to explain. It is an orientation to the self. One’s own and those of others. Everyone is a “self” way of thinking versus we are all a community or something. Kind of judges what the effect is on the self of stuff. Tries to figure out if there is anything universal about the human experience etc. Does it make sense?

Unadapted to life would be a tendency to drift into one’s mind for example. Missing an opportunity from spending so much time refining principle or ideal.


can you give me an example of Te grip?
i’m not quite… gripping the idea… haha

and how is INTP, clinical?

is it kind of like this?

(i’m organizing the paper in the wrong order)
INTP: that’s not how you do it. you must do it this way.

i think sometimes INTP feels the need to correct someone? is that true?
it has happened to me a couple of times.

i’m trying to understand Fi.

the way i understand it now is, 'i care about my feelings, there for…'
or ‘this is how I feel about it’

i need examples…

why would Ne-Si miss an opportunity? what type of opportunity are you talking about?