February, the strangest of months?

I know we’re supposed to just be accepting that February is a perfectly normal phenomenon, inserted quietly into the sequence of months of the year.

I’m calling out February as not only the strangest month of the year but also one of the strangest words in the English language.

I mean, for starters, where’s the “r” in it. Why is that silent?

What the fuck is february?

It is?



I pronounce the “r.”

The only month that is perfect except during leap years.

OCD folks, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Maybe it’s a US of A thing. Could find out at the lybary maybe I will go on WednessDay.


@schlop 4x7?

Yes. Perfectly divisible by 7, ah…

The British pronunciation has the “r”:

Sounds a lot nicer than FEBYOOARY.


Marriage Day?

WednesDay (WednessDay was a typo)

I actually don’t know the origin, I will look…

“Wednesday is named for the god Woden, who is paralleled with the Roman god Mercury, probably because both gods shared attributes of eloquence, the ability to travel, and the guardianship of the dead.”

Okee, keep it bief so it don’t go nucular.

Don’t even get me started on Janruary. No prun intended.

Thought it was pronounced janwuehwy.

Just thought of a demented response…

“Oh yeah–well prun taken!”

I pronounce the “r”. But! According to Google, that most holy of arbiters, “Febyoo-arry” is now the accepted pronunciation. It’s a MIS-pronunciation that became the canon through widespread use. Or misuse, I guess.

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